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  1. Kinda hard to tell where to post things not related to Pokemon around here, but here goes... I've recently gotten into prying into the code of the Mega Man Battle Network series, with my current aim to make some AR codes and maybe eventually moving onto actual modding. However I've come across a rather interesting problem while doing so - in my current hunt for a specific offset, it has been impossible to find in Battle Network 1 (and it's remake Rockman.EXE: Operate Shooting Star), but in every other game has been relatively easy to find with the right knowledge. So to those of you coding veterans out there, is it common for first entries in series to be rather janky and hard to work with and subsequent entries become easier (like Gen 1 compared to Gen 2), or does it just depend on the games in question? Also if anyone out there actually knows their way around the code of old Battle Network games, any insight on BN1's clunky code would be appreciated (particularly in regards to the offset that controls the reward obtained from battle).
  2. Bringing this topic back from the dead with a little bit of research I've managed to do in the meantime. I've gotten nowhere so far in terms of Safari Zone editing, but I did find another useful event constant pertaining to the Underground. Event Constant 71 is the number of Fossils you have dug up. It's not useful for a whole lot beyond getting the Red Crystal from Mr.Goods, but at least now there's something to tie that stat to when editing Underground info. If I can get melonDS to cooperate, maybe I can try to dig up some more of the Underground's secrets.
  3. Weird thing is PKHeX calls them perfectly legal when they're still Eggs (when they're eggs, Met Location is set to Link Trade (Egg) and Egg Met Conditions is set to Day Care Couple, reversing them flags them as illegal). Also no other eggs I've hatched this way come up with this flag either and I set them the same way (albeit with Origin Game set to Diamond, Pearl, or Platinum) EDIT: Confirmed. If I change the Origin Game to Diamond, Pearl, or Platinum and change nothing else, PKHeX changes to listing them as legal. For some reason, it only seems to be an issue with the Origin Game being HeartGold or SoulSilver (...and why would it say the hatch location is illegal if it's a matter of the game of origin?)
  4. I didn't even really notice this right away, but looking at some Pokémon I hatched in Diamond, I've noticed a strange flag on them that I'm pretty sure shouldn't be there. I'm pretty sure Sandgem Town is just as good a place to hatch eggs as any, so why the error? Also game of origin is meant to be SS (they're supposed to be "traded" eggs, and they were perfectly legal before, I think)
  5. Well here's what it says on Bulbapedia in regards to obtaining the blocks: After the player has both received the National PokéDex from Professor Oak, and 3 hours of gameplay have passed after completion of Baoba's second challenge, Baoba will call the player to tell them that he has come up with a new idea for the Safari Zone. After receiving this call, the player will be able to place blocks in each active area of the Safari Zone. Each active area can contain up to 30 blocks at one time. Initially, the player will have access to only 6 block items. After another 3 hours of gameplay, Baoba will call the player again and add 6 new blocks. This cycle will repeat 2 more times until the player has been granted access to all 24 different block items. So it's time-based going by actual game time, not the clock. That being said, as far as I'm aware, there is no way to edit the Johto Safari Zone currently in PKHeX, though it would certainly be a very useful feature to have in the future (particularly as a shortcut to the crazy long time it takes to level up the Safari Zone blocks needed for certain Pokémon).
  6. It's actually not so much a matter of a flag, but there's definitely a way to edit the records so you can fight the Frontier Brains faster (I actually did it using PKHeX and it wasn't any problem at all). The key thing is there are some details you need to be aware of to make sure it works. The obvious one, make sure you're editing the records of the Level class you're trying to run (since editing the L50 records won't do you any good if you're running Open). The second one is there are two fields to edit: current streak and record streak, with current being the important one in this instance. Lastly, there is a checkbox marked Continue. You want that checked, because that will signal your streak is still active and hasn't been broken by a loss or ragequit (if you're doing this on emulator, save states are your best friend in the Frontier). Now, the way I did it is I set the streaks to the start of a run where the Frontier appears at the end (still had to go through all the trainers and whatever to get there). Not sure if there's a way to skip directly to them given the way the game handles this stuff.
  7. Well, I did experiment a little earlier. This old program does definitely work in editing the daily Pokémon in the Great Marsh, but it is very rough to use so it would be nice if that functionality could get folded into PKHeX in the future (haven't tested Swarms or the Trophy Garden yet, but it seems to be capable of that too). For the sake of research, I'll toss in a couple of saves (one pre-edit, one afterwards). Here's the specifics on what's in the Marsh in those saves (confirmed both by PokeEdit and actual in-game encounters) Area 1: Paras before edit, Shroomish after edit Area 2: Roselia before edit, Exeggcute after edit Area 3: Yanma (left unedited) Area 4: Gulpin before edit, Kangaskhan after edit Area 5: Skorupi before edit, Drapion after edit Area 6: Carnivine (value changed after edit) Unfortunately these changes are not detectable by PKHeX, so it'd take someone who really knows how to dive into the save data to make sure where those go Pokemon Diamond Old.sav Pokemon Diamond.sav
  8. Unfortunately things still seem to be broken in terms of being able to write/edit Gen 4 event constants (which it seems a lot of triggers in Gen 4 are rather than event flags)
  9. Well, I at least managed to dig up some data on the Pal Park in my Diamond run (something I wasn't even thinking about, but being able to do some stuff with that would be handy). Unfortunately it looks like the time limit blocking you from doing more than one transfer a day is either an event constant (read: currently broken and can't be edited in PKHeX) or some other factor entirely, though I did manage to trip some flags in the process as well. Here's what I've got from preliminary testing: Event Constant 9 (not sure what this is, went from 0 to 1 during one test and 1 to 0 during another) Event Constant 74 (also not sure what this is, started at 40 changed to 76 during one test and 77 on another) Event Constant 224 (confirmed Pal Park High Score) Event Flags 211 and 2507 (not sure what they do, but since it was my first time using the Pal Park at least one might be tutorial related) I was kinda hoping I could find a way around that time limit, but no such luck with what's available to me currently (and I don't feel like messing with any clocks)
  10. The mystery of the Great Marsh deepens. I tried using that old editing tool to change the Great Marsh Pokémon in a copy of my save, then tried to use PKHeX to compare that with an unedited save and unfortunately PKHeX could not pick up any differences between the files (except, weirdly, for a flag that had become unchecked - 1023), so that rather definitively puts the Marsh as something outside of PKHeX's current programming. It also makes me trust this old program less that something gets unchecked when trying to make edits with it. Here's hoping the Marsh, Trophy Garden, and especially the Swarms get added into PKHeX at a later date. Would be nice to be able to do something about a bad RNG draw for them and work through them faster
  11. Huh, I didn't think they had been updated at all (or at least there were no notifications or anything saying they had been). Just redownloaded them and they seem to be working again. Well, at least that's one of my issues with an easy fix...
  12. I seem to be having the worst luck with PKHeX and Gen 4 between things not working right or not doing things I thought it would be capable of. Today I was playing the Diamond save I've been working on and I get to Mt.Coronet's basement (with the foggy lake and those damn Feebas tiles). Luckilly I had the Feebas locator as part of my PKHeX setup and it helped immensely when I was messing around with Gen 3 games. However when I tried to fire up that utility today, I get this: I edited some file paths for reasons. But...yeah. Looks like the Feebas Locator and Mirage Island Tool both no longer seem to work in recent updates (and they were both very handy to have).
  13. Actually, there is a difference between pre-National Dex and post for a select number of values. In D/P and Platinum, the Great Marsh always pulls from a pool of 32 (valued 00-1F, of course), with some Pokémon having a greater chance than others to be pulled. The bulk of these values remain the same both before and after the National Dex, but some of them switch to different Pokémon. Here's the odds from D/P: 3/32 each for Golduck, Roselia, Staravia (always available) 5/32 each for Skorupi, Croagunk, Carnivine (always available) 2/32 each for Wooper and Azurill (pre-National Dex only) 1/32 each for Marill, Quagsire, Bidoof, Bibarel (pre-National Dex only) 1/32 each for Paras, Exeggcute, Kangaskhan, Yanma, Shroomish, Gulpin, Drapion, Toxicroak (after National Dex) So basically when obtaining the National Dex, the 8 values pertaining to the pre-National Dex mons flips to the post-National Dex ones. Just not sure which values line up with which. Still, the biggest mystery I'm trying to figure out is that it's only supposed to be 4 values picked per day and yet there's spots for all 6 Great Marsh areas (with none actually shared like I originally thought). Still wonder how those other two slots are managed... And just for the record, Platinum's Great Marsh loadout: 5/32 for Skorupi (always available) 4/32 for Croagunk (always available) 3/32 for Carnivine (always available) 2/32 for Quagsire (always available) 1/32 each for Tangela, Yanma, Tropius (always available) 15/32 for Wooper (pre-National Dex only) 2/32 each for Paras, Exeggcute, Kangaskhan, Shroomish, Gulpin, Kecleon, Drapion (after National Dex) 1/32 for Toxicroak (after National Dex) ...well, Platinum at least made the guessing part easy.
  14. Okay, I've run across quite the interesting conundrum in doing some research on some things. Apparently there was an old save editor called DS Poke Edit that actually had the functionality to edit the Great Marsh, Trophy Garden, and Swarm Pokémon, but it is also a very unrefined program compared to PKHeX. That being said, I did find something weird. Odd that there's six slots for editing the Great Marsh Pokémon given that, according to the save data structure, there's only supposed to be FOUR random Great Marsh Pokémon per day (unless those four are assigned randomly to areas and the two areas left over retain whatever they had the previous day...but even then there's still nothing in the known data structure about that). Is anyone able to shed some light on this little mystery? Also Toxicroak is unavailable until post-National Dex, so that value corresponds to a different Pokémon pre-National Dex (which one, I'm not sure since I haven't tested yet). Maybe if this all can be properly sorted out it can become a part of PKHeX
  15. Okay, the above problem seems to be more of an issue of PKHeX functioning properly than anything else. If someone could test this, I think event constant 62 is the counter for Players Met that goes towards activating Spiritomb and 73 is what actually counts Players Met and contributes towards the Mr.Goods reward. Going back to the original problem of the Daily Marsh Pokémon, I tried to compare a save file I had from yesterday to one I made today to try to compare them with PKHeX, but unfortunately it either doesn't seem to be a known value to the program or its current wonky Gen 4 data reading is getting in the way. If anyone who can really dig into a save file can try to find out the data, maybe it'll be a start to trying to figure out how to make use of it (the file with the date on it is the old file, the other is the current file as of my typing this). What I can say for sure about what Pokémon are in the Marsh between the two files is that I can confirm Skorupi, Croagunk, and Carnivine are all available in today's file. I only saw Croagunk and Carnivine in the old file (and they might have been in different locations, not 100% sure). Pokemon Diamond 121119.dsv Pokemon Diamond.dsv
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