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  1. That's also why I'll think about it. We don't know whether or not they'll ban for illegal Mistery Gift cards, but just in case
  2. Well I could think about risking it, specially with USUM coming up soon.
  3. Do they actually ban you for illegal/multiple of the same Mistery Gift cards?
  4. I know, but I mean when the rest of them are out so I can get all 6 Ash Cap Pikachu variants through mystery gift.
  5. Can you use PkHeX to get all 6 Pikachu cap events?
  6. I don't think this has been requested, but I'll do so. I'd like to see a Battle Institute log modifier introduced for PKHeX to modify your score in the Battle Institute in X/Y/OR/AS and the Pokemons you used to get that score if possible.
  7. A question just to confirm something: Is it normal that after I edit the playtime through PKHeX it doesn't get modified after I insert the ramsav through accessing rsavin.bin through the browser?
  8. I thought the method used in the video posted by AquaX101 was simply getting a Pokemon that can mega evolve the ability Ilussion, and get the poke you want to "mega evolve" in the last spot of your team.
  9. Well I hope soon we'll be able to edit a Secret Base's structure (I mean the decorations, the position of the Secret Base leader and the Secret Pals, not the PC) with PKHeX through a tab that shows the current decorations of a Secret Base (none if there's no decorations placed), and I hope you can edit the pokemon shown in the Time Travel Award (I mean for other Secret Bases, to like create custom Secret Bases to explore and battle in.
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