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  1. So does this mean I can edit the natures of the Pokemon I've gotten through legit methods in-game without them being flagged as hacked? e.g. If I take the hatched HA Fletching I received from the Day Care which had the ideal IV spread for a Talonflome, but with a Modest nature, then change the nature to something like Adamant or Jolly, would said Fletchling be flagged as hacked?
  2. Point to Kaphotics. Okay, I'll give you that, it HAS been a long time since I've used Hax - yup, that's his name - and I only remember his perfect stats (HP, Sp. Atk , and Spd) clearly; everything else but Atk (Why would a /togekiss need Atk?) was decent. With Hax having Serene Grace comboed with Tri Attack, Air Slash, and Ancient Power I saw more than a few rage quits if Hax and I got lucky *evil grin* Anyway thanks Kaphotics for helping me solve my problem.
  3. Thank you for that info. I'll just hop on over to Pokecheck. Why isn't the spread legal? I thought legit pokes were legal by default. Cause it was legitimately caught (though I believe it was an in-game gift from an NPC, but that's besides the point) in and transferred it to my Pearl cartridge (which like an idiot I sold) and was never altered via external programs or devices - wouldn't that make it the definition of a legit poke? Or can you never receive a Poke with stats like that in XD/Colo due to game programing?
  4. Pretty sure this is the right place to ask this question, but if it's not, please move it Due to me not having any Gen III cartridges any more, I'm not able to get my legit Pokemon from Colosseum and to my B2 and W2 cartridges (I miss using my 31/2/19/31/28/31 Modest Tri Attack Togetic:(). Can some one tell me how to make Legal Colosseum/ pokes on Pokegen with B2/W2 as the target games? I'm not sure if this has been addressed or not - if it has, will some one link me?
  5. Thank you for the answer! Now I know I can't both fusions on one cart due to programing reasons - but that raises another question: "Why did Gamefreak do that to us?" (Oh yeah, they're Gamefreak. Thanks a lot Trollfreak) But in all seriousness can a Kyurem from Black 1 or White 1 be used to make a fusion, or can only a Kyurem from Black 2/ White2 be used?
  6. I'm checking to be sure I understood properly - your answer didn't exactly tell me exactly what i was trying to find out. The game's programing prevents a second fusion on the same file. You can not fuse a second Kyurem even if you had traded a second Black 2/ White2 Kyurem and it's corresponding dragon into the same file. Correct?
  7. Yes, I already knew that if you traded a Reshiram or a Zekrom to my Black 2 or White 2 cartridge from any other Gen 5 game I could fuse the Kyurem from my Black or White 2 with them (although I don't know if I can fuse a Kyurem from Black 1 or White 1). After saying that, I see that I worded my initial question poorly and I should have been more specific in wording my question. So here's a revised version: After trading the Zekrom and Kyurem from my Black 2 to my White 2 (so I would end up with two Kyurem and one Zekrom and one Reshiram on one cartridge) after I fuse my Kyurem and Reshiram from my White 2 into White Kyurem, could I then fuse my Kyurem and Zekrom from Black 2 into Black Kyrurem? Or would the game not let me fuse the second Kyurem and Zekrom from Black 2? And in similar vein: Can I fuse ANY Kyurem from any Gen 5 game with ANY Zekrom or Reshiram from Gen 5 in my Black 2 or White 2? Or Can I only fuse with the Kyurem I caught in Black 2 and White 2's post game?
  8. Could I trade my Zekrom (Reshiaram) and Kyurem from my Black 2 (White 2) to my White 2 (Black 2) and fuse them?
  9. So does this mean I use the male eevee I breed from HGSS eeveelutions (I'm in NA btw) and transferred over to my Black cartridge and the Japanese female eevee from the download to breed an Eevee with it's dreamworld ability?
  10. I'd like too request 4 Pokémon for my copy of White. 2 Reshirams and 2 Zekroms. I'd like them to look legit (i.e. they wont be caught by the wifi check) I would like to request them in pkm files or in AR code format (whichever is easier), as I currently have no way of backing up my White save. The first Zekrom needs to look like it was caught be me (I provided my Trainer Information: OT name, gender, ID, and Secret ID; tell me if I needed to provide more data) These three need to look like they were traded from different people (I've provided Trainer names and gender, but not the IDs and Secret IDs, if that OK) There is no rush on this request, all I ask is for the four Dragons to pass the wifi battle check. Much obliged for reading my requests; and Thank you for any effort made into fulfilling them.
  11. EDIT: Moved request to the main Pokémon Requests forum
  12. In a similar vein, could you also use an AR to modify a Pokémon's nature (like my legally caught Victini that has a Relaxed nature to Timid) without making it looked hacked?
  13. I made a Oshawott, Tepig, and Snivy from scratch in and placed them in box 1 slots 1-3 in Pokegen (3.0b17) and used the here the code generator to make the code with I copy/pasted in to my ARDSi use the PC software(make a new cheat and pasting the copied code into the 'cheat codes' panel) and when I got to the 1st Pokemon center. I activated the cheat (by itself) I got this message when I accessed the PC to with draw them: "An Error has occurred please turn off the and restart the game." So I restarted the game and pressed the trigger button got the same error again. I restarted again pressed the trigger button, saved the restarted my game without the AR and got the same message what am I doing wrong? Here are some additional details that may be relevant: I entered my OT Name ID and SID when making the Pokemon The options I selected in the code generator where: -White(for the version) -English(for the language/region) -Select(under activation buttons) -Selected Pokemon(under "Generate codes for") And here is the generated code:
  14. Puma Italia do you have a ARDSi with a micro SD card slot? If so you may need to update your ARDSi's firmware. The micro SD card ARDSi requires v 1.25 to run Pokemon Black and White. I had this problem too and I updated my firm ware and now it works. Here's the address (copy/paste it!): http://uk.codejunkies.com/support/article.aspx?article_id=433
  15. Thank you kaphotics! Actually, I know how to abuse RNG (thanks to Smogon). I guess I just misunderstood the meaning of dynamic/staic PIDs. I thought that if an event's poke with a set nature PID was static, then they only only had a certain IV spreads that could be associated with them.
  16. So the The Shiny Beast Trio CAN NEVER get a perfect IV spread not matter how many times I SR my game?
  17. I guess I should have been more specific, Do the 13th movie event beast trio have A perfect IV set up associated with their PID? I'm assuming the PID is static as they're shiny and have a set nature. And Since the the 13th movie's Celebi has no set nature, I'm assuming it CAN have a perfect IV spread.
  18. Just out of curiosity, do the 13th movie's Entei, Raikou, Suicune, and Celebi each have a perfect IV setup? The reason I'm asking is if they don't I won't try need to reset until I get a decent one.
  19. Just a simple pkm. file request: I misses my chance for it.
  20. Oh well, looks like my Togepi will continue to gather cyberdust. Anyway, thanks for the quick response DanteKoriyu.
  21. Sorry if I'm beating a dead horse here, but I just found my Togpei's PKM file. It was male with a Timid nature and had Serene Grace as its ability-plus it is UT. Should I upload it? here's its Legality check: Pokemon Legality Checker - by: Sabresite - vB54-10 File: C: \Documents and Settings\Rick\My Documents\Russ\Video games\Pokem on\DPP\Pokemon Apps\Pokesav\PKM Files\Togepi .pkm Checksum: 0x8002 - Valid Pokemon ID: 240561285 - Timid, Male, Ability 2, Not Shiny IVs: 29,17,28,27,31,31 Trainer ID: 55306 Secret ID: 34647 Trainer Gender: Male Hidden Power: Dragon - 65 Fateful Encounter: Yes Gender Check: Valid Effort Values: Valid Nicknamed: No Home Town: Colloseum/XD Country Originated: UK/US/AU PalPark Country: UK/US/AU Trash Bytes: Valid Type: Common GBA Event (Unrestricted) -------------------- Press the ENTER key to exit...
  22. Uh...wow! This is different. An "introduction" of my creation getting such a big-and generally positive about my on screen persona. Normally if I go into my "The-most-obsessive-person-about-role playing-EVER" mode(like I'm doing now) people just go O_o and say "please don't do that". BTW In case you hadn't guessed by now, I am an actor, playwright, and artistic adviser to my old high school's drama department as well as a storyteller for my local library. (my next role is the Catterpillar and The Mad Hatter in a production of "Alice's Adventures in Wonderland" by the community theater league I'm apart of...) *a sudden realization hits* And now I'm rambling.
  23. *In a slightly maniacal voice*It doesn't matter how many times you change sites Pokesav! I, megafan20, will track you down and follow you! Any way, enough drama. Hello all, I am a lag of the pokesav forums and it is a pleasure to be here. I hope to find(and give) lots of support in the never ending struggle to get every special event pokemon.
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