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  1. Ok. So if i move my save between my supercard and the actual game card, nintendo wifi will see pokemon black (for example). As pokemon black regardless of whether im playing from my flash cart or retail cart? (so long as im using my ds and save file)
  2. Just wondering if it is specific for every different copy of a game like each pokemon black counts seperately, or if all copies of black are considered the same if used in the same ds? Mainly i need to know because i play all my games from my flash cart and i have them all backed up so i dont need to carry anything but my ds. If i connect to nintendo wifi on flash cart will i have to get a new friend code in dp/hgss everytime i back up and restore my save to and from actual game cartridge? I transfer save between flash and retail cart when at home for pokewalker in hgss, and for gba link catching in dp on ds lite and bw b2w2 sometimes i use ir features Thanks
  3. was that the starter squirtle? also my first natural caught shiny (not counting red gyrados in gold) was a blue psyduck i ran into in a cave the other day in diamond before that i saw a yellow swablu in ruby but didnt catch it
  4. Just wondering because i dont want to have to restore my save to cartridge, and play on ds lite just to catch those 30 or so pokemon. I would rather just find a code to trick games into thinking gba is inserted so i can play on my xtra big screen 3ds xl using my dumps. or if there is a patch for it i could use that however if there is a patch for each individual gba and not all at once, ar code would be the best route to go to allow easy switching without need for pc thanks -cbowling
  5. I found ar codes for it for japanese version, but cant find us could i possibly find the code myself by using free cheat on my supercard and searching for my sid in hex form? i need to change my sid to match all my other pokemon games, and i need it badly cause my dream radar is full. im waiting on my white 2 dumping to try searching for the code, but hopefully someone already has it of course once i change it i will need to copy the save back to the actual game to transfer, but once it is changed, i will just play b/w 2 on the original cart so i dont have to transfer save everytime i use dream radar *EDIT* I have used free cheat to search values, and i find 16 bit values in game that match my trainer id, and 3 values matching my secret id changing 1 of each of these changes the id displayed on card for TID and for SID (used ar code to display sid) anyone know if the save has more than one spot where the id numbers are stored? Or do i just need to change one of these to change my id number? If the number displayed on my trainer card is changed does that mean for sure that all references to my id in the way the game works will read out the new number, or is the number on the trainer card just a displayed number with the true id number saved elsewhere?
  6. Trying to backup and restore. have supercard dstwo, and m3 real + m3 gba adapter only have wpa wifi what can i do? thanks
  7. Ok, so I used my amber, and the guy gave me aerodactyl now when i talk to him he says "Aiyah! You come again!" so it wont even give me the option to use the dome fossil any ideas?
  8. thank you, though i am slightly confused as to why i would need to connect to hoenn for mew does this mean it probly wont show in the dex until i get the national one?
  9. also ruby sapphire and emerald? for example using diamond/pearl/platinum as the base rom (chosen for the game corner) and basically inserting all the content from the gba games, or remaking it from scratch? I personally would like to be able to play all of the games on ds but question whether or not remakes may be made for those 5 games any thoughts ideas suggestions would be helpful thanks
  10. Well i used encyclopedia pokemon to insert mystery mew. I now edited the backup of save and inserted the mew again. Everything seems fine now, though i think the first time i had accidentally ticked the box labeled "obedience" Anybody know what this does? Will be sure to avoid it now, but just curious. Also anybody know why mew wont show up in pokedex Or why i "cannot trade that pokemon right now" And last question is a bit off topic but anyone have any links on creating legit ivs for gen 3 cause the mystery mew i found has a hardy nature and dont i need different ivs if i change the nature?
  11. I somehow got an item called ???????? In my bag, if i try to use it oak says its not the time It says there are 0 of the item If i drop deposit or any other way get rid of it when i check my bag it shows up again Any ideas anyone? Lg version btw
  12. I want to know if I need to carry my Black/White game with me like I do my soulsilver, or if I can just use my dump of B/W Basically I want to know if there are any ITEMS that can only be gotten thru InfraRed also pertaining to the C-Gear, and Battle Subway, can I do everything thru WIFI, or are there any IR exclusive features?
  13. Ok, so I have seen videos of a hack that puts the map of the game corner with slots back into the games, but when they play the slots voltorb flip comes up. I am wondering which files within the rom I need to change to make mine look like and function like this? Also I need to know which file contains the actual voltorb flip mini game? Any help would be appreciated as I really liked the slots way more and would like to attempt a patch for this
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