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  1. I know and use Bulbapedia a lot, but this is not the information I’m after. I’m not interested in the various trainer classes; I’d like a list of all the Pokémon used by NPCs, especially in regards to their IVs and EVs (which will be 0 most of the time but not always). As far as I am aware, this information is not on Bulbapedia, but I’d be happy to be proven wrong.
  2. Hi! I hope this is the right place to ask for this; I’ve searched this forum and on Google in general but I couldn’t find anything, even though I’m sure it exists. Could anyone link me to a list of all the Pokémon used by NPCs in the Gen 3 GBA games? At the moment, I’m especially interested in Emerald, and in knowing the IVs and EVs of the Pokémon used in the Elite Four. (I’m working on something and I need accurate data for damage calculation.) I thought I had seen and saved lists like that a long time ago, but I can’t find anything like it anymore. There’s so many people here working on ROMs etc., a simple list of all NPCs with their full Pokémon data (not just level and moves) must be available somewhere, right? Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.
  3. How about a lottery feature that allows you to ‘draw a ticket’ just once a day and then checks all your stored Pokémon’s OT IDs? Just like in the games but allowing you to actually use all your Gen 3 Pokémon (on Trigger’s PC) to up your chances, not just the ones you happen to have stored on the game whose cartridge you’re playing on at any given moment? Just a thought I had while collecting my daily prize (usually PP Up) from the one Emerald game I collected OT IDs ending in 00–99 for.
  4. Tell me about it. I still have a (legit event) Deoxys that I haven't caught yet because I really want it to be shiny. :3 Shiny hunting in Gen 3 is the worst. Do you have a GBA cartridge with a dead battery? When the battery is dead and time stops flowing in RSE, the value for Mirage Island will stay the same forever. So maybe instead of checking whether you can get a new value that fits your Pokémon, you could try checking all your current and future Pokémon (automatically with Trigger's PC) with a value (or several values) that stay(s) the same (and might match new Pokémon you add for your current Living Dex quests). You are probably aware of this anyways and I'm just adding to this to clarify in case anyone might be confused about this: Wether or not a Pokémon is shiny is determined twice in Colosseum. First when you encounter it but then it resets when you purify it. Which means you can catch a 'shiny' which will (very probably) not be shiny once you purify it, or catch a non-shiny which might then turn into a shiny at purification. Not sure how Trigger's PC deals with this. If it shows you that you have a Shadow shiny, you are probably already aware of that and can assume that it will stop being shiny when you purify it. (Shadow Pokémon in can never be shiny, afaik.)
  5. Well, what can I say? Incredible. Just incredible. What about Mew? Do you have a legit Old Sea Map for Mew / a legit shiny Mew already / do you plan on getting one by searching all of Japan? You shinyhunt for 12 years and then you don't want to level up 6 Beautfly for a Special Attack EV base? Haha, I see, interesting. Same here. I do like FRLG a lot, and I have a lot of nostalgia for Kanto and the first 151 Pokémon. But while there were so many things to do with consequence (also for later Gens) in Hoenn – Contests, Ribbons, Berries, Conditions, breeding with Emerald mechanics, out-of-battle effects of Abilities, Battle Frontier, … – Kanto in Gen 3 doesn't offer much besides the "original" plot. There's not much to do with/to Pokémon there that gives you a feeling of collecting or building the base for later generations. Even berry crushing for powder is rather useless if you can get PP Ups from the Lottery much more easily. Which actually brings me to my next point: As we're currently posting suggestions that might seem a bit weird, and as people here seem to have lots and lots of save files – what about a feature for a Pokémon collection like the living dex but with OT numbers? Let me explain: A few months ago, a friend and I spent hours and hours soft-resetting a game, checking the OT, then trading Pokémon from that game to Box and resetting again, until we had at least one Pokémon for each two-digit ending of OT numbers (---00 to ---99). We did this so we could maximise our chances of winning at the Lottery, and I have been collecting my daily PP Up in Emerald ever since (sometimes I also win something else). I know you can soft-reset on a given day (as long as you have not saved on that in-game day yet) to change the Lottery's winning number, but having each ---XX OT ID speeds up the process of farming PP UPs a lot. (One could also try to get as many 3-digit combinations as possible but would quickly run out of storage room on any given cartridge before having enough to really up the odds of winning, making the process not really viable.) So I would no longer really need this feature for this collection, but given that others might want to try the same thing and that with Trigger's PC, one could – in theory – attempt to collect every single OT number possible, why not have a series of boxes that show which OT goes where, similar to the Living Dex boxes show which Pokémon goes where? Do you know what I mean? It's probably not a very important idea but I just thought I'd bring it up, given that we seem to be able to talk about basically any kind of organisational help we can think of here (which I appreciate a lot!). Such an overview would then also allow everyone to check what they have and see what they are still missing, making it a lot easier to trade and complete/expand everyone's collection super fast. (That is, IF others are even interested in that, of course.) Edit: One more thing I thought of: Would it be possible to expand the Shiny Egg check to include a custom list of Trainer IDs & Secret IDs (that's what's needed for the shiny check, right?). So that you could add the IDs of a save file you don't use often and don't want to have loaded up in Trigger's PC all the time? This would also allow a group of people to add all their respective games/IDs and then everyone in the group who creates new eggs can check if the egg would be shiny on any of their own or their friends' games (without having all the games directly loaded/added as saves in Trigger's PC). People could share their IDs and help each other out.
  6. That's a good idea actually, thanks! I always make backups anyways. That is just … wow. How did you do this? Do you have a preferred method of hunting for shinies? Also, how long have you been doing this? You must have spent an incredible amount of time on that. For the Exp bases, Chansey/Blissey actually take quite long to fight. If you have Latios, it's much faster to use some Latios with Memento as their only attack (although Memento doesn't work on a Pokémon it has been used 3 times already, so if you had 6 Latios, you would need to switch the Pokémon you want to level up out or use X Attack on it). Even better are Mewtwo with only Self-Destruct (send out the Pokémon you want to level up, then change to one that faints to Self-Destruct, first Pokémon gets all the Exp), but you need to play through Pokémon to have the move tutor in that game teach it (one playthrough for every Mewtwo you want to use). If you make a Base with 3 Latios and 3 Mewtwo, you can switch between having your attack reduced by Memento and sending out a different Pokémon to faint to Self-Destruct, and you go through one Exp base in just 6 turns (as opposed to a lot more turns when you fight 6 Level 100 Chansey/Blissey). Both Latios and Mewtwo give a lot of Exp. As for the EV bases: Don't forget that Ditto also copy the EV yield when they use transform. You can use that information for all kinds of useful combinations for EV bases. Other than that, my only advice is to check the Pokémon's full learnset if you're going to use it in an EV base, as sometimes the 'useless' moves suggested by Smogon are not the best ones for that Pokémon (in terms of how easy it is to get the move on that Pokémon and such). I was thinking about this too when I found that thread about this here the other day. Maybe the tool's functionality could be incorporated into Trigger's PC?
  7. Oh wow, that's a lot. How did you collect them? Did you RNG to get them or did you actually take the time to look for fully legit ones? Not sure what exactly you're going for (EVs, Exp, …), but if you get serious with this, send me a message if you want to hear about some more advanced ways of making use of the bases. (Details depend on how many games you have and which Pokémon you have access to etc.) Just the Smogon guide is fine, too, however; not trying to say it's bad info, just that there's ways to optimise them. Well, you have been working a lot on it, and the tool has become something nobody could have hoped for before! Woo! Looks like people have had great success with it already. Ah, I didn't realise that Trigger's PC would refer to the save file you specify when you add a save (and not make a copy of it or something). If it works this way, I guess I will just have a .sav file for each game on the computer and then update this one whenever I change anything. That works, so there's no need for a new feature. But just to explain what I meant before: I transfer a save file from the GBA game to the computer. I load that save file into Trigger's PC, do something with it, then copy the updated file and move it back to the GBA game. Then, I play the GBA game and update the file by playing. And when I then move that updated file from the GBA game to the computer again, I thought I would then tell Trigger's PC, look, for this game I have added, forget the old save file on the computer and use this new one (with a different file name and/or in a different location), as it's the updated one and the other file is the old one. Do you see what I mean? That's how I approached it initially. This way, I would keep the old save file as a backup and just redirect Triggger's PC to the new save file for a given game.
  8. That's cool. I don't think I need any, though. I got my Synchronisers from the Prize Corner in FRLG. I just bought an Abra, checked its nature and ability and soft-resetted until I had one with Synchronise for every nature. That was much easier for me to do than breeding or hunting. Ah yes, the Delibird person. Well, I have spoken to them because they started their ribbon hunt based on information I collected, and afaik, everything is legit. Some people are just really good at these Battle Tower things (I'm not). They are not the first person to do it either. I've always wanted to do my ribbon hunt with a Spheal (so many soft-resets to get a cool one in ), haha, can you imagine that thing in the Battle Tower? ^^ Maybe some day. - - - Is there a way to 'update' a save file that is added in Trigger's PC? Maybe I just didn't see it? What I mean is: once you have added the save file to Trigger's PC, done something with it then played it in the GBA game again, it would be cool if you could click on the game in Trigger's PC and update its save file. The way I am doing it now is that I delete the save from Trigger's PC, then add the updated save that I just transferred from the cartridge to the PC. Is there a different way?
  9. I looked through all my current save files yesterday, and my highest-stat Pokémon – with an amazing IV spread of 30/31/10/31/9/31 – is a Farfetch'd. (-__- ) Out of all the Pokémon, this is the one with the best stats. Don't even remember what I bread that one for, probably to pass on False Swipe or something. Sigh. But whatever, it's male so I might be able to use it for breeding. And once I start to breed for the Battle Frontier (currently still busy hunting lots of Ditto), I might get a Pokémon with an even better IV spread that isn't Farfetch'd … ^^ It is always very exciting when you find other people that are still invested in Gen 3. And it's catching on. It's really cool to see how many people have picked up ribbon hunting for example. A few years ago, basically nobody had even heard of it. And most people are so very helpful. I got my first Liechi berry by sending someone my actual GBA game so they could trade it onto it, for example.
  10. Smogon has a guide to explain the idea and get you started: http://www.smogon.com/ingame/guides/secret_base I have invested quite some time into this and have come up with more advanced and more useful teams. But I won't go into detail here, that would take too long and be too much of an off-topic wall of text.*^^* Oh no, that's awful. I feel you. I have thought a bit more about this feature and would like to add two things: First, I'd say the more illegitimat part of Trigger's PC here is that it shows you the IVs, nature etc. of unhatched Pokémon. And nobody has an issue with this. The shiny factor is just a nice addition to this feature. And you still have to create and transfer all these eggs. And then hatch all of them if you want to get rid of them by releasing them. And second, the idea behind Trigger's PC was to bring together people's many Gen 3 games into one place, right? For example, the reason why Trigger's PC doesn't reset the friendship value when trading a Pokémon is because, as has been discussed here, it feels wrong that a Pokémon would lose its friendship with you just because it is sent to a different (form of) you. Trigger's PC helps to unify a trainer's collection of games to add a bit of sense to the very hard life of Gen 3. I bought a DSTWO card for about €30, I think. I got a micro SD card that I put in an SD adapter to transfer save files from the DSTWO card to the mac/computer and back again. The DSTWO card runs GBA Backup Tool just fine, I use it with my DS Lite. For GameCube saves, I have the SD Media Launcher, i.e. the thing that looks like a GC memory card and lets you put SD cards in it. I have GCMM on the SD card (it has to be a normal SD card for the SD Media Launcher … or at least one with not more than 4 GB … not sure about the exact restrictions but you can check online), which I can boot up after starting the GameCube with the Action Replay disc that Launcher came with. GCMM lets you backup GC save files (including Japanese ones) just as GBA Backup Tool lets you backup GBA save files. That's all, I think.
  11. Oh wow, so much has happened already again! Love that this thread's so active. Glad to read that HaxAras is also for the Secret Bases. I have various teams with 6 Pokémon that give 3 EVs in a stat (it's a lot of fun collecting these, actually) and am working on various teams with several Latios (with nothing but Memento) and various Mewtwo (with nothing but Self-destruct) – the issue for me is having to play through Pokémon again and again to get the tutor to teach Self-Destruct to Mewtwo –, and the whole Secret Base thing is a lot of fun to do for me, so the more attention they get in the Gen 3 community, the better. Re shiny egg checker: I have to say, out of all the "legit but also kinda not" features of Trigger's PC, this is the one I am the least worried about. I have about 16 active save files for 14 actual cartridges, and as HaxAras said, it would be a pity to miss out on a shiny just because you hatched in in the wrong game. The odds are still incredibly low (unless you create and add thousands of save files just for this feature …*and then if you go that far you might as well cheat for a shiny in other ways), so I don't mind this feature at all. In fact, I think it's pretty cool.
  12. Glad you like the idea. Does it help you in any way if I tell you that GBA Backup Tool seems to be able to tell the language of the game? When I use it to backup save files, it shows the name of the game and the final bit has the info on which language (E for English, J for Japanese, D for German, etc.). That name's then also used as the file name for the .sav file. Maybe you already know and this doesn't help (because the info's not stored in the .sav file itself or whatever) but I thought I'd mention it in case it might be of use in some way. Ah! Sorry, I didn't know. I should try out more things before I make suggestions. - - - Something I have just thought of that would make my life in Gen 3 much easier: an overview of occupied Secret Bases in Ruby/Sapphire/Emerald. As in, a list that shows which Secret Bases (locations) have trainers in them, the trainer's info (name, sprite, …) and the trainer's team. That would help immensely with keeping track of which EV teams and which Exp teams I have in which location on which game … but that might go beyond what you have imaged Trigger's PC to be used for. It would be incredibly cool if we could put trainers and their parties from one game into a Secret Base of another game (a shortcut of what happens when you mix records). This would probably be A LOT of work, and I would probably feel too much of a cheat if I used a feature like this anyways ^^, so … just putting it out there because it crossed my mind.
  13. Thanks for the nice reply, Trigger! One thing I noticed when adding my Japanese save files: The trainer names didn't appear right first, even after changing the game to Japanese. Only when I closed the Manage Games window and opened it again did the correct hiragana/katakana show up. Also, without a manual, people might easily overlook that they have to set their save file to Japanese. Maybe this should be done via a checkbox when the user selects which game (Ruby, Sapphire, Emerald, etc.) the save file is from? That might also make it possible to display the trainer name correctly the moment the game is added to the list. Also, when adding more than one Pokémon Box save file, all of the Box save files show up as 'Pokémon Box' only. Maybe add an option to add a custom tag to these saves so that we can tell them apart ..?
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