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Greatest Randomization Ever?

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I don't know if this is the best place to put this or not. If any mods/admins want to move it to a more suitable location, be my guest.

Hello Pokenerds!

So recently I was trying to make a hilariously fun SoulSilver randomization via the Universal Pokemon Randomizer, and made what could possibly be the greatest thing ever. No screenshots yet (as I was in a hurry to post this), but the file's here.

To use it, open the randomizer and select the Premade Seed option. For the Preset File, navigate to the .rndp you just downloaded. Random Seed and Config String will be filled in for you, and it will say that a SoulSilver ROM is required. So at the bottom, choose your SS ROM and click Apply Randomization Settings and save it as a new file. The program will do the rest for you.

I hope you enjoy the greatness that is... this... and I'll see ya next time!


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