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  1. Hey, I'm sorry if this isn't the place to put this, but I didn't know exactly where it went. Anyway, I've been trying to download the Diamond and Pearl Pokesav file, and every time I do, my virus program comes up and tells me the files are infected with a backdoor trojan, and automatically deletes the files. Its starting to frustrate me because I want to download the program and use it, and I know the obvious solution is to not have the file scanned, but at the same time I wouldn't want to have a potentially malicious software file on my PC. I also understand that the files should not be infected and I am not accusing PP of hosting infected files. And on a side note, I am using AVG Anti-Virus. Any suggestions? EDIT: Never mind, did some reading, chose to ignore the virus warning. Feel free to delete this thread.
  2. I have a few doubts about this one. Its typing seems okay, certainly never had a Psychic/Fire type before. I just hope it has a good moveset.
  3. Sharp Dressed Man by ZZTop. I'm going to see them live next month, so I'm getting as much of their music in my MP3 player as possible.
  4. That one's been done already. Palkia is Water/Dragon, so somehow I doubt another one of that typing would be in the works, knowing how game freak works. A decent Psychic/Dark type would make my day. Much as I would like to see a pure flying type come into the works, I know that its not likely to happen.
  5. Hoenn wasn't all bad. I did like that it had a whole new feel to it. I miss using Dive and having fun underwater. Its not my favourite region but I don't hate it either. And by the way, what is so bad about Sinnoh? I LOVED Sinnoh. I had wayyyy too much fun there.
  6. Much as I would love to take the credit for my avatar, no, I didn't make it. Found it while google-ing.
  7. Bidoof and Bibarel. Ugly and no matter where you go in Sinnoh, they're always there! I hate it!
  8. From what I have seen so far I am throughly impressed. The new battle mechanics look awesome. I might enjoy battling all over again! As for some of the new pokemon, ehhh, far as I can tell you either love them, hate them, or love to hate them. I have to admit though I do love Tsutaja, it looks like it could be an interesting pokemon to start out with. Graphically this looks...I'm not going to say perfect but it does look impressive. I'm actually looking forward to playing the games to find out just how much these two will blow the other gens out of the water. Overall though, I'm excited for these games!
  9. Right now I think I'll most likely go with Tsutaja. But that may change, I've never consistantly picked the same type starter in every generation. So I might pick Tsutaja now, but go with Pokabu later.
  10. I use mine, but only when I've tried 60 times to catch the same legendary pokemon and ran out of ultra balls in the process. Then I'll use it.
  11. I like having my Espeon and my Pidgeot follow me around. Helps that they are a couple of my favourites, but even still, I like the sprites.
  12. Hey all, newbie alert! LOL I've been a frequent visitor to to the Project Pokemon site, figured it was time to join the forum. Hope to have a great time with all of you!
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