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  1. If you can backup your save you can inject them with a save editor.

    Depending on what you have there is multiple ways to get the saves on and off carts. Like.

    A hacked 3ds with the twlsavetool homebrew

    A unhacked 3ds with either Pokemon Transporter or Dream Radar and the twlsavetool homebrew. Launched via homebrew launcher

    A nds flashcart with homebrew

  2. Note your wording is a little bad and got my hopes up. You said "then you can catch it in-game." which I took to mean I would be able to go find it and catch it in any ball and nickname it if wanted hopefully without a shiny lock to SR for a shiny.

    Here is a quote from a official site that says you just obtain it.

    "If you use the new QR Scanner function in Pokémon Sun and Pokémon Moon to scan in the corresponding QR Code, you'll be able to obtain the Mythical Pokémon Magearna! Magearna will be a special ally that you can put to work on your behalf in the world of Pokémon Sun and Pokémon Moon."

    source http://www.pokemon-sunmoon.com/en-us/pokemon/magearna/

  3. Korean HA Bird codes are Revealed!

    Articuno Serialcode: POKEMON144

    Zapdos Serialcode: POKEMON145 (unconfirmed but highly possible)

    Moltres Serialcode: POKEMON146 (unconfirmed but highly possible)

    Avaiable from May 2nd till June 31st, 2016!


    OT: 포켓몬영화


    I just tested and the Zapdos and Moltres codes didn't work but of course the Articuno worked.

  4. I doubt it has anything to do with a bug in PKHex since those public codes are one use per save enforced server side.

    One time I made a backup save that was clean with SDF.

    Used a shared public code.

    restored the backup with SDF

    Tried to use the code again and it would not work.

    I never edited the save (never do I only do read only info cheating with PKHeX) and just restored the pre code backup so it shows that they enforce it server side.

  5. I've coded a simple ntr cfw plugin that should dump the wc6 when enabled to the root of sdcard.

    The same plugin has the cheat for XY and the cheat for ORAS, using the ntrdebugger ram offsets posted here. I advise to backup SDcard before trying it out, just in case I messed up something and the card corrupts (I know this doesn't sound very trustful).

    Basically when you select the cheat, the 0x108 bytes from that memory offset are read, then written to a file in sd card. The plugin should check if the file already exists, and if it does, a new file with increased number count is created (filename may be weird, I couldn't use advanced string functions in the plugin, so it might end up as a little endian hex number in the filename...)

    I couldn't test since I don't have my 3ds here right now

    I don't think that will work since NTR disables Internet when using any cheat plugins.

  6. Test Line 1 Test Line 2 If this appears properly, then I used Android's Google Chrome. What browser are you using?
    I'm using Firefox on Linux I also have the same problem with Chrome on Linux. I also just tested using the preview post (to not spam) and the same thing with both Firefox and Chrome on my Android phone.

    Woohoo finally figured it out. It was in my account settings.

    I went to my "settings" then "general settings" and changed "Message Editor Interface" to "basic editor"

    It was on enhanced which I find funny that the WYSIWYG was my problem when it is supposed to make it look exactly as you type it.

  7. I'm trying to find or get working a version of this for White (J) does anyone have one that I could get please?

    I have tried modifying this script using the rng and mtrng values from the notable breakpoints page on the wiki for the Japanese versions of the game but it never works.

    It reports a seed but it is always wrong and the frames don't track right. Along with it randomly pausing the emulator with the following error.

    "Save state's session did not start with script."

    "Either load a valid save state or resume with this one."

    The only thing I got working right is the map position and that I don't use. I tracked the correct pos_m offset for White (J) on my own. It is pos_m=0x0224F78C which could be useful for other people.

  8. From what I understand any increases in the chance of getting a shiny (Stuff like the Shiny Charm) just cause extra rerolls of the PID for more chances of a matching one coming up. So if a value exists in RAM to keep track of it, maybe it can be raised. Out of my curiosity the most I have done so far is artificially inflate the chaining counters (fishing and dexnav) and got about 8 shinnies one weekend. But at the best they do for increased chances still made it a slow process of maybe one a hour and since it's still within the bounds of legitimate chances since chaining is a legitimate feature to raise chances, it still means nothing guaranteed and I went 2.5 hours without seeing one once. I was going to try finding if a reroll counter existed but my Gateway has the glitch where I can only do exact searches and I'm not sure what the exact value of it exists that the reroll counter would start at. Like I say the chaining counters only help a bit even at maxed out values (chaining can only go up to 65535 before resetting) dexnav only up to legitimately 99 before resetting but with codes up to 255 and you have to freeze it to stop it from resetting. Also having the dexnav extra high causes unnaturally high level pokemon due to the chaining level bonus. Also I have no idea why but my newlines are not being used so sorry for the wall of text.

  9. I'll find the XY offset as soon as I can. I just can't now since I don't have X or Y on my Japanese system to test with the Infernape code and no code right now that will work on my NA system which has XY. It shouldn't be long until I get a Mew code and can test with that. So people realize they can check the gender live on system before accepting with Gateway by using the on screen hex editor and going to offset 0x8C6965D (0x08c695bc + 0xa1) and checking the values you posted before

  10. EDIT: how to rip it out from RAM 1. loaded NTR.cia 2. accessed Pokemon AS game 3. Held buttons XY to enter in-game menu 4. enabled debugger mode, and exited in-game menu 5. punched in serial code for mystery gift 6. command in NTR client, connecting to 3DS that is on the same network as computer, using 3DS IP address-> connect('192.168.x.xx', 8000) 7. command in NTR client, to rip out the data-> data(0x08c695bc, 0x108, filename='dummy.wc6', pid=0x28) Profit! NTR cfw (or the .cia): https://gbatemp.net/threads/release-ntr-cfw-3-2-with-experimental-real-time-save-feature.385142/ NTR debugger client: https://gbatemp.net/threads/release-ntr-debugger-2-with-source-the-first-public-real-time-debugger-for-n3ds.384858/ ensure you install the IronPython dependency: http://ironpython.net/
    Also in that process the pid could be different so people have to know how to find it. After the connect command run listprocess() and find the line with the right games titleid and get the correct pid from it.
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