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  1. ehh, okay. Thanks for the component cable thing, but I doubt I'll ever be using my Wii "intensely" again
  2. Yeah, but you wouldn't be able to play Wii if it can't work on Digital TVs. That's my point
  3. I actually have not tried the component cable. In fact, I had no idea that there was one...
  4. Well, all I know is that the current Wii lags with a digital TV. I do realize that HD refers to appearance, but the HD Wii was suppose to remedy the lag affect.
  5. Have I recently heard that Nintendo has decided NOT to release an HD Wii. I don't know why, but that's what I have heard. This means that pretty much when all TVs go to digital, us Wii players will be left in the dust because our Wiis will be lagging. While xbox players and PS3 players will be a-okay. Gay much?
  6. yeah, it sure looks like a snack to me... haha just messing with you. All of them look so weird now though... But fire pig is still the best! :biggrin:
  7. shotty500


    Haha thanks for the welcome, and now we have the same amount of posts. Happy? lol
  8. That would be awesome! Especially since the main character has seemed to have a father figure, or any family except for ur mom at that. Also, I think it would be awesome if you could go between ALL the regions, including this new one
  9. I think he meant: why is R.O.B. in mario kart DS. Not how you get him @pokemaster1237 I don't get it either. He wasn't all that prevalent in a lot of other games, that I know of. But I guess that they felt like they needed to give him some tribute, just because he was an original character. That's as best of a guess as I can make right now
  10. shotty500


    yeah, it's pretty awesome. All the other forums are too easy to get lost in. It's nice to be in one that focuses on ONE topic
  11. I have no idea how the legendaries will possibly be used in the game, but they still look amazing, so I don't really care lol. Anyway, I think it would be pretty cool if they put into the game a thing where, like, you have to make certain choices, and these determine if you'll be good or evil (Sorta like Fable). Also, I think it would be cool if you could choose a sort of career and follow that with certain "missions" while working on the badges and elite 4 (sort of like Final Fantasy). I know it seems a little abnormal for Pokemon, but I really think they should change around game play a little, just b/c it seems really repetitive.
  12. I'd give you mine, but the internet for Wii is so sketchy and unreliable, I just prefer not to play it anymore
  13. shotty500

    Mario Kart

    Mario Kart has been around for awhile, and it has had alot of changes, some good, some bad. So, what is your favorite Mario Kart? Are you an old school kinda person who prefers the classics? Or are you a new age techy geek who loves the new grapics? Personlly, I prefer Mario Kart DS, but Mario Kart 64 is still a favorite
  14. The new legendary's look so amazing! I think they did a really good job on them. I heard that the black one will probably be Dragon and Electric, which is awesome!!! But both legendaries look a little digimonesk
  15. Thanks for the Sig Narwhal, it looks amazing! I did the whole thing you said in order to insert it, but I don't think it's working, unless it takes a little while to load. I guess I'm just impatient...
  16. - Background Image: http://media.photobucket.com/image/smoke%20skull/kaifan777/Skull_smoke_by_eidemon666.jpg -Left Side: Mascot Pokemon for Pokemon White (Or whatever the big black dragon thing is) -Text 1. Bottom: My username (shotty500) [Font: Comic Sans Color:Whatever makes it visible] 2. Right: As I walk through the valley of the shadow of death.... [Font: Chiller Color: Red] Thanks:kikkoman:
  17. Sorry to double post, but I wanted to get this in. I completely agree with you. In all past generations, I was always able to choose my starter just by how they looked. But now that they all look retarded, I don't know which one to choose. Instead, I feel like just choosing one at random, and then putting it at the back of my PC. I mean, I'm really disappointed with what they have done to pokemon. It seems as though they lost all senses of creativity. The only thing I'm looking foward to in this new game the battle scenes, and the new "3D" view to the map... Sorry guys
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    yeah, that's what I did. It's pretty amazing
  19. Okay, so here's the thing. IE is a standard browser that comes with all Microsoft products. Thus, it has to be made easier so all the n00bs can use it without many difficulties. The thing is, this over simplification leads to slower browsing, no add-ons, and limited HTML/CSS viewing. Firefox comes with add-ons, which are amazing, it can browse alot faster, if you have a decent processor and RAM, and it can view alot more of the CSS codes than IE can. If you dont know what CSS stands for, it means: Cascading Style Sheet. CSS, javascript, are what give all web pages their glossy, beautiful look, when used properly. I'm a Web Site Developer, so take it from me, Firefox is ALOT better than IE *PS: never used Chrome, my computar is too slow for it, so give it a try to. I have heard from friends that it is really good.
  20. yeah. I may be new here, but if you looked around a little, you would have found plenty of these kind of threads. And I'm trying to be sarcastic or snotty, just trying to help
  21. yeah, that's for sure. You can get Action Replays anywhere. Once you get it, it's really easy to put in codes. But so you get the gists of using it, look for a youtube tutorial. Those are really helpful
  22. omg, pokesav is so awesome. I've made two decently set up pokemon already. Anyone want either of the codes?
  23. shotty500


    Definately we can be friends. I need some anyway. And thanks for the warm welcome
  24. THat code comes with an AR, in the European version. But if you use it, you have 27 pgs of items to go through. I don't suggest using that code...
  25. shotty500


    @Tracy1969able Hey!! I don't even know where to fond this pokesav jank. If some could give me a link or something, than I would be really grateful
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