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  1. I quickly scanned a couple of the message_us.bin files, I can't find any mention of Primal/Reversion or such. So most likely they can't undergo Primal Reversion outside of that boss fight.
  2. i didn't notice that! well, i noticed that it's a thing in pokemon_data_info.bin but i didn't know it's a thing in other _info files. i haven't really looked into it, and if it exists in all other _info.bin files, i guess the game already knew beforehand that the last 64 bytes are for something... i haven't looked at that! i didn't see it because it's not in the pokemon folder, oops
  3. well they couldn't make it more literal. that if condition is literally "if not unbound then". so 926 is Hoopa Confined and 927 is Hoopa Unbound. i talked with psy_commando and we agree that the negative id in the lua script was supposed to be some hex number, which was interpreted as a signed number. it should make more sense when converted back to (dword?) hexadecimal. on the other hand, i updated my pokemon_data_info.bin notes: https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/40407085/Stuff/pkmn_data_info_notes.txt as well as data parsed from that bin files as far as i know: https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/40407085/Stuff/pkmn_data.txt we can change a bunch of things in here already
  4. so about the IMG files, for the header you can refer to Megadrifter's thread about it. i haven't figured out the ETC1 format yet, though there's a specification and implementation, i couldn't get it to work (yet... or maybe i'll just implement it myself). for RGB8 and RGBA8888, the pixel data are stored in little-endian (BGR/BGRA) and stored bottom-row first. (so if you'd unscramble the image and output it straight to BMP format you'd have no problems) the pixels are arranged this way, in blocks of 8x8. the blocks are then arranged left-to-right, bottom-to-top: hopefully this helps visualizing it, done in 3 steps (which is basically taking blocks of 2n x n pixels, stack them on each other, for n = 1,2,4) this is what it looks like with three steps separated: this also applies to portrait pictures, which i suppose Andibad has already done. the portrait pictures has japanese text below them describing the emotion of the portrait. here's the source code to convert IMG <-> PNG: https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/40407085/Stuff/imgconv.cpp you need lodepng.h and lodepng.cpp to compile that. and the compiled version with source code is here: https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/40407085/Stuff/imgconv.zip right now the tool can only convert RGB8 and RGBA8888 though. also: all portraits in the data (but i deleted redundant ones): https://mega.nz/#!5EBBDT7B!jSV9Y0mnoOWfyvBzpy2Me4gaNrxmGlHnisxj7yUxRJs
  5. ah, I have one which I think was provided by Andibad, i better look through the thread again. that is only a guess though, since the BGRS files has plaintext in them that seems to refer to name of animations each model has. it also has the names of vertex points in the model (you can see this if you open the BCH file using Ohana3DS, exporting as SMD and opening it up in Blender) then again my filenames are guesses for Andibad's adventure result screen, here's one result screen to help with understanding what the markers mean. a lot of those are formatting markers, apparently. just a quick look at the text files outputted by the SIR0 reader (in UTF-8 encoding) and i noticed that it uses 0x0A for new line within the dialogue box, 0xED 0x84 0x80 0x20 (aka 턀) for player's name, \x60160 for a pause mid-dialogue (y'know where you gotta press A and the text goes on again on the same dialogue), and 0xEC 0x88 0x80 (aka 숀) for centering formatting. sorry if this is already known before >< EDIT: updated program to rename files in pokemon_graphic.bin since i dunno how the database bin and the actual data ties together. now it renames all files! https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/40407085/Stuff/binbchren_2.zip
  6. I'm a bit confused. How does the offsets in these three files tie together? Is there already a tool to do this?
  7. Is there a way to mess around with the lighting in Ohana3DS Rebirth? Also what does the Export feature do since it doesn't seem to do anything for me? (Also I think the version I have is outdated and I can't compile the one in github since I don't have github nor C#) It works very well displaying animations though!
  8. hi guys, i extracted the contents of pokemon_graphic.bin using the SIR0 reader in this thread (may wanna put that in the first post?), and got a lot of BIN files, most of which are BCH files (with some BGRS files interspersed which i believe ties the separated animation BCH files together with the models?). i wrote a little code to infer the name of the BCH files of pokemon models: http://pastebin.com/mmdZtU9k looks like the numbers at the end indicate [form][gender difference]. starters get 0x and 1x (without/with scarf), and some has x0 and x1 for different genders (male/female) with some exceptions. put the exe in the same folder as the BINs, pipe the output to some text file so that you can see what gets renamed to what. i hope this can be used somehow! when looking at the file names i realized that it's because Archen is "aaken" in japanese. since GTI lacks Ekans (aabo) and Arbok (aabokku), Archen gets to be first =p
  9. So I've got a bunch of BCH files from Pokemon Shuffle. Tried to open them with Ohana3DS but it doesn't show anything though it does say vertices and stuff loaded. Exported it to SMD files too and somehow got really large numbers in there and... NaNs? http://puu.sh/g9rNJ.png (Blender can't open them too.) Any help with this? Are they not supported (yet)?
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