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  1. i'd like to battle. lvl100 6 on 6 uber or ou my time zone is -5 name: JON FC: 4597-5338-1313 dont use any sableyes with wonder guard or anything like that.
  2. :grog: I used the save game converter and put the converted save file in the BATTERY folder and also edited the No$gba.ini so it can read uncompressed save files and it won't pick up the save file.
  3. I just got the Action Replay Media Edition and backed up my game save. It won't load into the No$gba emulator and I have the rom and everything. HELP PLEASE!!
  4. Yes, you can switch around the lines of code to get codes like pressing start to activate the Run through Walls code and select to deactivate it.
  5. The first line of an AR code can define which buttons activate it. I have been looking into the structure of the AR codes produced by Pokesav and found out the lines of code that dictate how to activate the code. The code below, used to get the Secret Key, I made using Pokesav, and by default is activated when you press L and R. Hovever, there are other ways to activate an AR code. The Run through Walls code is activated when R and B are pressed, but is deactivated when L and B are pressed. The Restore Health in Battle code is activated when you press Start. The 1 Hit Kills in Battle code is activated when you press Select. A code I found online to keep the Wall from crumbling in the Underground is activated when you hold R. That is all I have for now.
  6. my DS died and need to recharge, but i can battle now.
  7. i am ready to battle. if you want to battle me, meet me on wi-fi in 5 minutes. Name: JON FC: 4597 5338 1313
  8. im on now too. My name is JON. FC-4597 5338 1313
  9. Sure, i would love to battle. i own pokemon diamond, pearl and platinum. tell me which one you want to battle and we can arrange a battle.
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