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  1. Rules of my thread 1.no flaming or bullying I intend a clean sight 2.no posting false s.o.s. or a.o.k. mail it wast peoples time and gives band experiences thus in my eyes is stealing 3.No requesting s.o.s mail 4. If somebody post a.o.k mail for you send a thank you mail its common cortesy 5. No spaming please follow by these I do not wish to contact an admin I WILL BEa WATCHING FOR RULES 1'3' AND 5 AS FOR RULE 2 CONTACT ME IF BROKEN RULE 4 IS OPTIONABLE BUT PREFERED IF SOMEBODY REFUSES A THANK YOU LETTER JUST REMEMBER NOT TO RESCUE THEM AGAIN.
  2. Thanks andibad and Alpha Seeing as nobody has left any codes but me(though mine is out classed by the wondermail sky generater at www.apointlessplace.com) Can somebody make a 3rd and 4rth party mod to change them into any pokemon like the one on supercheats that changes you and your partner thy only posted those here is there code Modifier Hero- 122B5158 00000XXX Partner- 122B51C0 00000XXX *Replace the Xs with the desired pokemon code listed below Bulbasaur 259 Ivysaur 25A Venusaur 25B exedera exedera exedera
  3. First was the red garadose in generation 2 when it was determend by ivs bread the garadous with every possible pokemon till the eggs where shiniethen would spread till i had all possible ones then igota saphire that for some reason was trade compatible with crystal sent them over then to platinum then the battery in the platinum cartredge dIed and id acedently broke crystal and. Sold saphir Thanks nintendo for duel egg group pokemon and passng iv but no whay to backup without ar whyyyyyy
  4. Yes andibad this is mystery dungeon explorer of sky what other sky is there?
  5. Mission type 01 - Rescue 02 - Escort to client 03 - Explore with client 04 - Prospect with client 05 - Guide client 06 - find item 07 - Deliver item 08 - Search for client (floor is hidden) 09 - Steal item from client 0A - Arrest client 0B - Challenger mission (like arest client) 0C - pirate treasure hunt (no client)* 0D and up - Search*pirates not guaranteed Mission text(use same for part 1 and 2) 0001 = sealed chamber 0002 = gold chamber 0003 = new dungeon 0004 = Lost in battle...I feel faint Dungeons(use hex for floor I.e. fl1=01 fl10=0a) Go to http://www.kodewerx.org/forum/viewtopic.php?f=19&t=7069(note there mission mod code has values in wrong areas I took hours finding the right spot) Pokemon look at dungeon Item Look at dungeon Restriction Look at dungeon
  6. (U.S.A.)Mission 1 mod(will apear on left mision boardd)(may apear on right instead for arest related missions) 122b6f10 0000mm04 mm=Mission type 122b6f12 00000000 122b6f14 0000qqww qq=floor ww=dungeon 122b6f16 0000xxxx xxxx=mission text 122b6f18 00000000 122b6f1a 0000//// ////=mission text part 2 122b6f1c 00000000 122b6f1e 00000ppp ppp=client 122b6f20 00000ttt ttt= target/Victim 122b6f22 00000000 122b6f24 0000000 122b6f26 0000000r r=reward type 122b6f28 00000III III=item 122b6f2a 00000000 122b6f2c 0000zzzz zzzz=restriction(elemental- 122b6f2e 00000000 or pokemon) Values later
  7. Rules 1.if you can't test the codes note them as untested And change status when you are sure they work 2.if you can test them please do so and only post if they work or if you are needing help converting codes to action replay(not from) 3.stay on topic and don't spam 4. No foul language or flaming, I dislike bullies 5.name game region(I.e. u.s.a.,japan,u.k. exedra) YES request ar ok to post As long as they follow rules 3-5 and ar reasonable(I.e. pokemon mod ok to post request AND code for but every step random status change can post code but not request) I am not an admin or even close so I can't ban but I belive I can delete this thread since I made it. Thank you Twharf@yahoo.com
  8. I will start this off with some ar request Mystry mew should be level 10 Pokemon jungle tour jirachi should be level 10 Wishmkr jirachi should be level 5 pokemon rocks america deoxys should be level 30 The ingame darkrai from platnum should be level 50 The ingame shayman From platnum should be level 30 All pokemon must mach their respective event to the t including moves,level,trainer id,ot,legit iv's,zero ev's,only ribbons they come with if any,and location obtained Thanks to anybody who post request they ar what helps get the ideas Thanks to those who post the codes they are the ones that make things easier for those who can't use pokesav(like if they post using mobile devises or a dsi)
  9. Hey can somebody make a pokemon soul silver ar code Mystry mew should be level 10 Pokemon jungle tour celebi should be level 10 Wishmkr jirachi should be level 5 And pokemon rocks america deoxys
  10. Hey can somebody make a pokemon black ar code for Mystry mew should be level 10 Pokemon jungle tour jirachi should be level 10 Wishmkr jirachi should be level 5 And pokemon rocks america deoxys should be level 30 All pokemon listed where event pokemon from generation 1-3
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