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  1. xgorinx

    Pokemon Home

    So the only option would be to transfer from 3ds?
  2. xgorinx

    Pokemon Home

    If I change the save file version to Ultra Moon, for example... and then create the Weedle, and then copy the file to PC, it creates a .pk7 file. However, if I were to import that .pk7 file into my pokemon sword using PkHex, the ability goes away. What I'm trying to do is move every pokemon in national dex, even the ones that don't exist in sword / shield, to pokemon Home, using my sword file and pkhex. Am I missing something?
  3. xgorinx

    Pokemon Home

    So changing the blank save version doesn't seem to work how I was expecting. Wouldn't that mess up my sword save if I changed it to a different gen? I don't actually need the pokemon to show up in Sword, just have it on the save file and hopefully have it's own ability working when it is transferred to Home
  4. xgorinx

    Pokemon Home

    I'm using PkHex to generate pokemon in sword and port them to Home. However, for pokemon that don't exist in sword / shield, like Weedle for example, PkHex is setting the ability to "none" and won't allow it to be changed. Is there any way around this?
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