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  1. *Slaps you down in the deepest pits of Hell* Do not EVER! insult a first generation Pokemon! EVER EVER EVER! Dragonite looks silly, and the reason is because he's MYTHICAL! If you watched the series you would also know that Dragonite doesn't haven't an ounce of bad in his heart. BUT YOU WOULDN'T KNOW THAT! Never insult a Dragon Pokemon either *points at my name* Except for Shelgon, he's just a disgrace. He's such a disgrace that I don't even know if he has two "L"s in his name or not. BACK OFF DRAGONITE!! :mad::mad::mad::mad:
  2. Well ... I'm an amateur editor. And no one else seems to at least be active as of the moment in this section. If you're willing to risk an error then I can do it. I mean when I'm working for others I'm more careful and I'm sure I can do it, but it may take a bit longer than most. Let me know. EDIT: My most honest apologies. My parents need my help moving some things from storage. I wasn't aware of this before and they just sprung it up on me. Again, I'm sorry. Hopefully I won't have to do it now (I say this because I'm hoping someone helps you before I return). Good luck with your team.
  3. EDIT: PLEASE CLOSE. Sorry, didn't read rules ahead of time *hangs head* Alright, so my friend got a 2 month head-start on me on Platinum, seeing as I just got it a week ago. So I decided to get myself a team of Competitive Battling - Ready level 50s which include Togekiss, Garchomp, Luxray, Roserade (Thinking I want to replace this one, lol.), Infernape, Milotic, and Luxray (Omg ... Luxxy is amazing Fav. Poke). ANYWAYS! It took a few tries, but eventually I made it work(Some of the additional item options and such that I tried to include in the AR Code were causing the game to freeze. I can't remember which one exactly. I think it was the location option, which I tried in a seperate code alone and it failed, it was the Pokemon League). But finally I got them uploaded. The problem is, I'm nervous he is going to check the Pokedex or something. I battle with them, tried depositing and withdrawing them, leveled them, Hall of Famed, everything! I just CANNOT get them in my Pokedex. Seen orcaught! Any help? Thanks P.S. - I'm really wanting to learn more about PokeSAV and help not only myself out, but the community as well with their wants. Any experienced SAVers out there who might mentor me in a way? I understand the general program but not everything. I'm just self-learning about Hexi at the moment. We could talk over an IM or something, get back to me if interested. Thanks!
  4. Hey, could I please get the following for my Box 15? Thanks. Box Name: Thx Guys Background: Your choice, surprise me Slot 1: Modest Mewtwo "transferred" through PalPark from FireRed. Level 70. Slot 2: Moltres - PalPark from FireRed, lv. 50 Slot 3: Zapdos - "....................................." Slot 4: Articuno - "...................................." Slot 5: Mew - Event, I haven't kept up with the events, but could you find one for me? (PalParked or Directly from DPPt Event) Slot 6: Suicune - FireRed, PalPark. ID = Random Slot 7: Raikou - FireRed/LeafGreen, PalPark. ID = Different than above Slot 8: Entei - FireRed/LeafGreen, PalPark. ID = Different than above Slot 9: Lugia - Direct DPPt Event or PalParked from LG/FR (not sure of level when you find in LG/FR, I'm trying to make all of these look legit) Slot 10: Shiny Ho-oh - Event or PPed from LG/FR Slot 11: Celebi: Event or PPed Slot 12: Regirock: Caught in Sapphire and PPed. Legit location,etc please. Slot 13: Regice: Same as R-Rock Slot 14: Registeel: Same as R-Ice Slot 15: Latios: Caught in Ruby and PPed Slot 16: Latias: Caught in Sapphire and PPed Slot 17: Kyogre: Sapphire (legit) and PPed Slot 18: Groudon: Ruby (legit) and PPed Slot 19: Rayquaza: Ruby (legit) and PPed Slot 20: Jirachi: Event (if available) Slot 21: Deoxys: Emerald and PPed Slot 22: Uxie: DPPt (legit) and traded Slot 23: Mespirit: DPPt (legit) and traded Slot 24: Azelf: DPPt (legit) and traded Slot 25: Dialga: Diamond (legit) and traded Slot 26: Palkia: Pearl (legit) and traded Slot 27: Heatran: DPPt (legit) and traded Slot 28: Regigigas: DPPt (legit) and traded Slot 29: Giratina (origin form): Platinum (legit) and traded Slot 30: Giratina (Altered Form): Platinum (legit) and traded Box 16: Omg Ty - Surprise with background Slot 1: Cresselia: DPPt (legit) and traded Slot 2: Phione: Hatched (could be traded) Slot 3: Manaphy: Event and Traded Slot 4: Darkrai: Event and Traded Slot 5: Shaymin: Event and Traded Slot 6: Shaymin (Sky Forme): Event and Traded If you wanna throw the 12 starters in there, too, that'd be amazing. I think this would be a code to save even. I realize this might take forever and if you need me to, I'm willing to chip in and help with all this information. I'll just fill out 36 of those forms. That'll make your work easier. Let me know if you can do this, I realize it seems large. On a side note, I myself have been using some PokeSAV and would like to help. The problem is I'm inexperienced and I would need mentored a bit, which is where you come in. If you need the help, we could chat over messenger or something and you could teach me a few things here and there. Get back to me Thanks. - - - - - Tyler
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