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  1. I tried this to get another Celebi and it didn't work, it just says I have nothing to pickup. My save had link enabled from getting BP from bank but had never got a actual Celebi since I received it on a old now deleted save.

    I used this command to inject it

    dd if=XY\ Celebi.bin of=main bs=1 seek=$((0x19FFF)) conv=notrunc

    then shifted a Pokemon in pkhex and tried the checksums but it just said the save was edited and cannot check integrity but other then not getting another Celebi it still loaded fine and played.

  2. I haven't tried Mac but have you checked out my thread on getting pkhex to work under wine on Linux. It may be the same problem since you're describing the same problem Linux had.

  3. any way for this work with wine on mac!?

    I don't have a Mac to know but I assume that it can as long as you can get winetricks to install dotnet40 which also needs to be in 32bit mode. I did a quick Google search and saw that winetricks does exist for Mac

    ^^^^ Please let me know, it just freezes at loading screen for me!

    That is exactly the same problem Linux had before this fix so Mac should only need the same.

  4. I would like to thank you for this software it saved my two shinies from radar chaining in Diamond from being lost forever. When I randomly found a nand+keys backup of my long dead Wii on a sd card I was successful decrypting it and getting the Ranch save out. I found them and injected them back into Diamond and did all the transfers to bring them up to Omega Ruby. I'm really happy since I had permantly lost hope of finding them again.

  5. I have no problems with fonts, I even just now tested by changing the UI language to all available ones and found no problems with any of them including all three options that that don't use the same alphabet.

    I also found having a separate WINEPREFIX for this to be better so it has its own .wine directory due to finding other programs like keysav2 stopped working for me without the stock Wine settings.

  6. I figured out how to get PKHex working on Linux using Wine and thought I would share my info.

    I'm on Ubuntu 14.04 64bit using the stock repo version of Wine.

    First off you have a have a 32bit Wine environment which doesn't seem to be the default if your system is 64bit so you may have to move or delete your .wine directory.

    All you have to do is run this command to setup Wine

    WINEARCH='win32' winetricks dotnet40

  7. Wow the qr codes have already been figured out. I can't code to save my life but I had app idea that I hope someone would create. Even though I have digital copies and can use keysav for more bulk I think a phone app that reads the Pokemon info in lower amounts would be useful for quick checks or as a keybv alternative

    It would be as easy as putting the Pokemon in your team and generate a new qr code which wouldn't even need to be saved then hold phone up to 3ds screen and get shown the teams stats.

    I have never done keybv for esv but I shine it would be basically the same for temp hatching.

    This would save time for not having to take memory cards out of system or finding someone that can battle at the moment.

    Also on a separate question about secret bases I had a guy crate a base with a hacked hoops in it. But when I fought it, or was swapped for a poochyena can someone with pkhex check if the swap was before making the code or on my end since I assume Nintendo was smart enough to stop unreleased from showing up in these which caused the swap.

    Here is the thread


    I would do our but only run Linux and pkhex doesn't work under wine.

  8. I just realized based on file timestamps I wasn't getting a pk6 of the new Pokemon but by some random chance a old dump of the same species that was not deleted from the db directory. Apparently the program was crashing before dumping the new pk6.

  9. I'm trying to find my OR TSV and want to know if I did something wrong or if the mechanics are different in the new games

    I transfered a fresh catch from OR into my Y game using Bank.

    Trying to load a box in keysav2 with the Pokemon in it caused a program crash

    So I set it to dump pk6 files which it did before the crash.

    I opened the pk6 in a hex editor and went to the offset 0x0E-0x0F to find my SID (have done it before out of curiosity and got correct values)

    I used the TID XOR SID >> 4 calculation in a bitwise calculator for figure out a TSV

    But when I found a match in a TSV giveaway on Reddit it didn't hatch shiny.

  10. I decided to try with different games Pokemon anyway and it worked I have every spot working now although it took some work with some being locked and I had to keep purging the spots and redoing them until all of them worked.

    That is with the preview version. Although I do have one problem. One of my Pokemon and Unown "?" crashes the program program completely. To the point I had to spread the whole box out over others to track down the individual one causing the problem. This Unown was caught by me personally and not hacked.

    The old Keysav2 v1.15 reads the same one fine.

    I dumped a pkx using v1.15 if needed for you to track down bugs but I do not like clones, so I will not post it any place public so no one else can grab it. I ask if you do need it to not use it other then for tracking down the bug.

    I'm running Kaysav2 using Wine under Linux.

  11. Each slot has to have been empty, had one pokemon, then have had a differnt pokemon in it before the encryption is broken for that slot. The "~" shows that those conditions haven't been met.

    When breaking the encryption, I know the six Pokemon in 16.sav and 26.sav have to be from the same game but after that for any other spots can they be from different games? I have a full LiveDex in bank that I could put in, then view it followed by shifting all the boxes by one to have different in each spot. But if they have to be from the same game I do not have many and it would take a lot of work.

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