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  1. Is there an english Website for making custom c-gear skins? If so, can someone please send me the link for the site. because this Website, http://ux.getuploader.com/BWskin/is in Japanese.
  2. Ok, I've tried generating a code and posting it into my game codelist as usual, but after posting the code into the action replay memory it changes the code into the code above it in the game codelist! I tried reseting the hardware, refreshing the codelist, restarting the computer, reinstalling the Action Replay Code Manager, switching AR devices, and starting the codelist from scratch, I don't know what else to do! I'm begging, can someone help?! P.S. here's the codes: 1. Intended generated code: [spoiler]My Team 2 (Press A + Start + Select) 94000130 fff20000 b2111880 00000000 000000a4 00000006 000000a8 04361e7c 000000ac 89280000 000000b0 56a367cc 000000b4 dd9bb12d 000000b8 e84e50e1 000000bc 9eef7988 000000c0 7a334d53 000000c4 7f8fc53a 000000c8 1032a061 000000cc 0f90e0e5 000000d0 3bc8a8f7 000000d4 8e258a8d 000000d8 4796aa62 000000dc b8b55f66 000000e0 661c0c78 000000e4 f1c6bcf3 000000e8 73638334 000000ec 85517b1e 000000f0 bc243535 000000f4 c60550a6 000000f8 5023a23b 000000fc c735545c 00000100 f0ded5ba 00000104 7452ace9 00000108 e0f3d336 0000010c 9c92b0f5 00000110 476811ac 00000114 bd9b6760 00000118 9d999eb0 0000011c 054c2eef 00000120 1c8529b9 00000124 bec63e5a 00000128 8e8bb92e 0000012c 621147c1 000000a8 747f583d 000000ac 504dedc7 000000b0 c758c6ab 000000b4 ac8eb4be 000000b8 283866da 000000bc b18d46b9 000000c0 3cf062a2 000000c4 2d0f7641 000000c8 530f989f 000000cc 54718981 000000d0 4ecdb68c 000000d4 e522b7ec 000000d8 7a38d487 000000dc 4dad710d 000000e0 0d9ff258 000000e4 4518e300 000000e8 6f9ce50b 000000ec 74907423 000000f0 715589be 000000f4 1745240d 000000f8 0afe51bb 000000fc b49207bf 00000100 5ca17bc9 00000104 58615519 00000108 f7218ebe 00000194 a257b81c 00000198 0ae30000 0000019c d9541094 000001a0 5ba1e8c9 000001a4 5a8dd9c7 000001a8 66707fb3 000001ac 07d83197 000001b0 aff4f6db 000001b4 fee4f326 000001b8 fd0d23dc 000001bc d401557e 000001c0 0aa1392d 000001c4 2b0a3e52 000001c8 8fc30cc5 000001cc 60f4b369 000001d0 d8b6286c 000001d4 ea715299 000001d8 53d61687 000001dc 4fb27e71 000001e0 952984ff 000001e4 299a1094 000001e8 d8ee4240 000001ec bf026258 000001f0 a275b820 000001f4 2aa3cbae 000001f8 3d9e19cc 000001fc 19886e0e 00000200 1da922d5 00000204 35018a56 00000208 b6bed95f 0000020c d00b1fc3 00000210 1f06d988 00000214 f43a3af3 00000218 60505799 00000194 fdf15b1a 00000198 d7b06b32 0000019c e53a67bc 000001a0 53b25cf7 000001a4 4deacd33 000001a8 dda963ae 000001ac 3e2d980d 000001b0 601b1b8f 000001b4 cf672428 000001b8 977fefc8 000001bc 0d8e3050 000001c0 4ee0d38b 000001c4 7ad78b32 000001c8 4202ec46 000001cc e05dc249 000001d0 0ec79a18 000001d4 78246173 000001d8 d8d49380 000001dc b35b97c1 000001e0 83740857 000001e4 20e1558e 000001e8 a5bbffff 000001ec 380a37d2 000001f0 9cee66dc 000001f4 0ba3d4b7 00000280 16460c0c 00000284 3f060000 00000288 7c7256cf 0000028c 5e5e47f8 00000290 139c3b2e 00000294 e0f87273 00000298 851ae5c3 0000029c 18d54505 000002a0 607bf85e 000002a4 b4708163 000002a8 770673d2 000002ac 720d8134 000002b0 c2f5fd0f 000002b4 7e0153e7 000002b8 2dc0ea43 000002bc 69bd8ec9 000002c0 4309dd33 000002c4 b74949ee 000002c8 41bcc31c 000002cc 1563493b 000002d0 1a2cca1b 000002d4 8e560fa6 000002d8 dd5608ad 000002dc 54fb8b3e 000002e0 149df3ba 000002e4 2884ed63 000002e8 c371c212 000002ec 11e0dc91 000002f0 d7563899 000002f4 114bad17 000002f8 92f10155 000002fc 9842a9c8 00000300 bad9020d 00000304 986ba2fc 00000280 e71030c7 00000284 ddaf64c8 00000288 99a626d4 0000028c 656f9777 00000290 1895b12a 00000294 f6d437a8 00000298 10e7782c 0000029c eefecca3 000002a0 4b4c371f 000002a4 08fd35cd 000002a8 401297de 000002ac 131b8336 000002b0 ac45fcea 000002b4 414b69d5 000002b8 ea4971c3 000002bc 7d8ec705 000002c0 12d75d76 000002c4 5a98e730 000002c8 2a44ca7a 000002cc 8cb283c9 000002d0 de0957bc 000002d4 0ce1ac7e 000002d8 967f26f8 000002dc 4a480fae 000002e0 e0e95c4a 0000036c 87ce9d84 00000370 104e0000 00000374 61f56e64 00000378 1ed055d4 0000037c 34346ca3 00000380 9b67b0ca 00000384 85ae7e5e 00000388 fab13316 0000038c 3e940ddd 00000390 294edd47 00000394 f750c8aa 00000398 d9fe4498 0000039c 392c1f0f 000003a0 0e859166 000003a4 ed7d04ca 000003a8 c43f43c3 000003ac c93f1ba9 000003b0 66acb492 000003b4 44935b83 000003b8 6ef15769 000003bc 291d2792 000003c0 5bafd2dd 000003c4 611479ce 000003c8 eb0fb661 000003cc 7a22c504 000003d0 6fac7c21 000003d4 d539297d 000003d8 5d87cb42 000003dc c44d999e 000003e0 01bd2ae6 000003e4 f53c8545 000003e8 d13cf234 000003ec 78e1b8f3 000003f0 b5343eba 0000036c 9d861f0f 00000370 1ee0fcc3 00000374 5a8d438b 00000378 9b52dd30 0000037c f1ff8b2e 00000380 0826c61e 00000384 4f88f0d9 00000388 8eea788d 0000038c 21697b74 00000390 78549d46 00000394 e890bc64 00000398 1ac5081d 0000039c 56ae312d 000003a0 5c4068a8 000003a4 21816ee6 000003a8 aa4d6334 000003ac d7562651 000003b0 8c2044fc 000003b4 77cf552b 000003b8 32fac798 000003bc d4e638c5 000003c0 accf97b3 000003c4 0031d5d3 000003c8 9d299301 000003cc 48662984 00000458 87ce9d84 0000045c 94d30000 00000460 578ddafd 00000464 23cdea74 00000468 e51e00bd 0000046c 00b98f48 00000470 6036b801 00000474 64d2af6b 00000478 7ab038bd 0000047c d3fc8763 00000480 15856924 00000484 5923e662 00000488 c30c9a84 0000048c ec088622 00000490 6094c69c 00000494 175d1e70 00000498 6b94aec0 0000049c 7bffc11c 000004a0 5eb95068 000004a4 42ae0833 000004a8 dc9df812 000004ac 0e7ce252 000004b0 c34526c7 000004b4 7ee406aa 000004b8 a8f15abf 000004bc d31561cf 000004c0 6ab19fc3 000004c4 f63c5600 000004c8 f4a8b523 000004cc f80df79c 000004d0 bf2f8cfd 000004d4 1e897fd9 000004d8 5b61c366 000004dc 39905eda 00000458 9d861f0f 0000045c 1efcfcc3 00000460 5abf4397 00000464 9aacdd30 00000468 f0018ad0 0000046c 0826c61e 00000470 4f88f0d9 00000474 8eea788d 00000478 21697b74 0000047c 78549d46 00000480 e890bc64 00000484 1ac5081d 00000488 56ae312d 0000048c 5c4068a8 00000490 21816ee6 00000494 aa4d6334 00000498 d7562651 0000049c 8c2044fc 000004a0 77cf552b 000004a4 32fac798 000004a8 d4e638c5 000004ac accf97b3 000004b0 0031d5d3 000004b4 9d299301 000004b8 48662984 00000544 ba52a01e 00000548 a1cb0000 0000054c 82cfdea4 00000550 078d488b 00000554 7481d4dd 00000558 c61fb3bb 0000055c 6834effe 00000560 b712c59d 00000564 1be7a435 00000568 c2f5c614 0000056c 48efad7b 00000570 cf4faf78 00000574 03b0428c 00000578 44a25875 0000057c f44eab4f 00000580 0f8875fb 00000584 6043af2b 00000588 754e0950 0000058c 544c5804 00000590 d237e09f 00000594 728d3213 00000598 7522008f 0000059c df30347c 000005a0 1ca72656 000005a4 479211dc 000005a8 fbd876ae 000005ac b917259a 000005b0 12fbd7ec 000005b4 e71d35c5 000005b8 2113dbce 000005bc f0e5a247 000005c0 2c99b463 000005c4 8209ddd1 000005c8 8ae23f25 00000544 18b0f72b 00000548 320eeb7c 0000054c 84586c86 00000550 e1186d78 00000554 807369e9 00000558 4896d9dd 0000055c 9bda21b8 00000560 bf896ffb 00000564 42073292 00000568 dd2c9daa 0000056c a091ebc8 00000570 a74b0149 00000574 25ba6996 00000578 d04b019d 0000057c 8a5d6240 00000580 84b20ee4 00000584 850edf44 00000588 8cece12a 0000058c 8b7f55ce 00000590 c74c47dc 00000594 4624d271 00000598 3e505e9a 0000059c 9a1a2c13 000005a0 5f283b50 000005a4 6d447227 d2000000 00000000[/spoiler] 2. Code I Got: My Team 2 (Press A + Start + Select) 94000130 fcff0000 62111880 00000000 b2111880 00000000 10000086 0000d9cb d2000000 00000000 3. Code It Copied: My Secret ID (Press L + R) 94000130 fcff0000 62111880 00000000 b2111880 00000000 10000086 0000d9cb d2000000 00000000
  3. Sorry; but Pokegenerator 3.0b15 - I believe that is the newest version at least - doesn't have 4th generation included in it though, only black and white, last time I checked. Here's the code though... 94000130 FFF70000 B2111880 00000000 E001CCE8 00000088 CA1DD052 27030000 F7DFFA7B F82FFA9A EEF0E20C 5B8CA048 0EE8446C E5B6F4A5 EFAD4577 A9DCCD7D 143DA875 80AD9818 2E8900D7 CD54A85E 5F9AA3D0 C08EB97D 60B031C1 C30401C4 D244A5A6 FB8583C9 9F6E61C7 54B96DCE E262313F 7FC31631 F3DB0B16 E3B21B9B F2322BB4 83066891 B8A2A891 1F978479 CF2140C4 402D0545 3D0C985B 2C81D20E E001CD70 00000088 BC90A6DA BB400000 580A4DA9 ABE9893F CE37C791 73663541 2F22813D C43A0D16 6FD64824 C3ED5B8C 26325FA1 60049EF7 85F0C4E4 AB94255E D38DB639 E3FB073A 987BD6A7 91ADB3E0 0774272A 30E80481 CF19D2B0 25B066FC 9A941115 3602B06C 104454F0 7DD57DF2 45C57849 20DE4E80 9276BA4B C466ACF5 6583CB77 671DE822 ED409F52 8785D43D E001FA40 00000088 16460C0C ADD90000 C69FC520 582834A1 612946FF 8AB7B6EC CA1B8355 1FBAF454 88B6F037 716F3FE0 8305EF83 086B06E2 BC090976 9CE8A1A1 589EF117 FE8F0801 A3A349F6 3B101E24 475BD11F C91538BA ED0BC230 B394092D CF194A5F 86E871A9 7315BE62 6053B2F6 3FFDA1BD C4B5A3F4 9F4AA09C 30D38969 DA125734 2A37FBF2 036CE958 0704B4F2 E001FAC8 00000088 BC90A6DA BB050000 7D932596 4F696E39 FA525432 8B388C8B 13A0EFA4 E806F942 026FDD5F C4135487 B2736D2C C23FB10A 686CF331 8474D535 F5B059B2 F3507618 8DF0C135 7E0E2FA1 41304C75 F0F26488 934E0BDA CF01E1F4 ECFC6F86 958DF663 153F1115 5A7B7087 0E792979 0236BEF6 14A6D8DC F008FDD9 1262DFF2 90A5E9AB 1007F3D3 55EDFE66 E001FBD8 00000088 BC90A6DA 767A0000 9ECDC167 469040DF 6A4B1C7E BE436B8C B62DC6FE 349EA695 ECF93F40 FD372909 AC63C775 C3215A7E BDEE8AEC F1B5E427 19A09A7D 9125E9C0 AAB2D700 AE96C2E4 6A82DFFD 51CDB521 4A2CC1FE 123AAABC A06A9BBD 905F0B43 D0F57871 B95C8667 8F5BA9F4 7BE60727 B9929A4C 0068CE1C 61978F2A 29984E40 4BEEFAE9 27CAFDDA D2000000 00000000
  4. Ok! When I activated a code; I made on Pokegenerator 3.0b8; then saved, turned off, and then turned back on... It said "The save file has been erased, due to corruption or damage." Has this ever happened to anyone? If so please tell me why it keeps happening! I mean, this is at least the 4th time it's happened! By the way, CODR, I don't blame you for it. Please Help!:frown:
  5. <p><p><p><p><p>Thanks that battle was fun!</p></p></p></p></p>

  6. <p><p><p><p><p>Thanks that battle was fun!</p></p></p></p></p>

  7. <p><p><p><p><p>Thanks that battle was fun!</p></p></p></p></p>

  8. <p><p><p><p><p>Thanks that battle was fun!</p></p></p></p></p>

  9. Thanks, I'll try! See ya!:smile: Oh, and CODR, how about a video as an apology? Yes I was being sincere in that last statement to you though. So, here you go! :\ [video=hulu;fl4UzFYPjCmfE-O8PJ751A]
  10. I'm sorry, I'm stupid, and just annoyed, I didn't mean to take it out on you. How can I make it up to you?:frown:
  11. Hey; is anyone still viewing this page, my page, and is anyone still taking this poll? :cool:
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