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  1. i wish i knew how to do this properly without messing something up
  2. If ur using no$gba u need cheat codes to fix for flashcarts its a patch.hmm im wondering whats wrong
  3. dude the black screen and crash is AP(Anti-Piracy) u need ar codes and patches to fix them.lol
  4. -Currently in v10b -This patch was continued by the people at the romulation forum. - http://www.mediafire.com/?h5yde0aetbymf6j 1-Includes patches for both versions 2-Includes xdelta and xdelta gui
  5. yes there will.at the moment there are other translators who are actually on 10b.The translation is nearly complete.
  6. Ive been following someone who continued the translation and its on 10a, v11 is the final release and comes out in 2 weeks but most likely be next week.v11 will be a 100 percent translation
  7. @skullpeng there isnt one but download the english patch and then use pokesav to change the names
  8. i like pokesav and pokegen but the problem about editting there levels is they dont recieve the IVs and EVs
  9. Oh ok thanks for the advice,arbok is the challenge for me cuz his thunder fang is super effective against all my pokemon except elekid whos just also too easy to die
  10. K I love this patch but for a newb trainer its way to difficult i mean i caught 4 guys and was lucky enough to finally beat the 1st gym but now i cant beat the team rocket guy-Proton heres my party: Todidile-19 Eleckid-19 Pidgy-16 Squritle-16 and the training in the grass takes a pretty long time so to get all my guys to 20 would take forever and i still probably wouldnt be able to beat him
  11. if anyone needs this here are the confirmed english names http://img152.imageshack.us/img152/7926/g5english.jpg
  12. @ RyouChan Ok thanks it patched correctly but how come i cant find pigeys anymore only ratatata and hoothoot.
  13. How would I tell if the rom was patched correctly playing wise. For example I start playing but what differences are there that let me know im playing the patched game. Im asking cuz i dont want to wait till my pokemons evolution to realize its was correctly patched or not.
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