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  1. My question regards Pokemon Black/White performance. After searching through google/bing and this site I've not been able to find out as to why my game is started to drop me from the wi-fi connection. I'm using a retail cart and my wi-fi settings have not changed. Is anyone else having the problem or should I look elsewhere and dig into router settings?
  2. Like Soldjermon I had fun hacking the game in the early generations. I have played every version of Pokemon that has came to the U.S. and hacked in events from this site and such until HG/SS. Hacking lost all appeal as I saw so many unnatural pokemon go up for trade. Besides the fact that I refuse to by an ARi to replace my nonfunction AR, I just do not want to hack Black/White. Though I could care less what others do with their play through of the game, I actually get irritated by the hacks that actually pass on GTS.
  3. Nigoli you are such a softie. For anyone who's asked where to buy the magazine from, there are two links posted in this thread. Which I am grateful that they were posted.
  4. In post #51 I listed the several methods I had tried before the expiration date of the event. I had problems with both Internet Explorer and Firefox. I'm not for certain but I believe there was a fault in how cookies were saved because the only common factor the two times I got it to work was after clearing my cache, and deleting cookies. I have both Leafeon and Glaceon and offered to contribute. I'm too sleepy at the moment but will get them on here.
  5. In Pokemon Black and White are Korean characters programmed into the non-Korean games to allow the names and OT to show up? Also I noticed a few oddities in the Global Link trade, would I ask them here?
  6. I remember that. Weird, huh? It sounds like foreshadowing indeed. Cool find.
  7. I wondered about that because bulbapedia stated that each Pokemon distributed had one max stat dependent on the Pokemon but that all other stats were random. Now I do realize that bulbapedia is not the most reliable source but was curious as to the validity of that statement.
  8. Is it possible to get the pokerus virus from the egg in this event? I'm asking because I contracted the virus today after attending the event, and do not recall adding any other Pokemon to my party. The thing is I hadn't noticed it until I finally got through chargestone cavern.
  9. The date May 5th is when they are going to stop giving away eevees. This is why you have to wait. My problem is that I can't get it to save in the first place. I've seen several people have had the same problem and have read up on several suggestions to get it to save, but so far nothing has worked. Each time I confirm my choice of Leafeon twice. After this, there is a screen that pops up that asks if I want to Play Again. Most suggestions on the net said to not click Play Again. Some say to click another link or to just exit from the web browser. I can confirm that neither worked for me any of the times attempted. After this fail I clicked Play Again. Completely played through again, and was not shown the Eevee prize screen so I thought this worked...NO. My first clue was that I had a new High Score of 86,000 but the character screen of mine was not updated with this score. Next I played all the way through, picked Leafeon and then hit the Play Again button. I purposefully lost in the first round just to see if that would cause an interrupt allowing Leafeon to be saved...and No again. Is anyone else having as much problems with this? And before you say it's saved, you should make sure. Edit: I switched browsers and it worked! Leafeon is now successfully saved, and now I'm going to work on getting my Glaceon. Edit 2: Glaceon is now confirmed saved after several attempts to save. Switching browsers was only a fluke. What seems to have worked was to clear my cache, history, and cookies. This was the only thing in common with the two successful saves.
  10. I am so angry!!! Has anyone figured out the trick needed to get my eevee to save. I found out that my eevee wasn't saved afterall, then after over a dozen successful playthroughs of the game tonight, my Leafeon is still not saved! I sent a letter to tech, but already know that won't get a reply.
  11. I just saved Leafeon to my account. Glaceon next. Edit: Just saved Glaceon.
  12. I did not save Jolteon so will go for glaceon and leafeon. For my black and white. I was planning to do this anyway since I have the colosseum umbreon and espeon.
  13. I did not play the Japanese Labyrinth game. Is Befriend a Pokemon the same game? If not should we open a new thread to discuss the US event? Also I gained 41/42 orbs and was offered Jolteon. I could not find information on the search engines on what orb ratios offered what eeveelutions. If anyone could help let me know.
  14. Definitely my shiny ponyta and my 10th anniversary mew that I originally received on my import platinum. I would say celebi as that's my favorite but for Serebii.
  15. I chose Charmander for Fire Red and Squirtle for Leaf Green.
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