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  1. Just got home from work, making a backup of a game that that was shipped with a dsi that i bought. funny thing is, the game was pokemon diamond. has over 500 hours on it and it's a moderators game for 2 competitive battle sites. he asked me to send that game back. so after i get this backup, i'm going to attempt the whole pmge EDIT: attempted the PMGE thing, got it working, but the problem is, you can only distribute 3 pokemon, then you need to edit the .sav with the others. the reason i liked the way i was using before. * i'll have to link you guys to it, is demonoid.me links okay, if not i could upload the file. * you launch the .nds, and it's made to just distribute, no editing a .sav now that i think of it, i'm going to try and see if i can replace the info on that file, with others. the cool thing about that .nds was you change the date of your ds, and it changes what pokemon was distributed. just how it'd be for getting the shiny trio. double edit: there is this program that i'd like to use. it's how i got the trio in the first place via rom it's called wcdpatcher. i can use the deoxys orig rom, and it works, but when i try to replace it with anything else. I get a white screen. I'd prefer this over the other methods of getting gifts because it's not editing a saved file, it's just a rom you boot up, and it broadcasts the rom/pokemon/gift you select.
  2. broadcast so i can help out my friends. so it's more legit, in a sense. Basically any/all of the events. I saw your links, so i know you have a majority of the event files.
  3. I'm basically new to anything beyond roms when it comes to this stuff. I'm pretty sure i can understand tsujin's method.
  4. don't really know what the pcd pgt are, but I'll give it a whack, if i got any questions, I'll pm you. thanks.
  5. reading from where i downloaded the stuff, the person said he trimmed the files, so that could be why. I love the help i'm getting from you, tsujin, but i'm completely new to ds stuff, just getting my card this week and my ds, but i'm not new to the whole "hacking" if you call it. So I'll just have to read some guides or something on how to do this, I did the the above method because it was easy and someone already had it done if you could link me to a guide with the method you're talking about, i should be fine I enjoy learning new stuff. thanks again.
  6. I'm using the method where i use 2 ds systems, a flash card and a retail card using a nds file containing the event info. then broadcasting it. i'm sure i don't need to elaborate on this method, i recently did this for the trio *which worked*. downloaded other nds files to get the past events, and when i launch the nds file, i get a white screen. Any suggestions? I'm using an acekard 2i if that helps.
  7. Tsujin, i had my ds stationary and less than a foot away from the router. haha I'll give it a try tomorrow. I'm currently trying to get pokemon via distribution, and i'm getting a white screen. that's more of a priority, than making a backup right now thanks for the tips though.
  8. Tried a number of things, couldn't get it to do a complete upload
  9. I figured it was that, even though i'm basically next to the router. I'll get closer to it, and try other stuff. Good writeup Specialmias. It should be copied and moved to the OP. EDIT: been trying multiple things, and can't get it to complete a .sav
  10. figured out the problem for me, i flipped two numbers on my ip. problem though. once i start uploading. i get an error. it just stops, first time it was at like, 53% , this time it stopped at 6%. Any ideas?
  11. So, from what i've read * maybe i've missed a few things* we can't get a .sav/backup of hgss only using a slot 1 card * mine is a acekard 2i* you need access to, in a sense, a 3in1, or the NDS Backup Adapter . correct?
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