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  1. Uh....5 golden rings? Is that right? I haven't heard the song in years.
  2. Hit, if a fictional character counts. The next person likes anime of any kind.
  3. 3 (I don't know that song well at all...)
  4. As you all know, Christmas is almost upon us. So I want to know what each of you would like to receive this year, regardless of what it may be. Me, I'd like a few video games. Oh, and less crazy shenanigans in this world of ours wouldn't hurt either.
  5. Hit. The next person is still in school.
  6. Miss. My family doesn't put up Christmas trees on any year. The next person knows what perennial means (without looking it up).
  7. Miss. The next person has heard of Sanity Not Included.
  8. Hit. Chowder (I miss that show so much). The next person has been to Yellowstone National Park.
  9. Hit. The next person thinks Ninetails deserves a Mega Evolution.
  10. In trying to find a Timid Ivysaur, I have obtained a lot of HA Ivysaurs so if anybody would like a spare, PM me or reply here.
  11. Miss. My dad watches it though (Ugh, I hate that show...). The next person checks IGN for video game news.
  12. Hit. The bounty on me is huge. The next person loves cats.
  13. Miss. I don't use Steam. The next person has an accent.
  14. 8 the most symmetrical number...
  15. Please change my name to Midnightwolf. Thank you.
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