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  1. yeah thats right, but it is also thought for trading : ) and when its not shown legal - I also wouldn't trade it (online)
  2. ah ok, is it really that easy? change the den in Pkhex and the ability is legal?
  3. The problem is that I don't know the correct den for the frosmoth with ice scales. And thats what I asked for, because my frosmoth is from another den, and that frosmoth is not able to get the hidden ability. I don't want to raid or breed, I just want to change it in Pkhex. so what is the correct den?
  4. I meant the "correct den" or "hatched" how do I do it correctly for the legality Frosmoth with ice scales.
  5. Thanks for your answers - how fo I manage this correctly? I'm new to PkHex.
  6. Is there a way to get a Frosmoth with its hidden ability? Or can someone share his Frosmoth with ice scales. Pkhex said that it is not available. Thanks
  7. How to change SID, TID, OT-Name, OT-Gender WITHOUT losing square shiny Pokémon. If I change the .OT_Name, .OT_Gender, .TrainerID7, TrainerSID7, with the Batch-Editor the square shiny Pokémon will change into non-shiny Pokémon, how to avoid that? Thanks and it's a fantastic project!
  8. again great work, but why is Cufant still missing?
    great work, could You please also add legal Machoke, Cufant and Ditto with imposter? Would be great
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