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Tradeable PCNYb Shiny Mew


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Hey there everyone, so I got this PCNYb shiny Mew off someone from HeartGold (Met Location: Poké Transfer), it was tradable through Link Trade on a Gen VII game (USUM). But, PKHeX is flagging it as illegal. Is there anyone who can verify this Pokémon for me? Any help would be appreciated. Like I said it was tradeable through Link Trade. And if it is legal I’d like to contribute it.

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It can be legimately obtained only during the PCNY event in 2002 on the actual cartdriges of Gold, Silver and Crystal: https://bulbapedia.bulbagarden.net/wiki/List_of_Gotta_Catch_'Em_All_event_Pokémon#Shiny_Mew

Pokémon from the actual Gen2 cartdriges cannot be legally transfered up to SM/USUM/SWSH.

Also, the Bank-Transporter refuses to transfer this Mew if injected into one of the Virtual Console Gen2 games for 3DS, so it is 100% injekted with PKHeX (or similar) into a SM/USUM save file.

Also, the GameBoy logo is missing in the info of the Pokémon, so the met location is generated wrong.

Absolutely illegal.

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