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Hi guys! I'm A Thief!

Poke-Send is basically like SendPKM, except it is for Pokemon Black and White! Please click here for how to use Poke-Send.

Please note Gen III and Gen IV Pokemon Files are not supported by Poke-Send until Infinite Recursion does it.

Make sure you have Python 2.7.1 on your computer. If you find it works on other versions of Python please tell me.

The current version of Poke-Send being worked on is -0.0. If you find any bugs (most likely will have some), please report it here.

For a list of credits click here.

~Stupid Thief

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You've got to be kidding me. Seriously?
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They look similar because the code is similar.

And of course by the 'code is similar', he means he took the ir-gts-bw.py and src files, changed the reference to Infinite Recursion and the menu options and returned text to make it seem like it is his own, and some lightly tweaked code. And he included compiled versions of all the scripts in the SRC folder to pad the file to make it seem bigger.

Using Winmerge to compare the SRC files, the only changes to code I've seen are to the getpkm.py, changing an actual block of code, a change to gtsvar.py, changing another reference to Infinite Recursion, change of base text in regards to setting DNS settings in pokehaxlib.py, another change to printed text in sendpkm.py [which is also missing a block of code], but otherwise once again verbatim to the version included initially in ir-gts-bw, and a missing line of code as well as some slightly modified code in stats.py, as well as a line of code modified to return your OT, ID and SID.

TL;DR - Modify the work of others and take credit for it.:bidoof:

Edit: While I'm at it, and in the off event that I'm wrong and you actually did some of the work yourself, look at your stats.py down at the bottom and tell me what is missing.

hptype = {

0: 'Fighting',

1: 'Flying',

2: 'Poison',

3: 'Ground',

4: 'Rock',

5: 'Bug',

6: 'Ghost',

7: 'Steel',

8: 'Fire',

9: 'Grass',

10: 'Electric',

11: 'Psychic',

12: 'Ice',

13: 'Dragon',

14: 'Dark'

I'll give you a hint. Staryu.

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Just tacking something on to the end.
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