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  1. Looking for any HiddenAbility spit backs with decent IVs. But i'm mainly looking for a Marvel Scale Dragonair or Dratini, female if at all possible. Im willing to offer Protean Froakies, Gibles, Deinos, Kangaskhans spit backs or Battle Maison items.
  2. Wow, you certainly hear a lot rumors.
  3. I don't think we are up to the stage where Pokemon can be edited/distributed/cloned freely in GEN Vl. Just wait 'till pokebank/transfer comes out after Boxing Day. (I'm waiting to get my flawless ditto. )
  4. Maybe you go to the friend code request in the xy discussion thread?
  5. Wraith89, could you save me one of your pokerus protean froakie(any female will do, shit IVs or not)? I have some 4-5 IV gibles to trade or something.
  6. Hi, i'm just asking to see if anybody has a pokemon w/ a pokerus virus and could possibly trade me one?
  7. James 3093 8378 4372 will add the FCs above soon.
  8. Guys, just use pokecheck.org. If you don't like the compulsory ribbon, download the .pkm file and upload it to Pokegts and then send it to your game. Ask me if you want some help with that.
  9. Can I Please have the File for these Pokemons. its kinda long I know but I need them .. Thanks
  10. Canada22, its not possible to create an egg for PKMN White/Black, PokeGTS. GTS doesn't let you send eggs for trade.
  11. THis is a really cool thing to use but its no longer letting create another poke, is there something wrong? or am i screwing it up? [{EDIT-duh found what was wrong, should have thought before posting}]
  12. Need these 2 pokemons Urgently, well, soon please (wifi trade only please as i don't have a action replay) Whimsicott Thundurus It Would Be Great to have these...
  13. I thought pokesaving eggs will be easier, so yeah… It’d be appreciated if you make them and trade over wifi please. if there’s any problem let me know please. Thanks for taking your time.. ☺
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