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  1. In order: 1) Blastoise 2) Rapidash 3) Darkrai 4) Mewtwo 5) Pokeblu
  2. GIMP 2.6 I actually like the functionality of it more than Photoshop.
  3. You're banned because this game is all about me telling you why I banned you; technically everyone whose been "banned" is for this reason
  4. 0660


    Thank you for the introduction, I hope to battle you at some point. I'll probably get beat, I'm terrible at team making.
  5. I believe we should make two large threads detailing the changes from generation four to generation five. The first thread would include any aesthetic and in-game changes. The other would have the changes to the meta-game, this being new moves, new abilities, new items and new Pokémon. This would only be done after official tiers have been decided, of course.
  6. My favorite games, in order, would be these: Final Fantasy X - PS2 Oblivion - Xbox 360 / Playstation 3 Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time - Nintendo 64 I like to keep anything in the "favorites" category near 3.
  7. Would love to rate, but I don't know much of UU. All my ratings would be on improving against OU players. Sorry.
  8. 0660


    I'll keep this quick, I don't want to take up too much of you're time. I'm 0660, or at least that's what you'll know me as for the duration of our relationship. I obviously play Pokémon games. I only play the mainstream games, and only for the competitive aspects. Don't get me wrong, I appreciate a good Pokémon playthrough, but it's not where I belong in the game. I just wanted to introduce myself, and if you read this before it gets buried in the massive outbreak of introduction threads, Hello.
  9. I went to get mine, and realized I'm still SRing my Jirachi from the beginning of the summer.
  10. Introduction I play in the official Smogon OU tier. Personal issues have stopped me from batting as much as I'd prefer, but another issue has arisen. I'm finding to have some problems with my team. So, at the risk of losing every battle I have on these forums, I will post my team in-depth here for you to critique. Building Process I wanted a sunny day team, just to prove that they can win in OU. Here's what I went through for my team. I needed a lead that could get sun up, and get out quickly. Jumpluff was the answer. She would incapacitate with sleep powder, sunny day on the switch, and u-turn out with new found chlorophyll speed. I needed a sweeper, so I got a nice sweeper. With awesome chlorophyll speed, solarbeam, and other nice sweeping moves, I thought Exeggutor would be perfect. I wanted to have someone to come in and set sun up again, in case Jumpluff died. Celebi was the one, especially with the T-Wave support it offered. I figured fire would tear my team up, so I put Heatran in, since his flash fire would absorb any incoming fire moves, and he could counter with an Earth Power. I thought the more sun support the better. With the ability to moonlight/toxic stall, Cresselia was the perfect addition to my team. At this point, I thought about Tyranitar. What would I do with one of those nasty buggers? I put Dugtrio in, because an EQ from him would tear a Tyranitar up. Jumpluff didn't work out so well, so I put Bronzong in. He can come in again and again with his amazing bulk, and explode when he's all worn out. In-Depth Here's my team in-depth, with my opinions on each Pokemon. Bronzong @ Heat Rock Ability: Levitate Sassy {+SpD, -Spe} EVs: 252 HP / 124 Def /132 SpD Stealth Rock Sunny Day Earthquake Explosion Even though he wasn't originally in the team, he's amazing. EVs and Nature: Sassy seemed like the best choice for this guy, obviously improving his bulk, while reducing speed, a useless stat for him. 252 HP EVs is the best option in my opinion, because he needs a lot of bulk to be able to switch in to get Sunny Day up multiple times. The split EVs in each defense is a given. They help add even more bulk to back up the HP. Moveset: This moveset is pretty awesome, if I may say so. He always gets stealth rocks up, almost always gets Sunny Day up, and can switch back in to set both up again if need be. He can explode when he's used up, too. Earthquake shocks a lot of people, but he never does enough damage for the surprise to matter. I'm looking for a replacement for earthquake. Celebi @ Leftovers Ability: Natural Cure Timid: {+Spe, -Atk} EVs: 236 HP / 78 Spe / 200 SpA Thunder Wave Solarbeam Sunny Day Recover This Pokemon really needs to be replaced, it never helps me in battle, ever. EVs and Nature: Timid gives this guy a boost in speed, while hurting it's attack, which doesn't matter anyway. Sure, not the best for this type of Celebi, but I want it gone anyway. The EVs make it slightly bulky, a little fast, and will give it's Solarbeam a punch (if it ever gets one off). Moveset: Terrible moveset, I may have been high when making it. Recover to recover, obviously. I suppose I wanted ANOTHER sunny day utility, since this Pokemon has sunny day too. Solarbeam is beastly, but Celebi never gets it off. The T-wave occasionally helps, but not enough to make me want to keep this Pokemon. Cresselia @ Leftovers Ability: Levitate Bold: {+Def, -Atk} EVs:252 Sp Def / 252 HP / 6 SpA Psychic Moonlight Sunny Day Toxic Cresselia in one word: Amazing. No two ways about it. EVs and Nature: The combination of Bold and the Special Defense EVs allows this thing to wall both physical and special attacks. Nothing can stop this Pokemon from walling. The attack lost from Bold is lulz, since it doesn't EVER use attack. Moveset: This moveset allows me to get Sunny Day support, and makes Cresselia an efficient wall. The Sunny day is on it for obvious reasons, but it also boosts the power of moonlight; it will heal 3/4 HP if Sunny day is active. Toxic/Moonlight stall works crazily well. Psychic actually does do some damage, but is mostly there because I don't like having a Pokemon with no offensive moves on it. Heatran @ Life Orb Ability: Flash Fire Naive: {+Spe, -SpD} EVs: 4 Atk / 252 SAtk / 252 Spd Fire Blast Earth Power SolarBeam Explosion Good Pokemon to have, rapes most fire types, other than Infernape. EVs and Nature: The Naive nature seems to be working well, as if Heatran gets hit with a special attack anyway he'll be toast. The speed allows me to outspeed most other Heatrans, so I can kill them. The little atk EVs are for exploding, and the other EVs are self explanatory. Moveset: I like Fire Blast, the increased power is worth the lack of accuracy. The amount of times I've missed is so low I barely even notice it. Earth Power is a given, gets rid of other Heatrans. Solarbeam shocks those slow, "bulky" water types. Explosion gets me one more kill when Heatran is all used up. Exeggutor @ Choice Specs Ability: Chlorophyll Timid: {+Spe, -Atk} EVs: 252 SpA / 252 Spe / 4 HP Solarbeam Psychic Sludge Bomb Ancientpower Good in theory, but never ends up doing much in game. EVs and Nature: Timid gives him a lot of speed, especially with choice specs. The 252/252/4 spread is rather self-explanatory, I won't bore you with any of that. Moveset: Ancientpower needs to go, it's useless in general. Sludge Bomb is useful for taking out other Grass types, Solarbeam is wicked STAB, as is Psychic. I think this guy needs to be replaced. Or maybe I should just take the Choice Specs off. Who knows? Dugtrio @ Choice Band Ability: Arena Trap Adamant: {+Atk, -SpA} EVs: 4 HP / 252 Atk / 252 Spd Aerial Ace Stone Edge Earthquake Sucker Punch Ah, yes. The Tyranitar counter. EVs and Nature: Adamant and 252 Attack and Speed are to maximize attack power, especially to Tyranitar, this team's worst enemy. Again, rather self explanatory. Maximize attack and speed, revenge kill. Moveset: Earthquake rapes almost everything, sucker punch helps for Gengar among others, and stone edge kills those pesky flying types that don't get killed by Earthquake. Aerial Ace doesn't actually do all that much, however. ~The End.
  11. I believe that Moltres is the same way... just to lesser effect.
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