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Adding Pokemon to My Pokemon Ranch without a DS game?

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Hello! I'm... not sure if this is the right place to put this, but I'm not sure where else to go. Just as the title implies - I have My Pokemon Ranch on my Wii, and I've been wanting to put some Pokemon of my own on it to see them mill about, but I don't seem to have any way to.

My Platinum cart can't connect because Platinum compatibility for Ranch never came to America, and using an NDS forwarder for a Diamond ROM has given no success either, so I'd figured I could just resort to save editing... but I haven't had any success there, either. I can extract the savedata.bin just fine, and it opens in PKHeX with all of Hayley's Pokemon that should be there visible, but if I export the save (even if I don't change anything!), the file this creates is apparently corrupt - to the point that I can't even open it back up in PKHeX again. I'm wondering if I'm missing some sort of obvious step, here, or if this is even doable right now...?

To be clear, I don't care about being able to take Pokemon off the Ranch. I just want to put them on. And I have never owned a real cartridge of Diamond or Pearl, so this save file has never connected to a DS game. Is this possible?

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10 hours ago, brewkey said:

Yes I can! I've attached my savedata.bin from My Pokemon Ranch. My goal is to create a save file with as many Miltanks in the ranch as possible for a video I'm working on. I've also attached a legal Miltank I made with PKHeX if you wanted to test that.


Thank you!

savedata.bin 336 kB · 1 download 0241 - MILTANK - E30500A38BAF.rk4 164 B · 0 downloads

Okay yeah gave it a try and it corrupted immediately, also started happening with my own file. Maybe try older builds of pkhex

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Interesting! I tried a random older version of PKHeX (20220913) and it's working perfectly now. Seemingly something in one of the more recent updates has broken Ranch support. I've mentioned this to some devs in the PKHeX discord and let them know too, hopefully this can be fixed in the next update!

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6 hours ago, ImperialEcho said:

Did you ever figure out how to add more Pokemon? Following everything in this thread I can change the initial six that are in Ranch, but I can't figure out how to add more than that.

Assuming you mean adding more being the issue, instead of the save getting corrupted, unfortunately ranch has a hard limit to how many pokemon can be deposited at a time, you have to manually change date enough times for Hailey to go "Now the ranch can support X pokemon" And then using PkHex you will be able to reach that limit quickly.

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