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  1. I have the same problem. Not sure why but it's only doing it for Mew. The Trainer Name is Ricky and it's changing it to Ricォy :-/ On my Mewtwo, and some other Pokemon, the escape sequence is changing from "\FFFF\0000\FFFF" to "\FFFF\FFFF\FFFF" when I load the file as well.
  2. I'd gladly pay. Your hard work is very much appreciated Codr! Paypal would be good because it's universally well known IMO.
  3. Your met location is set to "Poke Transfer Lab". It should be "(PokeTransfer)" near the top of the list. If it still doesn't work then I dunno why. What checker are you using because I don't think there is one that works for Gen V yet.
  4. I see, that makes sense, thanks Edit: The Eeveelutions are available in Europe/US as well now though so you could just make them English and legal, right? Re-Edit: Nevermind, I think I get it. You can catch the ES/US versions once the Global Link is up, which I don't think it is yet.
  5. So it stays as a Japanese Pokemon even if it's hatched in an English game? Also why can't it have egg moves? Just trying to understand how this works
  6. Where did they supposedly release a Vaporeon with its Dream World ability? Assuming that's correct and your PID is ok the only issue I see is that your Vaporeon is from the future >_>
  7. Interesting. I always thought the "met" tab only applied to where you met the Pokemon in Black/White and, therefore, if it was hatched in Gen IV you didn't need to worry about the egg stuff since you're meeting it as a full grown Pokemon in Black/White.
  8. Is it not just 2 because you're not meeting it as an egg in Black/White?
  9. Lol here ya go, hopefully it'll be good this time Hydreigon2-1.pkm
  10. Lol yeah I just saw that, did you need me to upload the new file or have you done it now?
  11. Good good, glad I can help, I'm still learning this stuff myself lol.
  12. No probs, just wish I could help more with explaining the Pokesav stuff but it's tough when I'm using a different program Here's Hydreigon, hopefully it'll work now. Hydreigon2-1.pkm
  13. Missed a couple of things on that Ninetales. I set it to be bred in Black so it has Drought and it should work, here's the correct version. Let me know if they work please ninetales_Bred.pkm
  14. Ok, I've attached them both as 220s, let me know if they work ninetales_Transfered.pkm leafeon_Transfered.pkm
  15. Hmmm, I see, I never realised they released a Ninetales with Drought, I don't have much experience with Japanese created Pokemon either. Did you try the Leafeon? If it doesn't work I can try giving it a Gen IV PID and I can try to fix the Ninetales if you'd like. I would also recommend PokeGen for making Pokemon and this topic for info on how to do it right: http://projectpokemon.org/forums/showthread.php?14026-Guide-How-to-generate-Gen-V-Pokmon-in-PokGen
  16. Okies, well I'm using PokeGen and I'm not sure what Poke Transfer program you mean but I don't think I've used that. The problem with the hatched Poketransfer Pokemon is that they were appearing as if they'd been met as eggs in Black/White and the met location was not set to "(Poketransfer)", it was set to Nuvema Town instead. I seem to remember the PokeSav hatched and met locations being a bit confusing from when I used to use it more though so maybe that's where you slipped up. In Pokesav "Met" should be where the egg hatched and "Egg Hatched At" should be Day Care Couple. As far as I'm aware the Ninetales can't be made legal unless its ability is changed.
  17. Hydreigon just needs its encounter in the "met" tab changed to Egg/Pal Park/Event/Honey Tree/Shaymin. That's the standard setting for all Gen V Pokemon. Leafeon needs its location set to (Poketransfer), ball and level shouldn't matter, uncheck the "as egg" bit and ignore it. Ninetales has Drought which is an unreleased Dream World ability and therefore will not be legal unless you change that, it also has the same problems in the "met" tab as Leafeon. I've tried to fix Leafeon and attached it so let me know if it works. It may need to be given a Gen IV PID if it's coming from a Gen IV game though, in that case it might need some of the IVs dropping to make it legal. I'm assuming you checked the movesets out and they're all legal leafeon_Transfered.pkm
  18. As far as I'm aware your SID can be anything you like up to 65535, the only thing that will happen if it doesn't match yours is the game will assume it's been traded to you but that shouldn't cause any issues. As far as I'm aware the "met" tab stays the same if it was traded from another Black/White game so Volcarona, Jellicent and Bisharp should be ok with any ID. Now, for Dragonite you have more issues. Multiscale is unreleased as far as I'm aware and he can only have that when the Dream World is available in the UK/US etc. Then you'd need to set game of origin to Black/White and the location to "Entree Forest" and give him an 01 in the 66 (0x42) Trash Byte section. Pretty sure you can use any ball to catch Dream World Pokemon. If you don't care about losing Multiscale then you'll need to either make him caught at Dragonspiral Tower (not Farawayplace) or set it to "(Poketransfer)" and the game of origin to whatever game he's supposed to be from. Garchomp just needs to have his game of origin set to a game he can actually be caught in (he can't be caught in Black outside of the Dream World). Tyranitar looks ok to me. Again, it shouldn't matter what SID you give these Pokemon unless you're fussed about shininess. Just an extra note, some of your Pokemon are nicknamed the names of their pre-evolved forms, if that's intentional then fair enough. Just remember anything Poketransferred from Gen IV will need the nickname box ticked if it's got a nickname or a regular name that isn't in all caps. Gen V Pokemon don't need a nickname flag if you just want the regular name (unless you want all caps). Now, as for PID I haven't checked them. For anything caught in Black/White leave it blank and save and PokeGen will create you a valid one and if the Pokemon was meant to be Poketransferred then you can use the generator. Hope that helps somewhat
  19. Awesome, thanks. Keep up the good work
  20. When I opened Bisharp/Infernape they had the nickname box unchecked and some weirdness in the escape sequence. Now I'm no expert but I think it should be "Warden\FFFF\0000\0000\0000\FFFF" and "Yorrick\FFFF\0000\0000\FFFF". Still, It seems like a pretty minor error so maybe someone else can see something else wrong there. Conkeldurr and Magmortar looked fine to me, Gliscor and Golurk had the nickname box unchecked but other than that looked fine. Oh and I didn't check the PIDs but if you did them like you said I don't see why they would be wrong.
  21. I decided make a Mewtwo with the OT "Dr. Fuji" (yeah, I know, it should probably be Giovanni but meh) and it just comes up blank in-game (this was for Platinum). Not had a chance to try it in White yet because my NDS Adaptor decided to die and I'm still waiting for the replacement but is it not possible to put spaces in an OT name or something?
  22. I'm currently having the Ribbon Cloning issue. I've checked multiple times but every time I change the ribbons on one Pokemon and save they get applied to every Pokemon in my file. Using XP if that matters. Personally I can live with it but I figured I'd report it anyway.
  23. All encounters in Gen V are now Egg/Pal Park/Event/Honey Tree/Shaymin so always use that. Don't see why you couldn't Poketransfer an egg but I've never tried it so I dunno. Edit: Oh and I imagine for a Poketransferred egg you'd just change the Met Level to 1 since that's the level eggs hatch at now and change ball to Pokeball. Then tick "As egg" and set the hatch location to wherever it hatched in Black/White after it arrived.
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