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  1. Hey. thanks for reading.

    So after so much going on irl, I made a decision to just retire from Pokemon game save researching.

    I know some of you might think it's due to the controversy that's surrounded the latest games, but it's personally because I haven't been finding recent Pokemon games fun and more of a chore in general since the Sun and Moon games. As a matter of fact, I almost considered skipping USUM and even lost motivation to play through Let's Go. only to now skip SWSH.

    When I first joined, I was trying to learn how to research the 3DS games' saves in order to find features to be implemented into PKHeX. Some things didn't feel worth the trouble for me in the end, but I'm grateful that I've still managed to contribute even if it was the slightest. Now as the next decade is upon us, I've decided to focus on my new hobbies and just life in general.

    As for updates on the trade collection, I'll still try to update it, just if I remember to and if people still send me contributions for it.

    tl;dr I'm retiring for Pokemon save researching; I could come back for save researching if I ever feel like it, but it'd only be for older titles.

    Anyways, I hope for the best to any vet and new researchers that make all this possible, because we'd not have all this without their love and dedication for the franchise.

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