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  1. I do not think it can be so long? OK
  2. has version 9.0 then do you? you can send yourself where can I buy it? Thank you!
  3. Is there a way to get the code not so shiny?
  4. no way to catch Pokemon X where fast appear? want to overcome that difficulty level? only know
  5. Can extract the files smaller it does not help? can facilitate better CTR quick check.
  6. Advance Map not know what help? map now can know.
  7. flames are burning each day. Want to upgrade, you need to have the new step.
  8. First it is completed then there must be 100%? But much more needs to improve further?
  9. Lost wifi is lost and must always? do not know how to resolve this problem not nhy?
  10. This game does not play bad one at all? or rather the date when the main character role in the game.
  11. unknown version 9.5.0-22 use anything else?
  12. Where to buy this one? do not know you know how to play yet?
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