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  1. I did further research and made some discoveries about some of the constants in HeartGold/SoulSilver (well, technically just SoulSilver, but I imagine HeartGold is the same). Constant 304 is not specifically the status of roaming Latias/Latios, but rather the status for Steven Stone. 0 is "Not Appeared" in PKHeX, which is the default value before anything happens. 1 is "Ready to Roam" in PKHeX, which I've confirmed causes Steven to talk to the player in Vermilion City. This is likely set to 1 when the player obtains Copycat's doll from the man in the Pokemon Fan Club house in Vermilion, since Steven talks to the player on their first step anywhere in Vermilion City after this constant is set to 1. 2 is "Roamed" in PKHeX, which I've confirmed is set immediately after Steven talks to the player in Vermilion City (regardless of whether Latias/Latios is actively roaming). 3 seems like it is set once the player has defeated Red and Steven Stone is in Silph Co in Saffron City, ready to give the player a Hoenn starter. 4 is set once the player obtains the Hoenn starter (confirmed from my own save file). 5 is set when the player talks to Steven in the Pewter City Museum (which I've also confirmed). Constant 75 (currently undocumented) is the current location of roaming Latias/Latios. I confirmed this by moving between Vermilion and the route north of it and observing this constant change. I'm sure there's a map somewhere of the values of this constant to the locations to which they refer, but setting this constant to anything deliberate is pointless because Latias/Latios roams to a new location when you load the game. The only value I can confirm is 3 = Route 6. Here's the big one: constant 72 (currently undocumented) is the result of the last encounter with roaming Latias/Latios (where it didn't flee). A value of 1 means the player caught Latios/Latias, and a value of 2 means the player caused Latios/Latias to faint (I confirmed both of these values.) Constant 72 does not have to be reset to 0 in order for Latias/Latios to roam. If you reset constant 304 to 1 and talk to Steven in Vermilion, Latias/Latios will start roaming regardless of constant 72. One you capture or defeat Latias/Latios, constant 72 is set to 1 or 2, respectively. If you enter the Hall of Fame when constant 72 is set to 2, when the game saves before the credits, this constant is reset to 0, and Latias/Latios will be roaming when you reload the game. So after researching/learning all of this, I've determined, unfortunately, that I have indeed caught roaming Latios on my SoulSilver, and I must have traded it away at some point. Hopefully this research helps someone in a similar predicament!
  2. So I've been going through my old games, ensuring I've obtained all in-game event Pokemon, and I think I never obtained the roaming Latios in my SoulSilver game. I can't find it anywhere in my collection and it's very unlikely I would've traded it. I can't verify by Pokedex because I used a Latios transferred from Sapphire (which I verified in the Hall of Fame). I verified that Copycat has her doll back, and Steven Stone is chillin' in the Pewter City Museum, daydreaming about Moon Stones, so I've definitely triggered the event at least once. I beat the Elite Four again, but I can't find any way to trigger roaming Latios to appear (in the case that I made it faint the first time). I checked my save in PkHex, and my event constant for "Roaming Latias/Latios" is 4. The only "known" values are "Not Appeared", "Ready to Roam", and "Roamed" (0, 1, and 2, respectively). Does anyone know if 4 is the value for "Disappeared", or caught? Does anyone have a HG/SS save where they definitely caught the roaming Latias/Latios and can check this constant? When I tried to reset this constant manually (to 1, setting it to 0 or 2 doesn't do anything), Steven will "appear" as soon as I fly/set foot in Vermillion City (he doesn't actually appear, but the game acts like he's there and his text appears). Then, the roaming Latios icon will appear on the PokeGear. But, when I'm on the same route as the icon, I only encounter normal Pokemon in the tall grass, never Latios. I'm guessing this means I already caught it, but I'm hoping someone has a save they can examine or send me so I can verify my event constant is the right value. Thanks!
  3. Heya, Just curious if you are going to be working on a new version of KeySAV for Gen 7. Thanks for all the work you've put in so far!

  4. Hey, sorry for the delayed response, I forget to check this thread I added a "Bold Perfect IVs" option in my version a while ago, but I realized I never actually released it lol. So check it out here: https://github.com/Kaisonic/KeySAV2-Kaisonic/releases And I'm not sure if the Virtual Console games will be supported, but I do know that the Pokemon Bank update for Sun and Moon this year will allow you to transfer Virtual Console Pokemon to the bank, which will then be transferable (I'm assuming) to all Gen 6 games. Either that or just to Sun and Moon, which will probably be supported by KeySAV2.
  5. Assuming you haven't created any new battle videos after the reformat, you should be able to just copy those files back to your 3DS and use them normally.
  6. Try downloading my version and unchecking the "Use Unicode characters" option.
  7. The official KeySAV2 doesn't support YABD files, try Cu3PO42's build or my build (links in the first post).
  8. What does the program say after you hit "Open SAV" and select your save file? I assume you already did the break process for your game?
  9. That would be considered mass-editing, which PkHex does not, and will never, support. :frown:
  10. You should check out my version, it's one of the available columns :-) https://www.reddit.com/r/SVExchange/comments/2o4qiu/a_newer_keysav2_build_with_even_more_features/
  11. You have to have your opponent follow the same instructions that you do when you create your battle videos (I forget what they are exactly, but it's like only have one Pokemon, and then move that Pokemon to the second slot for the second battle or something..... whatever it is, have your opponent do the same thing). If successful, the program will tell you (during the breaking process) that you can read opponent data as well. This only has to be done in the breaking phase - once you have broken encryption for both you and your opponent, you can view any video (from that slot) and be able to see both your and your opponent's Pokemon.
  12. Make sure you have .NET framework downloaded and installed: http://www.microsoft.com/en-us/download/details.aspx?id=24872
  13. This tool is for viewing Pokemon data using encrypted saves or Battle Videos. If you can use SaveDataFiler and PkHex, you don't need this tool (unless you wanted your Pokemon data formatted in a certain way for like a Reddit thread or something).
  14. That file is your keystream, you don't open that file in the "SAV" tab. After you obtain your keystream, you can then open any save file from that game in the "SAV" tab.
  15. Are you making sure to delete your Battle Video on the SD card every time you copy it to your PC? Battle Video encryption is broken by slot, so if you save a Battle Video, break encryption, then save ANOTHER Battle Video, that second video will be in a different slot and you'd need to break encryption for that slot as well.
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