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  1. do u have a code like this for the 3 mystery eggs from toys r us event or the scraggy world 11 event thanks in advance
  2. any luck on the mystery egg event from toys r us in america version?
  3. any luck with the mystery egg wonder card/code for the toys r us event in north america?
  4. is there a working pokesav yet for the american english verison of the game the one i found wont work becuase i tried an item code and some of the special event pokemon celebi and legnedary dogs for the event and they wont work thx in adavnce
  5. can someone give a code for the mystery egg event distribution the toys r us one since in canada they did not bring this code and i really want the mystery egg thanks in advance
  6. is there a pokesav that si compatible with the english versions yet becuase i found some but its only for the japanese version i would like one for the american version as well as one for the european versions for those who have those verisons as well thx
  7. is there a verison of pokesav for balck and white that suports the us games? please and thx in advance
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