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  1. Did you see my error report with Pokemon X? Personal editor randomizer still crashes and gives error for Pokemon X/Y. ORAS Works fine. Also, apart from trainer randomizing, if anything else is edited for X/Y, it crashes right before a battle starts.
  2. Ok, found it. Why does X/Y freeze when entering a battle? Apart from randomizing trainer pokemons, if you select ANY other option to be randomized, game freezes Although most randomizing option does not give any error, the game still freezes before entering battles in X/Y. One specific error with Pokemon X is when randomizing in personal editor. InvalidArgument=Value of "187" is not valid for "SelectedIndex"
  3. Okay, compiled my own version with the latest sourcecode. Still getting error with Personal Randomizer. For Pokemon X and Y Game gets stuck out of blue, no matter whats edited or randomzed. Also for X and Y. Game gets stuck before battles, no matter whats edited or randomized. also x and y. Maybe X functionality is broken or something? I have 2 different gateway and 3ds that I tested with
  4. Hi, I just wanted to swap Serena with May for in battles. But I have no idea where those graphics files are located. I have the rom fully decrpyted of course.
  5. Thanks dude. Helped me a lot. I was wondering, is there a way to edit/randomize starter pokemons in X/Y/ORAS
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