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  1. I would set it to whatever level you originally evolved it to a Froslass and then level it up with Rare Candies the rest of the way. That way, the move relearner should work like it normally does. Tell me if this does/doesn't work!
  2. Crap, I figured that was what was going on. In other words, there is no way for Pokesav to modify who the flag is owned by. Any idea if this is going to be one of Pokemod's features? Also, an actual CTF game is impossible for me (I have no DS, and am forced to get my Pokemon fix from an emulator). Thanks for the reply!
  3. Is it possible to "fool" the game into thinking you have stolen flags? Simply setting the number higher in Pokesav doesn't work (maybe something to do with the game storing who you stole it from as well?). I've googled this and looked through these forums and the FAQ and failed to find an answer, so I made an account specifically for this. Any help (or at the very least, sympathy) would be greatly appreciated.
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