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  1. Alright, I've tried it as you said, and sure enough, the B2/W2 version works perfectly on PKHeX now. I'm also unsure why GIMP causes it to not import correctly, but as you said, opening it on paint and just saving worked. Thanks for the help.
  2. Yes, I'm aware of that, what I'm asking is how I can convert a png/bmp to a working psk? I also want to edit the skin to fit the B2/W2 C-Gear, but I can't really import it if I don't know how to convert it to psk. Here's the B2/W2 version: Elesa 2 C-Gear B2W2.bmp
  3. How do I use the psk, though? I did want to fix the position of the original skin for both B/W and B2/W2, so I need a way to manipulate the image first, and I don't know how to use psk or export as psk.
  4. Well I've exported it as a bmp, but then there's no way to import it to PKHeX, unless I try to change the extension to png, but then PKHeX crashes. Elesa 2 C-Gear 2.bmp Additionally, here's what I'm doing to ensure that it's only 16 unique colours: EDIT: Additionally, here's the Colourmap for the image after that conversion to Indexed, you can see that it has 16 unique colours:
  5. I'm trying to import a PNG that I edited from an exported C-Gear skin, using GIMP and making sure to set it to only use 16 colours, but when I try to import it, PKHeX says it has too many unique colours: Here is the image I'm trying to import: Additionally, here's the original image, and the cgb file that it came from: Elesa 2 C-Gear.cgb Before you ask, I shifted the image a pixel down, because it was one too high for the C-Gear's UI, as you can see in the image below. I also intended to edit it in the future for B2/W2's C-Gear, but right now I'm having issues with B/W in the first place. Additionally, is there any way to actually generate a cgb file from the picture? I've also tried using PokeCGear, but importing the picture in question resulted in a black image, no skin in sight.
  6. That's the one I found, since it said "use English translated version" I thought it wasn't the correct one... Though looking at Downloads I can see "PokeSkinED [ENG]" is in there, so that might be what I'm looking for. I guess I should have looked a bit more thoroughly at that page. Though after downloading them and trying them out... I'm unsure how to actually edit the PokéDex skin, I'm a bit at a loss here.
  7. I know PKHeX has a C-Gear skin editor, but I can't find any PokéDex skin editor in it, and from what I've seen, the only tool that seems able to do this is PokéStock, though its development has ceased and I can't find any alternatives. Is there any other way to edit the PokéDex's skin in Gen 5, and if not, where exactly is the English translated version of PokéStock?
  8. Yeah, or you'd have to reimport a save again and again, which technically makes it faster, but it's still pretty much hacking. The trick you mentioned is a pretty good idea, though, so I'll probably do that, thanks for the tip!
  9. Interesting, I did notice that a few of the posts mentioned they had over 995 items, and indeed the Dex seems to be the most obvious culprit. I only intend on getting around 100 of every Apricorn Ball, or maybe just one or two kinds, so I might be fine. Regardless, thanks for the info and the thread.
  10. I want to hack in some Apricorn Balls so I don't have to reset the game every time I fail a catch, but the ban wave in January is making me wonder... Is it possible for me to get banned for getting those extra balls? Furthermore, what WAS the cause of the bans during that wave?
  11. Well, I look forward to seeing those hack tools. Even now it's a huge hassle to get custom Shadow Pokémon, by modifying the regular Pokémon, hopefully it won't be in the future.
  12. Is there a list of all the new Shadow Pokémon? This hack makes me wonder why no one else has ever tried hacking before, is it that hard to even change the Shadow Pokémon?
  13. So there's no risk in going back to an older version? I just want to make sure there's no chance of losing my save file, though I doubt it'd get corrupted that easily.
  14. I still have a 9.5.22E 3DS, is there any chance of anything happening to my OR save file if I do this on a SD Card without any updates if I have it updated to 1.3 on my N3DS? I could do this on my unplayed AS, but that would require trading back and forth later on...
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