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  1. oh i figured it out thanks! how do i delete this post lol
  2. i have a legit event mew from pokemon ranch and i am not able to trade it to other people does anyone know why here is the download link for it... https://mega.co.nz/#!b15xWLxC!qAE1dTFO_iwgw2BKJ-JWRpGlaWCYysfjTzEXFwTivOc anyone know whats wrong with it?
  3. use the save file injection method and edit your pokedex. just add the pokemon you are missing to complete the national pokedex by editing the pokedex file. then you'll have the shiny charm once you go to the professor. the method to do that is here. http://projectpokemon.org/forums/showthread.php?44618-RAM2Sav-Save-File-Dumping-Injection-for-X-Y-OR-AS hope this helps. send me a pm if you have more questions!
  4. if you're talking about the pokegen insertion pokemon things, then yes 2ds works with it. has to be under a certain firmware on the 2ds though can't remember which one.
  5. have no fear wine for mac is here. download the latest version of wine and find the tool called wine tricks from one of the drop down menus. download a file called .net framework 4.0 from the open wine tricks menu. follow the instructions to download and install the .net framework and voila pkhex should run. it'll run in a slightly different version (windows 95 ish kind of) but it'll work!
  6. anyone know of a good place to find other people's save files? I'm curious to see other people's pokemon, pokedex, etcetera so that I can load it on my game. Is this possible? thanks in advance.
  7. so what does all of this do? I dont understand what this feature does to the game?
  8. that message is normal. once that message appears wait until the message saying that the internet browser stopped working. then go back into your pokemon game and open your boxes to see your hacked pokemon!
  9. yeah take the code.bin and copy it over to the 3DS SD card. don't put it in any folders inside the 3DS SD card. put it in the root of the card, which means no folders just inside the card.
  10. hey thank you! but how do i change the .sav file to .pkm?
  11. ok i've hacked them all now it's no fun anymore! i'm going back to wonder trading my dittos!
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