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  1. Anywhere i could put Gliscor? And i want to keep tyranitar purely physical. Flygon does ok. but ice punch does hurt. any way to change dragonite to one-hit ko jirachi's? lead Jirachi's, heavy special defense
  2. I've been using this team and lately been having trouble with Lucario. Any suggestions?
  3. My suggestion is that you use life orb for gengar, gives him more power and he wont be stuck on one move. I also dont think he needs the speed boost, most things he is killing are slower than him. Otherwise, i cant argue with anything else on the team. GOOD JOB.
  4. Thank you, I'll think about your suggestions. And about dragonite as a lead. Copied from Smogon.
  5. Thanks, didn't think about that, i will definitely try it out! Editing the team now, changes in BOLD.
  6. So who do you think i should remove to add in Flygon/Heatran? I'm having trouble deciding. And thanks for giving me the suggestions! Worried no one was going to help for a second.
  7. I chose Umbreon, he's the coolest in my opinion. He also had amazing stats, and never, ever, lost. YEAH!
  8. Yeah, shadow pokemon were awesome, only thing i didnt like was how shadow Lugia was almost impossible to purify.
  9. Maybe he will be partially psychic type, because mew, celebi, and jirachi all were. Shaymin kinda messed that up, but it was a cool formula. Maybe psychic/normal?
  10. Nite Sky ou team: This is the best team ive ever used, but stall Blissey's and Roserades give me trouble when their counters on my team are gone, and I am generally stall weak. I also have trouble with Togekiss and spore Breloom. Thanks for rating. Dragonite @ life orb Nature; Quiet[+ Special Attack, - Speed] Ability; Inner Focus EVs; 224 Attack / 252 Special Attack / 32 Speed Moveset Superpower Flamethrower Dracometeor Extreme speed Description: Amazing anti-lead, destroys everything. Superpower to take out special leads, dracometeor for stab move and taking out anything physical, (defense wise), extreme speed for priority over faster, frail leads. Favorite pokemon on the team. Jirachi @ leftovers Nature; Bold [+ Defense, - Attack] Ability; Serene Grace EVs; 252 HP / 216 Defense / 40 Speed Moveset Calm mind Wish T-bolt Psychic Description: Used for wish support and works well with dragonite by covering his weaknesses. Also as a late game bulky calm mind sweeper. Also works well with tyranitar and swampert due to sandstorm. ( meaning he doesnt get hurt by sand storm from t-tar.) Tyranitar @ choice scarf Nature; Jolly [+ Speed, - Special Attack] Ability; Sand Stream EVs; 252 Attack / 252 Speed / 4 HP Moveset Superpower Pursuit Crunch Stone Edge Description: Yay, a Scarf-Tar! This is basically a blissey/ghost/psychic killer. And he can sweep some other things after his counters have been removed. has great synergy with pert and Jirachi. Starmie @ life orb Nature; Timid [+ Speed, - Attack] Ability; Natural Cure EVs; 4 HP / 252 Special Attack / 252 Speed Moveset Rapid spin Surf Ice beam Thunder bolt Description: Spinner, to get rid of rocks and toxic spikes, witch really hurt my team, and counter to many threats to other pokemon on the team. Like fire and fighting types ( infernape ) which bother me for some reason. Swampert @ leftovers Nature; Relaxed [ + Defense, - Speed] Ability; Torrent EVs; 252 HP / 252 Defense / 4 Attack Moveset Earthquake Stealth rock Roar Avalanche Description: Used and abused to set up stealth rock and then phaze with roar. After that, hit apposing poke's with EQ and avalanche until pert is gone. Nature:Naughty[+Atk -SpDef] Ability:Levitate Evs:252Atk/252Spe/4SpDef Fire Blast Outrage U-Turn Earthquake Description: Used like pokebeast1 described in his posts below. Changed to choice scarf All criticism and suggestions are appreciated, Pokesavmaster. This team will be used for shoddy battle.
  11. My favorites would have to be: 1. Dragonite 2. Mewtwo 3. Charizard 4. Typhlosion 5. Gyarados, Raichu, Zapdos Couldn't decide on the last one, and the first two are debatable. As of this moment Dragonite is winning. Links to cool images for my Favorites. http://th02.deviantart.net/fs6/300W/i/2005/113/5/8/Dragonite_by_AlexSchram.jpg http://www.pokemonwolken.nl/images/marcel/Typhlosion.png http://lightofthestars.com/poke-creators/shiny_charizard.png http://files.myopera.com/PokemonTrainerChris/albums/784693/Gyarados-Shiny-Delaroche.png http://www.nireland.com/hugh.fearon/zapdos.gif http://www.advancedanime.com/pictures/normal_raichu.jpg
  12. Could someone please tell me how to get the phone numbers for the Johto Gym-Leaders?
  13. Okay, then just put it in box9 slot 4and said met at an event. That would work just as well.
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