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  1. Not to be rude, but I didn't understand what you meant in the previous reply. It may mostly be because I'm not a developer myself, but I didn't get the point. Sorry.
  2. In which language was the program written in? I'm wondering if it's possible some damage values in your program so that they also show up in-game. Do you think it would be possible to, let's say, make the damage dealt from gyro ball "Base Power = 20 × (Target's Current Speed / User's Current Speed)" with a maximum value of 80???
  3. I'm not waiting for anything, just telling what I wish to accomplish and if anyone had a clue as to how to do it. I was prepared to do everything myself from the start, just checking if there was anyone who knew more than I do about how to do this (actually, I'm pretty lost). But there's no idea giving up right at the beginning, right?
  4. Well the only thing I really want to do is change the damage formula of "Flail", "Electro Ball" and "Spit Up", but as Bond697 said noone will do this stuff for me. Well well, I've just got to learn how to fix'em until someone proves Bond697 wrong.
  5. Well for starters one of the few things that I want to do is change the damage mechanics of "Flail" and "Electro Ball" so that the variatoins of the move's power will be different. How hard would you guess that would be? Also I hope to make a mechanic which works this way: Let's just say that one of my pokémon is POISONED. The opponent´s pokémon uses a move which may POISON the target, and it SUCCEEDS. What happens is that my pokémon's status changes from POISONED to BADLY POISONED, basically powering up the poisoned status ailment. Anyone who thinks this is impossible to do? Well the "changes to mechanics" will only be small changes, but they will still be changes. I really hope this is possible. Thanks in advance.
  6. Hi guys! I'm trying to create a brand new version of Pokemon Black/White and I need your help with it! Well, to be honest, it's more like Pokemon 2.0, since I hope to add a few mechanics and stuff to make it better. Let me explain what I've got so far. The basic plan is to create a new way to play Pokemon. I know it sounds real hard, but when you get the whole picture there's much more editing than adding, if you know what I mean. I've already started editing one of the roms myself, however, there's one "tiny" problem: I'm a complete n00b... I'm less muscles and more brains when it comes to this project. I mean that I have some great ideas of improvements but no way to make them come true. And that's why I need help. SO, the basic plan is to change some of the code that's already there, maybe change some of the mechanics and possibly add one or two tiny mechanics to the soup. But before I go further in and explain the details, I'm just wondering: Am I over my head? Does this sound like a life-time project? And is somebody willing to spend some time helping me create something brand new? Thanks for reading so far. And please respond to what I've written. 'Cause I can't do anything without your help guys...
  7. I have some problems using the Stat Editor. I cannot save anything at all no matter what I do. Can someone tell me EXACTLY what to do from starting up the Stat Editor to finally saving your changes? That would be great!
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