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  1. I just have one quick question. Will this work with the USB adapter for Powersaves 3DS?
  2. i'm not sure if it's the code i used or the connection, but when i used the "Seen and Caught All Pokemon in the Pokedex" code, it won't let me tuck in a Pokemon. it gives me error 13204. it seems like its the same error as in Pokemon Black/White, when the same code for those games were used, so i was wondering if anyone could find out how to fix this problem.
  3. i'm not sure if anyone else had this idea, so sorry if someone else had this idea before me. i had this idea for a while, but i'm not very good at rom editing. the idea was a recreation of Pokemon Lost Silver on SoulSilver, complete with the actual teams, the half-sliced Celebi, etc. and, like i had said, i'm not very good at editing roms, so i do hope this idea is made sometime in the near future.
  4. i have a request for this game. i was wondering if it was possible to fully remove all equipment restrictions, including the "Dummy" debug items.
  5. hey guys, i think i may have a theory on why the StudioPokemon become Eggs my theory is, that after Genesect (#649) is just nothing but Egg values, kinda like in the Gen 4 Pokemon Games, where Victini's value was Egg and Snivy's value is Bad Egg (though they both had Sky Shaymin's cry in Platinum/HG/SS and no cry in D/P). the fact that they take the appearance of the StudioPokemon, i wouldn't know, probably it would have been possible to use your own Pokemon in PokeStudios, but they didn't go through with it. perhaps they would have had Pokedex info, who knows. not to mention, all Wild StudioPokemon have Pound, a move that Eggs start with when encountered in the wild.
  6. thanks so much to the both of you. btw, i was thinking, would it be possible to modify a Mystery Gift that would normally give you an event Pokemon to be a StudioPokemon in PokeGen? i could try the Pokecheck idea in the meantime.
  7. just wondering, but would it be possible to list all of the hex values for the PokeStudio related Pokemon/Battlers? I believe there's more than Mecha Tyranitar, Smeargle 2 & the "alternate" Blackbelt that Krookodile showed.
  8. most of the time, i choose Bulbasaur because it can take down literally half of all Gyms, but whenever i really want to challenge myself, i choose Charmander for more of a difficulty. one time, i even beat Misty's Starmie with just Charmeleon and Slash.
  9. please forgive me if this is in the wrong thread, and if so, can a mod move this to the right thread? thank you very much. i have a question, regarding the Pokemon Firered hack, Touhoumon Another World v1.51. Will the GS/AR codes for the original game work for this game? and if not, i would like to request a few codes, mostly Infinite Rare Candy in Item Slot 1, Infinite Heaven Orb (Touhoumon's Master Ball) in Miko Orb Slot 1 and Max Money.
  10. i'm not exactly sure if it was made yet, but i would like to request a code to rebattle Red at Mt. Silver please? if it was, please do direct me to where on the forums. thank you.
  11. if i may, can i request a code for infinite Game Sync energy, if possible? because i switched carts from one DS to the other, it says the game sync was out of energy. it said this since 2 days ago. and may i also request a code for infinite pass power, if it hasn't been made yet? Pass power lasts only a minute, so making them infinite would make them very useful.
  12. i was wondering if anyone made a code to make the EXP and HP gauges super fast for B/W? they made one for D/P/Pt and for HG/SS, so it should be similar to hack in B/W, am i right?
  13. i was wondering, if anyone has made a Quick Breeding code yet? i have been trying to breed a pokemon egg and its taking forever to be made. and i don't think anyone has made the code yet.
  14. Where did you get that Pokesav? i only have 0.04b. can you please pm me a link to download that one?
  15. i have another request. is it possible to fix the "Catch Trainer's Pokemon" code? after catching a trainer Poke, it shows the message that appears after your Pokemon have all fainted, and only shows the trainer's first pokemon was caught. Example: I catch Gym Leader Corn's Hiyappu and it catches his Yooterri instead. is there any way to fix this glitch?
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