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  1. Found the problem. The wrong part of the code is this one: The first one has to be 0x021D15A8, because this is the address of the Current Seed. While 0x021D15AC is the address of the Initial Seed. Can you tell me instead why, when i use save state, it only save the right Current Seed, Initial Seed and Delay, but doesn't save the Frame? Is there a way to fix this?
  2. Yes sure... Infact it shows correct Initial Seed and Current Seed
  3. I'm using HGSS Kaphotics's lua script. This one: Can you tell me why PRNG Frame shows me always 0 and never grows up? Everything works well, but PRNG and IRNG frame are always 0. [ATTACH=CONFIG]12993[/ATTACH]
  4. So is it normal? ahahahahah Everything worked perfectly, but in 4-5-6 gen the postman disappear. It was only a doubt.
  5. Is it normal that after i use the japanese tool to inject the old sea map and after caughting mew, the postman is still in the poke-market?
  6. So in japanese copy of emerald no, but in europen copy yes?
  7. Perfect, thanks! EDIT: Wait, why serebii says that it was distribuited? 16 September 2004
  8. Sorry if someone asked this question before Why the aurora ticket can't be redeemed on japanese emerald? The option in TicketPEe is obscured.... Nintendo didn't release this event for japanese Emerald?
  9. How can i rng a zigzagoon that came from the interactive multi game demo disk v16? I would like also to rng the extreeme speed zigzagoon, how can i do these abuse? I use vba and dolphin to trade the Pokémon
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