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  1. @theSLAYER What's the current status report? @LTC What are you talking about? By the way, are you the same person who made those gba comics?
  2. Glad to see things are working out for you. I hope you don't have anymore problems.
  3. @Lorenzo The Comic I don't see how that can be possible since every Pokemon has one cry. Then again, maybe I'm wrong. Anyway, that error is really common and could mean anything. I suggest you restart your computer and/or install the latest .NET Framework. Edit: Why is that every time I post, it posts two posts ?
  4. Well, downloading from Mediafire is out for me. Anyway, Catobela, have you tried running the program in Windows XP Compatibility Mode?
  5. @theSLAYER Ok, I hope it works out for you. I just tried 2C5 or 709 in Pokemon Rom Changer, and it loaded the data. I pretty sure that it crashed on that pokemon in the game. I guess that tool isn't built to handle these.
  6. @theSLAYER The front and back of the "Glitch Unowns" are exactly like a normal Unown. The only difference is that they have different moves (one of them has just Growth at LV1), different types, and different abilities. They also have Bulbasaur's cry. According to Pokemon Rom Changer... (I could be reading pokemon forms, but I am not sure why they would look like Unown....) (XYZ?! Forms could be somewhere.....) B- Bug/Steel (Female) C- Grass/Flying D- Ghost/Dragon E- Electric/Fire F- Electric/Water G- Electric/Ice H- Electric/Flying I- Electric/Grass J- Fire/Fire (50% M/F) (Castform?) K- Water/Water (50% M/F) (Castform?) L- Ice/Ice (50% M/F) (Castform?) M- Water/Water (50% M/F) Color:Green Item: DeepSeaScale Ability: Rock Head, Adaptability, Mold Breaker N- Fire/Psychic (50% M/F) Ability: Sheer Force, Zen Mode (Darmanitan Zen Mode Form?) O- Normal/Fight Item: Star Piece, Star Piece Ability: Serene Grace P- Dragon/Ice Ability: Turboblaze (Could be White Kyurem) Q- Dragon/Ice Ability: Teravolt (Could be Black Kyurem) R- Water/Fighting Ability: Justified S- Flying/Flying Ability: Regenerator (Male) T- Electric/Flying Ability: Volt Absorb (Male) U- Ground/Flying Ability: Intimidate (Male) V- [blank]/Poison (No Gender even listed, but male in the game) Ability: Speed Boost Color: Green Egg Group: [blank]/[bug] W- [blank]/Normal (No Gender even listed, but male inn the game) Ability: Speed Boost (Intimidate in game) Color: Red Egg Group: [blank]/[bug] The Pokemon ROM Changer is iffy with V and W and ofter crashes switching between the "Glitch Unowns". I have no idea if this info is correct, so this still needs more research. Also, they all learn TM's. Some last data: V's (Possible) Hex Data: E7 03 E7 03 E7 03 E7 03 E7 03 E7 03 E7 03 E7 03 E7 03 E7 03 E7 03 E7 03 E7 03 E7 03 E7 03 E7 03 E7 03 E7 03 E7 03 3B 00 3C 00 E7 03 E7 03 E7 03 E7 03 E7 03 E7 03 71 00 72 00 E7 03 E7 03 E7 03 E7 03 E7 03 E7 03 59 00 5A 00 F8 00 W's (Possible) Hex Data: F9 00 1A 01 1B 01 3D 00 3E 00 E7 03 E7 03 E7 03 E7 03 E7 03 E7 03 E7 03 E7 03 E7 03 E7 03 E7 03 1C 00 1D 00 E7 03 E7 03 33 00 34 00 E7 03 E7 03 E7 03 E7 03 E7 03 E7 03 E7 03 E7 03 E7 03 E7 03 E7 03 E7 03 E7 03 E7 03 E7 03 E7 03
  7. I would have never have guessed that someone made a tool for this. Thanks! I like how Spirit (Demon) is almost invincible. Anyway, this game also has Glitch Unown that was inaccessible in BW. Would it be possible to add a second editor function to select these? I have included a list that I have posted on another site for reference. The following are the "Glitch" Unown that you couldn't battle in BW1 because the game crashed during mid-encounter. They have their own back sprites, movesets, and they are encountered as a " (Blank Space) " at the start of the encounter. The game actually displays them as ????????? (I can't remember how many "?" there are.) with some having a mix of various foreign characters. Oddly, there is no "Glitch" Unown A, X-Z, ?, and ! . 2AF - B 2B0 - C 2B1 - D 2B2 - E 2B3 - F 2B4 - G 2B5 - H 2B6 - I 2B7 - J 2B8 - K 2B9 - L 2BA - M 2BB - N 2BC - O 2BD - P 2BE - Q 2BF - R 2C0 - S 2C1 - T 2C2 - U 2C3 - V 2C4 - W
  8. I never knew anything like this existed! I would have fun with this. Thanks. Edit:Tried to add Glitch Unowns to the list. Highly unstable (Can't set reference to object error thing) when switching through the list of them, but it reads the data.
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