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  1. Yeah, or you'd have to reimport a save again and again, which technically makes it faster, but it's still pretty much hacking. The trick you mentioned is a pretty good idea, though, so I'll probably do that, thanks for the tip!
  2. Interesting, I did notice that a few of the posts mentioned they had over 995 items, and indeed the Dex seems to be the most obvious culprit. I only intend on getting around 100 of every Apricorn Ball, or maybe just one or two kinds, so I might be fine. Regardless, thanks for the info and the thread.
  3. I want to hack in some Apricorn Balls so I don't have to reset the game every time I fail a catch, but the ban wave in January is making me wonder... Is it possible for me to get banned for getting those extra balls? Furthermore, what WAS the cause of the bans during that wave?
  4. Well, I look forward to seeing those hack tools. Even now it's a huge hassle to get custom Shadow Pokémon, by modifying the regular Pokémon, hopefully it won't be in the future.
  5. Is there a list of all the new Shadow Pokémon? This hack makes me wonder why no one else has ever tried hacking before, is it that hard to even change the Shadow Pokémon?
  6. So there's no risk in going back to an older version? I just want to make sure there's no chance of losing my save file, though I doubt it'd get corrupted that easily.
  7. I still have a 9.5.22E 3DS, is there any chance of anything happening to my OR save file if I do this on a SD Card without any updates if I have it updated to 1.3 on my N3DS? I could do this on my unplayed AS, but that would require trading back and forth later on...
  8. Is there an actual easier way to edit this? Because this is a bit confusing, since I don't know how to save edit and I don't want to mess up the AR codes...
  9. Uuhh, is there any way someone can edit piggman's B2/W2 Elesa skin (I was the one who requested it), to make it match B2/W2's C-Gear, instead of B/W's?
  10. Heh, um amigo meu disse que eu podia tentar fazer uma tradução do B/W em Português, mas aparentemente já é um pouco tarde.
  11. Tested, has some flaws. When facing Zekrom, it freezes when entering the battle. >.< And no, you can't turn off the code, and right when you're entering the battle turn it back on, it'll come out normal. x_x But on normal Wild Pokémon it works perfectly.
  12. I made a Power Juice that increased both Speed and Power and said that it decreased Skill, but it didn't, and I've used it on my Latios... But unfortunately... I don't remember the recipe... So now I'm trying to get it back, but the thing is... I don't remember how many Apricorns I've used, and I'm struggling to get Red Apricorns! T.T
  13. I tried to do that and got the error code 52200... Does my modem have anything to do with this problem? This works as both a wireless router and a cable modem. And I've tried doing something like that but for some reason it didn't work.
  14. Umm I don't know if this was answered yet but I tried to use my Luxray.PKM file on sendpkm.py, but I couldn't drag and drop it, so I had to use "Run...", and when it encoded I got the DNS, I tried to put it on my DS and it didn't work, I saw the other replies and tried what they said but it still didn't work, I don't know if it's because my Modem's ports are not Port Forwarded or if it's my Modem itself, I keep getting the error 52100 when I try to connect to the GTS, my Modem is a Cable Modem: Thomson THG540, can anyone help me with this issue please? Thank you in advance.
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