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  1. Personally I don't have this problem, and I feel that the method of fixing it is pretty clear, But I believe that there will be people out there who don't know how to hex edit and will mess their own saves up without backup. Perhaps in the next release you can add in a "detect and correct" option? Just trying to contribute
  2. Hey Bond. Not to cause any trouble or anything, but your codes run awesomely fine on Desmume, But is there any chance that the code doesn't work one Acekard? I'm playing on the Patched game from here. From my knowledge, you code works with every step taken right? Apparently when I use it on my Acekard, Nothing regenerates per step (not even dowsing slots). Just wondering
  3. Two methods: 1. View the pokemon then "Save pokemon from tabs", then drag the file into pokegen. 2. Drag and drop between windows. (already mentioned by Evandixon, just reiterating) Always "view" and "set". (this is to ensure that they are filled into your pokedex, make sure your options "Update pokedex on set" is checked
  4. See, nintendo planned this all along! Except, where does the bright blue line go?
  5. erm you can use POKEGEN. Though competitive might be an issue there. My suggestion is that you upload to pokecheck. Then get yourself a fakegts, And queue it into your B2
  6. Yeah, the conclusion we drew is that any data above Genesect are "values the game will flag as eggs" set by programmers to prevent crashing and unnecessary hacked pokemon. It was a proof of concept to begin with. We are now just trying to see if we can toggle with anything to extend its lifespan
  7. I was running the code on Acekard (not emulator). I transfer the sav back for screenshots. I tried sending through GTS to pokecheck, the game flags it as "invalid pokemon" (that was the actual ingame message I received) so it doesnt even send.
  8. http://www.pokecheck.org/?p=detail&uid=1540003 B2W2 Swalot swarms at route 19, marked as Unknown encounter.
  9. if you're using pokegen without codes (means sav editing), You can simply view the data of your pokemon, then right click and set onto a box space or party. Upon setting your data will be entered into the pokedex To do this however, under options, you must have the "Update pokedex on set" ticked.
  10. Presently: -Check summary = egg (game conducts a check, notice ID is wrong, converts it) -Walk a step = egg (game conducts a check to see any egg needs hatching, notice ID is wrong, converts it) -End of battle = egg (games conducts a check when battle ends, same as above) To think that they have so many layers of check, though I'm surprised it didn't become an egg before battle. I have no idea how to edit a .pgf file. Hex editing is one thing, getting it to work is another.. anybody dares to try? As a control, I'll upload Three Copies. Original, a Genesect, and a Smeargle 2
  11. Not that i want to bump, but I found this interesting. I was wondering what were your options, like offsets and stuff. Cause after I uncompress and rename it to without the ".l", I get an error when attempting to import it back in. EDIT: (found it, byte jump 48, width 256, height 144, gba 8pp, map 1234) I managed to open it, but I cannot replace an image over the current image. When I double click it, it disappears, although it has same dimensions. something "by alignment 256 by 144, will be cut into blocks..."
  12. Given that Genesect is 649, everything else follows the dex order: (BTW, this is B2W2 translated text dump, I took the liberty to add in the numbers for you) If you want description, it's in this spoiler. Credits to Krookodile. EDIT: Perhaps any of you want to try WiFi uploading the StudioPokemon onto Pokecheck?
  13. PC EVERYWHERE I speculate that the moment the game reads the data, it becomes an egg, So if we check the summary while in party, completely exit menu, go back in, it might become an egg. I immediately withdrew, and without steps, went into battle, and I sent out an egg. (it was supposed to be MV) Oh well. Hope the anti egg hatching code works LOL. Original Egg Hatch Beta Anti Egg Hatch I don't know the exact locationg for steps, so I hope that what I identified might be correct.
  14. theSLAYER


    Hi. I don't think Pokegen is able to change your game save's Trainer Name (pokesav and certain codes can do that for you). Once you do that, you can click "Load from Save" for OT and ID for every Pokemon that originally belonged to you (with the other name). Remember to "Set" after that.
  15. Hello, My thread encompasses what you did. http://projectpokemon.org/forums/showthread.php?24466-Pokemon-B2W2-Mecha-Tyranitar! My bypass is you can use it as a starter. But if you don't immediately put it into the PC, it will try to hatch as an egg Probably because the game recognises any ID no greater than Genesect to be an egg. So its not usable in battle. It also crashes when you catch it because it attempts to retreive nonexistant pokedex data EDIT: PS: I didn't know you already did this video, but I guess great minds think alike EDIT AGAIN: I was right, If you were to have the
  16. Hello and Good Day Everyone! It came to my attention that People want Mecha Tyranitar. (I highly suggest that you don't do this, this is just a proof of concept) Firstly I began with editing Wild Pokemon Modifier, Changing the value so that I have 654 Masterballs instead of 649 (I derived that number from text dumps, which 654 = M V. There are still others like UFO, after it) ENCOUNTER MV CODE: Pictures and Development: I sooo didn't see the Pokedex entry hang coming. So I tried another way around it: Receive as Starter! MV STARTER CODE: Pictures and Development: So apparentl
  17. Thank you! Last question: Can Black Kyurem and White Kyurem be traded? (I tried union room, obviously it failed.)
  18. Thanks! Anyway, to top up with another question, Is Kyurem still Shiny Blocked like in BW? Caused I used a shiny code and it didn't game break. EDIT: I did this on Black 2, On both Kyurem and Black Kyurem. Hold Select for Shiny Encounter 5201C4F0 43084050 020014F4 2000D108 E001C4FC 00000010 2000900A F027900B E00AFB83 980B2100 94000130 FFFB0000 0201C4F4 200046C0 E201C4FC 00000010 1C281C01 F000910A 2801FC47 E008D1F5 D2000000 00000000
  19. Okay, I know that N's pokemon can sparkle (though not shiny, its a trashbyte on the PKMN), Now the questions is, can N's pkmn be found shiny? (though I'm speculating no as they want to maintain continuity with BW, Though so far the only shiny blocks we know of is the tao trio and victini)
  20. Just readd the items using the latest pokegen. Multiclick into the item box, then the item list will open and you change it from there.
  21. Oh no, is it me, or the key link features is sent via infrared
  22. Sorry one more thing, Doesn't really matter with the sav file though. Whenever I open Pokegen, it prompts to download the same English Update, and it saves, and the next time I open it happens again. Never happened to me with other updates. I'm running Windows 7.
  23. Thanks for resolving the issue It happened on Black 2. Well my guess is that it doesn't read the correct locations, But when I saved key items backed in, it wrote into those correct locations. Also not sure if I used the correct file, but it said "Cgear data is deleted" when I loaded back in.
  24. After the recent items update, keys items vanished. Please advice.
  25. I was just thinking, That perhaps some people might want to change their game sav OT and ID, So perhaps that option would be nice
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