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  1. Stupid Question about running thru HANS. since HANS doesnt load update Data. dont really need to delete the game's update data do you? (like it suggest atleast for teh Neo X/Y Romhack)
  2. you can use PK3DS to randomize but to play Randimozed/edited roms you need to make a dump w/ uncart (if on 9.2) or braindump (9.3+ w/ *hax 2.5) and manually patch your roms (grab Pack Hac 3.5 for RomFSExtractor and extract your romFS for manual patching and RomFSBuilder for rebuilding it after.) w/ a Edited RomFS/prepatched one (shame on you if yoru pirating!) you then need to open it in an Hex Editor and Strip the first 1000 Bytes (in HxD use select block and set end length to FFF) with your now edited and header-less RomFS rename it to the title ID for example if its X USA then you must rename the romfs.bin to "00055D00.romfs" and copy it to SD:\hans\ (yes you nee dto have a hans folder at the root) then open HANS and target your Game in the pre-launch options set romfs ->SD to yes. with randomized games thats got a working CRO Edit you want your edited code.bin renamed as titleid.code in that hans folder and set to YES on code ->SD if your edited Code/romfs is valid and proper you should boot to 2 glitched screens then the game. if its invalid or you F*ked up along the lines you will only stay on a glitched screen. for Pokemon X&Y you need 1.7GB free for OR/AS you need 1.8GB Free
  3. i'm thinking if i can find one slim enough the overall Easist solution would be a button cell clip that holds a CR2032 for easy down the future line battery maintenance as opposed to having the prongs desodered and pried off the old battery, get the new one have it spot welded(risking damage to the battery) and sodering back on everything risking even more damage i realise if i want to simply play Silver w/o dealing w/ the battery fiasco, just snag Soul silver for the DS but i didnt spend $$ on getting a GBC and on this cart to simply say "screw it lets go next-gen!" as for clips these look about the same in size and by teh scale of the preview's its hard to tell how big they are. http://www.radioshack.com/product/index.jsp?productId=22960756&filterName=Type&filterValue=Button%26amp%3B%23047%3Bcoin and http://www.radioshack.com/product/index.jsp?productId=22472126&filterName=Type&filterValue=Button%26amp%3B%23047%3Bcoin if the clip idea is feasable, anyone know of one thats thin and small enough to fit inside the cart? as for the GBC itself it needs some tender care but its working w/ pokemon TCG (TCG's inside the GBC when i took this.)
  4. well the only thing wrong (they all transfered fine) was the dratini wasnt shiny
  5. i cant grab the legality checker im getting Errors every time (Database errors) but atm im switchin my DS's DNS servers back to my PC's (was on DW earlier) and giving a go now.
  6. *Bump* Please? Anyone? if it cant be done for PKM files i'll gladly do Wifi Trade. for that instance my FC is 3267 4564 6400
  7. just tried it gave me my ID :3
  8. jon make sure if your doing this on IR-GTS you dont have an invalid .pkm file , same w/ teh BW vers. i saw it happen on both.
  9. First Post Edited w/ Proper forms.
  10. I'm trying to get a Legal Charmander, Dratini, and Reshiram Im new to requesting but can i have these in .PKM format to send via IR-GTS-BW? Charmander Dratini: Reshiram
  11. Prob is IR, both ports were forwarded Properly. ok i cannot get the script to run under OS X Tiger on my old mac what so ever, "cael-thunderwings-imac:~ caelthunderwing$ ./ir-gts-bw.py Traceback (most recent call last): File "./ir-gts-bw.py", line 11, in ? from src.pokehaxlib import initServ File "/Users/caelthunderwing/src/pokehaxlib.py", line 15 vars=dict((i[:i.find("=")],i[i.find("=")+1:]) for i in request[request.find("?")+1:].split("&"))" ok now after i found out why That kept happening (despite 2.7.1 was installed OS X was using 2.3) now i get an Invalid Syntax error when i open ir-gts-bw or the gen4 vers.
  12. the PC /Mac thats running it has something like uTorrent, Skype, Hamachi etc running. close it and try again :3 this uses Port 80 on the host machine.
  13. i can connect on my Same network w/ my own DS's but when i try to have a friend Connect... it'll get as far as connecting to the WFC but not to the GTS. EDIT: ok he was trying from Diamond (which i dont know if this is B/W only or if its properly accepting local connections yet as i lost my saves on Diamond and platinum. will try later if it wont accept an White or black connection online. to set my firewall to DMZPlus to this PC (i see in my Firewall log my friend trying to connect.) info 2011-04-10T15:52:12-04:00 fwmon: src=[FRIENDS IP ADDY] dst=[MY IP ADDY] ipprot=17 sport=2285 dport=53 Unknown inbound session stopped This is from a Diamond connection attempt.
  14. AKAIO 1.8.5 on an AceKard 2i, everytime it says " This is Not a Pokemon save!" from JP eng patch 9.10 (a Pokemon White save)
  15. its claiming SAV files made by AKAIO arent proper sav files.
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