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  1. I have tried this on my Pokemon Diamond, but when I connect it brings me to the regular GTS. Why is this? I've checked/set the settings twice now, any ideas why it fails?
  2. Would it be possible to make a code that sets the pokemon in your pokedex to the amount you actually have?(thus reversing the effects of the full pokedex code) Not a 0 pokemon code,though,unless using a 0 pokemon code would have the same effect as the code I want.:confused:
  3. Worked perfectly,thanks Elkfryn.And Aarux too,I suppose. [P.S:It was for Diamond.:kikkoman:]
  4. 2 Pokemon,as AR code.If possible,please put both pokemon in the one code. Thanks!:grog: Pokemon 1: Pokemon 2: Again,thanks in advance! :grog: :bidoof:
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