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  1. https://3ds.hacks.guide/troubleshooting Found it, the first guide here fixed my issue. Thanks!
  2. OK, won't do. NDS Connections causes the same crash. Seems to only happen with DS games, Pokemon X loads just fine.
  3. Just tried it with a different game. Pokemon Pearl had the same issue... That one I remember unwrapping for my bday. Pls help.
  4. Hi all, This is my first post and I really need help. I started a Platinum playthrough on my computer which I enjoyed more than my original. As such, I want to transfer the data from DesMuMe to my original NDS cartridge using 3ds homebrew (Checkpoint). Although I'm fairly new to this type of stuff, I read a few guides and got the homebrew launching successfully,; however, something went wrong when I restored the new .sav on Checkpoint... Whenever I boot the game cart, all I can see is a black screen which lasts for about a minute before reloading the 3ds menu. I tried resto
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