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  1. What do you mean by adding money. In-game or in Pokébank itself which we could get it for free?
  2. I have the same problem. I successfully got a Shiny Beldum Wondercard, then, the Blue Lady didn't appear in a Pokécenter and I saved outside of Pokécenter (I was on Llilycove City. I cleared the cache, the history, and I even changed the wondercard to repeatable and unused. None worked. The only problem is the Blue Lady.
  3. I think the Cyber Gadget idea is good but I don't own a Japanese 3DS or Powersaves or Cyber Gadget. Is it a good idea?
  4. 1- Erase your current save file of Pokémon X or Pokémon Y. 2- Start a new game. 3- Choose Japanese language. 4- Get your Starter Pokémon and your Pokédex. 5- Use Powersaves and get your event Pokémon. 6- Try to use CyberGadget Save Editor and edit your save with PKhex. That's my idea, I hope it works.
  5. I hope what they know what they are doing. PokéCheck is a need for everyone.
  6. I just know that Powersave'd Pokémon can be traded by WiFi, without Gamefreak or Nintendo server disallow them.
  7. Good luck for your projects. I am tired of using Encyclopedia Pokémon Esmeralda with something to be corrected.
  8. I confirm that Nintendo Zone isn't in Portugal anymore because they removed it. So the Smartphone/Android trick worked for me. Unfortunely, I spent 1 Euro to get both Charizards with Mega Stones because I don't own a free Internet. Remember to have your 3G turned on in order to make your Hotspot work.
  9. But Pokémon Y and Pokémon X are in physical format, I guess the save is in the Nintendo 3DS and the save might be in the cartdrige. I think there is no way currently until the programmers do the 100% decryption of the 3DS, the cartdrige and the Save File. Am I right?
  10. @smitty Can I extract my save using my SD Card (my games are physical)?
  11. I was thinking of buying Powersaves in 2015 in order to get all Wonder Cards from Pokémon X and Y. But, one of my friends had bought a Powersaves. He entered in an Online Match, with cheated Items and one day, he got his cheated items, his cheated Pokémon, his cheated Poké Miles and his cheated money disappeared. What happened? Did Nintendo delete his items automatically in WiFi communications, or does the Patch do all the stuff for anti-cheating? Also, does the use of Powersaves corrupt and does it delete my save file, if one day I buy Powersaves for myself? Is it possible to extract the Wonder Cards from Power Saves that has from Power Saves to PC? If yes, how can my friend do it? I need to get all Wonder Cards in order to play Pokémon again because I retired myself as Competitive Battler and Collector.
  12. No need. Use ConvertDS program. First of all, change the 3GPKM file extension to PKM, then, drag the file into the program and your 3GPKM Pokémon will be converted and ready to inject into 4th Gen Games.
  13. Crap, this means I must buy an Action Replay in order to access to fake Wi-Fi. Send me a private message about all servers you found or made to send to a friend of mine, he was sad about the Wi-Fi closing.
  14. How can I use memhacker? Does it work with Mystic Ticket, Eon Ticket and Aurora Ticket?
  15. When are we able to Battle and to Trade with Gen IV and Gen V? If MetalMario and Pipian Servers are ready, can we use Memory Key in Black 2 and White 2 to get N's Pokémon?
  16. I can confirm that the Pokémon Magmar and Electabuzz events started today in Portugal in FNAC of Gaiashopping, in Coimbrões, Vila Nova de Gaia, Porto, in Portugal. Here are the pics I could take. If you want, I can take a picture of Magmar. I didn't record a video because my cellphone didn't last its battery any longer. The pictures quality aren't the best. http://i.imgur.com/hw7nQnL.jpg - This is when I got the Electabuzz after inserting the serial code. The serial code is single use. It applies to Magmar and Electabuzz. http://i.imgur.com/zUKfzz3.jpg - The description of Magmar is the same as Electabuzz's when saying "It's Magmar!" Instead of Electabuzz. This is the pic of Electabuzz. http://imgur.com/hw7nQnL,zUKfzz3,3xjKOzr#2 - Don't even try to copy and use my serial code. It is already used. Take a look as a proof that FNAC did the event today, 13-04-2014. If you want translation, let me know. Edit the images if you want to do it, but if you have better quality images, you can edit. Don't forget that I am contributing as Event contributor for the first time.
  17. Hey. I want to make a translated Pokémon Game in Portuguese from Portugal (Hack Rom) and I need help. People keep telling about the Thingy Tables that I need to Download and stuff, but the problem is that Pokémon games can't read some special characters from Portuguese like não (it is read n o instead), like acção (ac o is read instead) and other kind of special characters... If you please give me tutorial about how to do it, I'd appreciate.
  18. Isn't still possible to edit my save file from Y in PKHEX? If not, I wonder when Pokécheck creates a new GTS support for 6th Gen. They are having financial issues, right?
  19. Is it possible with the new update to import pkm and pkx in PKHEX?
  20. Hey. I would like to ask you to make a 3rd Gen Save Editor which allows the injection of Wonder Cards. I asked a guy who has Old Sea Map event to dump his save but he said he has no equipment. I asked him to give it to me or that I could buy it if he accepts Paypal or Bitcoins... I have no money at the moment but, I should earn more in June.
  21. Hey, it was a year I since I was active on Project Pokémon and I would ask you, if you can hack the Nintendo 3DS, to make a program for Dream World and a free PokéBank, I am unemployed, it's difficult to have a job in Portugal and people can't find a job.
  22. Until now, my favorite program has been RubenPikachu's PikaEdit, it's more updated than Pokécheck, since Pokécheck isn't complete. What do you think?
  23. Create a kind of Pokémon Save Editor with all updates about all encounters, all Pokéballs, all Species and everything. Take the source from Codr from Pokégen and do the program which doesn't crash while loading non-english games, please.
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