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  1. Is there a code that wipes the Free Space clean? I transferred a lot of items in there after using the All Items code as it would be more time-consuming to delete them manually.
  2. Here's one of the official EU EXP codes: a4000130 feff0000 1206fada 00000068 1206fb2e 0000e03c 0206fb30 07808960 1206fb44 00000f85 d2000000 00000000 94000130 feff0000 1206fada 0000006c 1206fb2e 00002002 0206fb30 e03a4345 1206fb44 00008965 d2000000 00000000 It requires the L + R buttons to be pressed after the Pokemon is defeated. How do I change it so it's automatic?
  3. Was looking for a decent EXP multiplier code that works in Trainer battles myself. Thanks
  4. I'm making a lot of demands but after getting Yancy to appear at Nimbasa Ferris Wheel she took 'her' XTransciever back (it seems that there are indeed two separate items for them, so I still have Curtis' XTransciever). I moved Curtis' XTransceiver to the Bag's Free Space, but is there a code to clear the Free Space?
  5. Seems I was completely wrong with this. Just tried it out, found where the trigger spots are, and lo and behold Yancy calls on the XTransceiver. (when initially I had activated the event using the girl playable so it was Curtis). Will have to test more thoroughly because I don't know if the dropped item is in the same slot or not.
  6. As I thought: when using the Gender switching codes it clears out the event data for Yancy/Curtis. The only way to reactivate it seems to be to pick up the Dropped Object again. I'd love to know how to reactivate the Dropped Item Event, but I know it's actually two different events essentially assigned to the gender of the player. Is there anybody working on codes for this?
  7. Faraway Place generally refers to event Pokemon, just so you know.
  8. This is what I was after too, but for both genders (Yancy and Curtis will need separate codes)
  9. Is this for all key items or something? By "Dropped Item" I mean the entire event that corresponds to picking up the Xtransceiver in Nimbasa City. If you're a girl, a guy calls, if you're a guy a girl calls. I don't know if the event is tied to the item, or to the gender you're playing as. If it's tied to the gender, that's easy to fix, but if it's tied to the item, I would love a code that reactivates the event (it might have to be two separate codes, one for each gender, since the spawning of the Dropped Item is definitely decided by the gender)
  10. Would anybody be able to create a code that can either replace or delete a Key Item? I'm thinking specifically the Dropped Item, because if you switch gender, you still have the old Dropped Item. I haven't tested to see if the events are tied to the item itself or the gender selection. With that in mind, would it be possible to reactivate the Dropped Item event (obviously you'd have to have two separate codes, one for each gender)?
  11. Does anybody have a code that gives you all the starters (legal IVs/EVs) for each region as eggs (in box 18, preferably)?
  12. Is there a code, for both Black and White, that changes the route a Pokemon outbreak is on?
  13. Sadly it seems this one doesn't work either, it just freezes up when I hit Continue from the main menu, then it resets itself.
  14. What I mean is, pretty much all the codes here don't state they are HG or SS, yet they work on both. I don't wish to unlock all the courses by cheat, just that one. Are you saying the Shiny/Notch-eared Pichu event unlocks Yellow Forest with it?
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