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  1. After watching this video and squinting at the blurry screen and listening to the girl read it, it appears that the text for the Secret Egg is:What Pokémon will hatch from this Egg? Keep it with you on your journey and take care of it, and you'll find out! Edit: Err, not sure why this was moved here. I was under the impression the contribution thread was for submitting wonder cards and the collection is missing its description, no?
  2. I figured out why the problem is happening, it is updating the secure area crc of the rom... but it's calculating it without encrypting it first which is what AKAIO is expecting. Since that area isn't even modified by the program, there's no reason for it to be updated in the first place. To fix, do one of the following: A) at 0x6C in the created rom C3 79 --> 50 8B B) Use the unofficial WCDPatcher 1.44 instead C) Use Pokemon Distribution Patcher, which Pingouin7 linked to above.
  3. You mean there was a program that was able to do that before, do you know what it was called? I've only ever seen ones that use the gba slot thing or ftp.
  4. I'm assuming those wonder cards are ripped from the EUR Celebi distribution rom? It would explain the date, anyway the rom says the dates are 1/14/2011 - 3/3/2011
  5. It's the GameStop one, the rom they use to distribute them has been leaked and they extracted it from that. They mentioned that several pages ago.
  6. The wcdpatcher program does something odd to the rom that newer versions of AKAIO don't like, either manually patch the Deoxys rom with dsbuff and a hex editor (I'm using HxD) or use AKAIO 1.7.1. I've been doing it manually and they all work just fine on AKAIO 1.8.5.
  7. It's not possible (the codes would be way too long even if it were), the only way you can transfer them to your game is with a save file. Assuming you have an AR DSI, you can use a save converter and download the save from here: http://projectpokemon.org/forums/showthread.php?12667-Request-for-Pokemon-Ranger-Guardian-Signs-save-file&p=110396#post110396
  8. Hmm, not sure what to tell you then. Try using a different microSD card, that DLDI driver only works with 2 GB and below and compatibility isn't the best (I'm just using a 64 MB from an old cell phone). I've attached the one that worked for me, you're doing this on an original DS or DS Lite right? I don't think it'll work on a DSi since you have to eject the AR then swap it with the game and that resets something but I don't actually have one to test on. EDIT: oops, be sure to copy savegame_manager.ini, I forgot to add it to this zip. savegame_manager_ardsi.zip
  9. If you're a little confused, this might help. It's possible to use your AR DSI to backup/restore your saves but it takes a little work. Download gmtf.dldi from here: http://dldi.drunkencoders.com/index.php?title=Datel_Games_%27n%27_Music_%28microSD%29 Download Pokedoc's savegame manager (that evandixon mentioned) here: http://projectpokemon.org/forums/showthread.php?12405-A-tool-to-backup-HG-SS-saves Follow the instructions on this page to patch savegame_manager.nds: http://dldi.drunkencoders.com/index.php?title=Win32_GUI Use this to run an FTP server on your computer: https://sourceforge.net/projects/smallftpd/ I'm not going to go through the process of setting up the FTP server, but it's really easy. Now modify savegame_manager.ini with the IP address of your computer, user name, password, and port you set for your FTP server and copy it to the microSD card you use in your Action Replay. Turn on the DS with just the AR inserted, go to files and select savegame_manager.nds. The program will run, press B, choose backup or restore, eject the AR and put in your Pokemon game when it asks.
  10. I figured out what it was, apparently official games work just fine when you have SSID broadcasting turned off on the AP but this tool needs it turned on to even recognize that the wireless network is there and connect. @katsuya That happens when you don't have the correct DLDI patch applied, it sounds like your R3sdhc isn't doing it automatically like most other flashcarts. I'm not familiar with yours (I have an Acekard 2i) but you can probably find the information you need here: http://dldi.drunkencoders.com/
  11. I have, I can connect fine with everything else.
  12. So what's the trick to getting FTP mode to work? I started a smallftpd server, I can connect to it from my other machine, the settings in the ini match, but my DS just sits there saying connecting to AP. Any chance the ftp server can be on the DS so you can connect to it from a pc like wooddumper?
  13. Not AR codes, but would a save file work? 6 Ranger Net Missions - Nintendo WFC.zip
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