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  1. You are a fucking god among men, Kazo. I am forever in your debt.
  2. Not completely true; I'm working on a hack and I've been documenting all the changes and discoveries I'm making. What you described only happens when a trainer class is not compatable with a battle type, e.g. Lass with Double Battle. Some trainers work completely fine with Double Battles. The 1st gym leader (trio), for instance, can work properly with Double Battles.
  3. If only the editor could do all that work for me lol. But I'm very happy with the work Kazo has done so far.
  4. Yes, you're totally right. But the real question is, how do we control that? Or rather, how do we manipulate it to get what we want?
  5. Also, setting it to 255 makes all IV's 31. (Just tested) On the middle values, you might have it misplaced. I did difficulty value 151, which gave me 18 IV's. So, 151 is 1001011. 18 is 10010. It would appear that the IV number is only the first five. OH YEAH!!! Also changed the unknown value to 62, which is 111110. It correctly gave me the dream world ability, and also changed the gender to female (originally male). AND it changed the nature to Docile when it was originally Timid.
  6. Just tested. Set a Whirlipede to 250 difficulty and has 30 in all IV's.
  7. Not sure about EV's, but IV's are definitely set by the "Difficulty" value IIRC. Also, I'm pretty sure that if the ability bit is set to 00, it will always be ability 1. I can't say the same for the gender though.
  8. I tried 64 once, and didn't notice any significant change. I was testing them by catching the trainer's pokemon (ar ftw), and all the values said so far work, sans 64.
  9. To top it off, 48 is the magic number for Dream World abilities. ^.^
  10. The unknown does; experiment a little to see what you come up with ;D
  11. That's not how the editor works. You need to extract 2 narc files from the rom (a/0/9/2 and a/0/9/3). Then you must extract the files within those narc files into 2 folders i.e. one folder for the 2 narc and one folder for the 3 narc. The 2 narc is the trdata and the 3 narc is the trpoke. At this point, you can start editing. Once you've finished, do the steps in reverse; compress the folders into their respective narc files, and reinsert the narcs into the rom. Also, there is clearly a link in the very first post to a video that can guide you through this.
  12. Love the editor ^.^ I was needing an extensive list, so I decided to make one to help myself and anyone who needs such a list. Here is a spreadsheet with all the trainers with their names and locations matched up to their id's. EDIT: Oh yeah, I couldn't pinpoint the exact id for the grunts in the Dreamyard, so if anyone wants to clear that up, please do. I don't think there are any other problems with the list, but if there is, tell me EDIT2: Fixed the Dreamyard grunt. Again, tell me if anything's wrong in the list. List ID.rar
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