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Found 17 results

  1. Hi! I hope this is the right place to ask for this; I’ve searched this forum and on Google in general but I couldn’t find anything, even though I’m sure it exists. Could anyone link me to a list of all the Pokémon used by NPCs in the Gen 3 GBA games? At the moment, I’m especially interested in Emerald, and in knowing the IVs and EVs of the Pokémon used in the Elite Four. (I’m working on something and I need accurate data for damage calculation.) I thought I had seen and saved lists like that a long time ago, but I can’t find anything like it anymore. There’s so many people here working on ROMs etc., a simple list of all NPCs with their full Pokémon data (not just level and moves) must be available somewhere, right? Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.
  2. Version 1.0.0


    Projéct R. About this file: This is how we play! All Pokémon from generation I to VII. (807) All alternate forms, Z-crystals moves and mega/primal evolutions per Pokémons. All types of Z-moves held by (8) Eeveelutions and (10) Ultra-beast pokémon while exclusive z-moves are held by specific pokémon with its own exclusive moves and exclusive pokémon. Effortless: Save-File From The Start All IV's, EV's maxed, unique abilities, maxed OT's, 100% Pokédex, USUM file. All unique moveset through out of its evolution stages. I focus more on pokémon to have its own unique and exclusive moves from Gen I-VII. Bonus: Gathering all from Database Completed all kinds of moves from generation I to VII, including specific signature moves for pokémon. (moves are legal and well researched one-by-one) + bonus event-exclusive moves including: Celebrate, Happy Hour, Hold Back, Hold Hands and V-Create. (Light of Ruin included). Rename the file to "main". My 1st project and all credits/hardwork from this site. Hope you find it good as you start your journey from the beginning of the game. Though this file is not fully 100% due to Legendary, Mythical and Ultra Beasts are not "legal" but nevertheless, i will look and research more just to satisfy my fellow members. Also aiming for almost perfect pokémon. Thank you and more powers! (feel free to comment and support our website https://projectpokemon.org).
  3. Have some problems to make IV and EV to max stats. I play only in emulators, but can not save pokémons if IV and EV hare illegal.
  4. /EV, IV, and Nature Guide\ By: A Hacked Soul Requested by: wraith89 This is a altered version that I have made up for here with more info on how to find IV's and keep track of EV's. \Section 1/ • 1.What are EV's? • 2.Why should I EV train my Pokemon? • 3.How to EV Train • 4.Some Pokemon give out more than one EV! \Section 2/ • 1.HP • 2.Attack • 3.Defense • 4.Sp. ATK • 5.Sp. DEF • 6.Speed \ Section 3/ • 1.How to boost your training • a.Pokerus • b.Macho Brace • c.Power Items • d.Pokemon need vitamins • 2.How to keep a stream of a Pokemon • a.Pokeradar • b.VS. Seeker \Section 4. IV's/ What are IV's and What They Affect How to Find What IV's Your Pokemon Have Natures and the Effects they Apply /-----------------------------------------------------------------------\ Section 1 In this section I will talk about the basics EVs /-----------------------------------------------------------------------\ Section 2 In this section I will list some good Pokemon for EV training. [spoiler] • [b]1.Hp[/b] Wild Pokemon ------------------------------------------------------ Pokemon: Bidoof Where: Route 201 EV: 1 Pokemon: Shellos Where: Valley Windworks EV: 1 Pokemon: Gastrodon Where: Route 222 EV: 2 Trainers ---------------------------------------------------------- Who: Cowgirl Shelly Where: Route 209 Pokemon: 5 Bidoofs Who: Fisherman Travis Where: Route 212 Pokemon: 3 Barboach & 1 Shello Who: Tuber Jared Where: Route 213 Pokemon: 3 Gastrodon Who: Tuber Mariel Where: Route 219 Pokemon: 2 Marill • [b]2.Attack[/b] Wild Pokemon ------------------------------------------------------ Pokemon: Shinx Where: 202 EV: 1 Pokemon:Kricketune Where: Route 212 Pokemon: Bibarel Where: Route 212 & 208 EV: 2 Pokemon: Machop Where: Route 208 EV: 1 Pokemon: Snover Where: Acuity Lakefront EV: 1 Pokemon: Machoke Where: Acuity Lakefront EV: 2 Pokemon: Unknown Where: Solaceon Cave EV: 1 ATK & 1 SP.ATK Pokemon: Gyarados Where: Lake Valor EV: 2 Trainers ------------------------------------------------------ Who: Swimmer Sheltin Where: Route 213 Pokemon: 3 Gyarados Who: PI Carlos Where:Route 214 Pokemon: 1 Goldeen & 2 Seaking Who: Fisherman Miguel Where: Route 218 Pokemon: 2 Gyarados • [b]3.Defense[/b] Wild Pokemon ------------------------------------------------------ Pokemon: Geodude Where: Cave to the left of Oreburgh & Orebrugh Mine EV: 1 Pokemon: Onix Where: Orebrugh Mine EV: 1 Pokemon: Hippopotas Where: Ruin Maniacs Cave EV: 1 Pokemon: Graveler Where: Iron Island Mines EV: 2 Trainers ------------------------------------------------------ Who: Ninja Boy Fabian Where: Route 210 Pokemon: 3 Geodude Who: Collector Dominique Where: Route 212 Pokemon: 3 Geodude Who: Collector Ivan Where: Route 221 Pokemon: 3 Hippopotas • [b]4.Sp.ATK[/b] Wild Pokemon ------------------------------------------------------ Pokemon: Dudew Where: Route 204 EV: 1 Pokemon: Ghastly Where: Old Chateau & Lost Tower EV: 1 Pokemon: Haunter Where: Old Chateau EV: 2 Pokemon: Gengar Where: Old Chateau EV: 3 Pokemon: Gloom Where: Route 229 EV: 2 Pokemon: Golduck Where: Resort Area's Pond EV: 2 Trainers ------------------------------------------------------ Who: PKMN Ranger Jeffrey Where: Route 212 Pokemon: 2 Prinplup Who: Psychic Mitchell Where: Route 214 Pokemon: 1 Haunter & 1 Kadabra Who: Collector Douglas Where: Route 214 Pokemon: 3 Roselia • [b]5.Sp.DEF[/b] Wild Pokemon ------------------------------------------------------ Pokemon: Tentacruel Where: Route 223 EV: 2 Trainers ------------------------------------------------------ Who: Ninja Boy Davido Where: Route 210 (Fog) Pokemon: Dustox Who: Swimmer Sophia Where: Route 230 (Surf) Pokemon: 2 Mantyke Who: Swimmer Mallory Where: Route 230 (Surf) Pokemon: 1 Seel & 1 Dewgong • [b]6.Speed[/b] Wild Pokemon ------------------------------------------------------ Pokemon: Starly Where: Route 201 EV: 1 Pokemon: Zubat Where: Almost Any Cave EV: 1 Pokemon: Golbat Where: Caves later on in game. EV: 2 Pokemon: Pikachu Where: Trophy Garden EV: 2 Pokemon: Staravia Where: Trophy Garden EV: 2 Trainers ------------------------------------------------------ Who: Fisherman Andrew Where: Route 205 (Bridge 2nd from right) Pokemon: 6 Magikarp Who: Cycling John Where: Cycling Road Pokemon: 2 Staravia /-----------------------------------------------------------------------\ Section 3 In this section is some tips on how to boost training. • How to boost your training. • A.Pokerus /-----------------------------------------------------------------------\ \Section 4/ IV's & Natures ----------------------------------------------------------- Thanks for reading this guide and I hope it helps. If I have made any mistake please let me know.
  5. Hey out there I decided to get a Crobat and trying to think of a proper EV spread to work with my move-set. I wanted to use one of Crobat's new moves in conjunction with his abilities as an annoyer. I wanted something that can shuffle the opposing team cutting their health in half, while racking up on Spike/Stealth Rock damage. My biggest concern is making him bulky enough to take a hit while out speeding the competition. Crobat Ability: Inner Focus Held item: Black Sludge Move set: Super Fang, Whirlwind, Substitute and U-turn (Other options I thought could be useful - Protect, Toxic, Hypnosis, Pursuit) Natures: Impish or Jolly (Can't decided, don't know if I should get the extra speed or bulk) EV stats: I don't know if I should max HP or Defence (I'm bad at EV spreads) Any help would be greatly appreciated, Thanks very much.
  6. EV Training Guide - Guide Created From: Silent Storm Hello and welcome to the Pokémon EV Training Guide! We hope you find the guide helpful and informative. Please fallow the rules when posting and enjoy. Tiers (Ranking System) Competitive environment has it set of tiers (sometimes, in this case Pokemon) tiers are merely there to promote diversity in the world of Pokemon, without tiers, stuff like Groudon, Mewtwo, Kyogre and Darkrai would be on every team (same with Arceus when he comes out). To find out what Pokemon belong which tiers follow this link, ot that the Uber tier and Borderline Tier mearly exist as a banlist fo the Overused and Underused tier. http://www.projectpokemon.org/forums/showthread.php?t=15 Competitive Roles Guide The great thing about competitive battling is that every Pokemon has a specific role on teams, to find out these roles, follow the below. http://www.projectpokemon.org/forums/showthread.php?t=34 Standard Rules. We have tiers and roles, now all we need are rules right? To find out the rules of competitive battling, then follow the link below. http://www.projectpokemon.org/forums/showthread.php?t=37 Effort Values EV stand for Effort Value, Pokemon can gain these when battling other Pokemon in game. Each Pokemon that you battle gives out a certain amount of Effort Values. Effort Values are hidden from viewing in game though, so it is up to you to keep track of them, though another way is to use PokeSAV if you have a flashcart or ARDS codes. Each Pokemon gain up to a total of 510 EVs. Every 4 EVs equals one stat point gained when you level up (if you gained 4 EVs of that stat while training). Out of those 510, 508 of them are usable. However, each stat can only have a maximum of 252 Effort Values. That means you can max out 2 different stats. 252 EVs translates into 63 stat points. (63 times 4 is 252). Also, this can be supplemented by a nature. (A beneficial nature adds 10% more stat points overall, while a hindering nature takes away 10% overall. So a Pokemon with an Adamant nature gets 10% MORE stat points in Attack but 10% LESS stat points in Special Attack). Why should we EV train? Simple really, EV training helps greatly in the field of competitive battling, for instances, people that EV train have a MAJOR advantage over those that don't (EV trained Pokemon can take hits deal more damage or are just plain faster). Do you know any good EV training spots? Well yes, these or great spots to make EV training faster. Or you could follow this. Power Items: These items boost the number of EVs gained per battle with a pokemon in their respective stat. Power Ankle: Boosts Speed EVs Power Band: Boosts Special Defense Evs Power Belt: Boosts Defense EVs Power Bracer: Boosts Attack EVs Power Lens: Boosts Special Attack EVs Power Weight: Boosts HP EVs Equation goes like this: x + y = t x = EV's from pokemon y = EVs boosted from Power Items (+4) t = Total EVs Now with Pokerus we multiply the whole left side of the equation by 2 so... 2(x + y) = t Now assume we have a pokemon that grants 2 points per battle... 2(2 + 4) = 12 Speeding up EV Training Here are some factors to take into consideration before beginning your training: Reducing EVs In Pokemon Emerald version, there are 6 berries that can reduce EVs. Each one reduces 10 EVs from their respective stat. - Pomeg Berry - HP - Kelpsy Berry - Attack - Qualot Berry - Defense - Hondew Berry - Special Attack - Grepa Berry - Special Defense - Tamato Berry - Speed Credits Dark_Azelf, JUDGEMENT0, Serebii and Silent Storm.
  7. I wrote a EV and IV recently and I was wondering if you guys could give me some feed back on how I did? I made it for a site that was getting over loaded in questions on this kinda of topic and made this to help out, but I feel I may have made soem mistakes, Os i wanted to ask since who knows IV's and EV's better then those who hack them. http://www.pokegym.net/forums/showthread.php?t=101095 By Request of wraith89 I brought it here. http://projectpokemon.org/forums/showthread.php?t=2294
  8. Please if anyone has the ev power items, anything will help, I need to train my pokemon and I dont want to do battle tower a hundred times, I have a 100 % legit moltres for trade Just reply back if you are willing I will give you friend code via pm
  9. Hi I would like to know if its possible to get a shiny milotic caming from the event.:creep: Its lv50 and he got the flame orb attached. Level: 50 OT: WCS ID No.: 09138 Ball: Cherish Ribbon: Classic Item: Flame Orb Moves: Rain Dance, Hydro Pump, Recover, Icy Wind I really need it. I got an action replay and I downloaded the Pokesav app. But I dont know how to use it and to use the mystery gift generator. I would like to have if possible the pkm or the AR to get him via mystery gift/etc.:cool:
  10. - Greencat @ 12:34 PM Thank you for contributing Silent Storm! Your guide was so great, it had two in one. I went ahead and reposted it in two forms. You have been credited and mark up was added. Thanks again. http://projectpokemon.org/forums/showthread.php?p=6773 http://projectpokemon.org/forums/showthread.php?p=6782 I will now lock this thread and everyone can fallow the links above.
  11. What number of Ev's and Iv's should i give a pokemon at level 20 using pokesav to make it look legit and for it to have good normal stats so i wont suck in battling? Please list it: EX: Defense: 34 Attack: 45 ^ Thats what i mean by list it. Please i really need help with that!
  12. In pokesav is it alright if i put my pokemons Ev's 85 and its Iv's 0 - im trying to make it look legit? Also if i put the Ev's 85 and Iv's 0 will my pokemon suck in battling, will it be good, or will it be super strong?
  13. I recently decided to pick up on the art of EV Training, and I'm a little confused. I'm trying to train my Tropius's Sp.Atk: -I'm using a Power Lens -I gave it as many berries as I could to lower it's attack and speed EVs -It has the cured PokeRus effect -I'm on route 208, battling Budew, Roselia, and Raltz in order to gain EVs -I have no idea what my EV levels are at, so I'm just guessing that if I keep gaining EVs in Sp. Atk, the stat should increase After defeating 20+ of the pokemon listed above, my Tropius grew to level 41 and gained +22 points to it's Sp.Atk stat. Then I just ran to the Sandgem area, took out a badoof quickly, and used the super exp. gain AR cheat to gain a level, and now my Sp.Atk only goes up +3 points... Do EVs reset after a pokemon grows a level?
  14. hey i ran into some trouble here, I was ev training my weezing at lv 99 and when it leveled it didnt gain the points it would in a stat should, so I was wondering if I should ev train it again
  15. My first game-related guide. Hope it helps!
  16. By defeating the following you gain the amount of EV Points stated.For every four EV points gained you get one point added to the Maximum stat Any questions just ask
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