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  1. So when i save the file as the "001 - Bulbasaur - 1081CE983725.pk7" and i open a new window and drag the save into PKHeX it only saves the Bulbasaur (so i can't get it to save the other pokemon in each of the 32 boxes) and even though I have dragged the save into the new PKHeX window it still doesn't allow me to access the Export SAV option...
  2. How would I go about preforming an "import save"? Sorry I'm a bit green to this...
  3. So, I'm testing that out now with a .main file that I downloaded from this site to use as a reference. Although I'm finding that when I go to save this file immediately that it is automatically saving as "001 - Bulbasaur - 1081CE983725.pk7" maybe I'm attempting to save wrong... I'm going through File--> Save PKM But I have also noticed that the file that I created on my own doesn't allow for the "Export SAV" option
  4. No, I loaded a new window but I did change the game from SwSh to UsUm
  5. So I created a legal living dex on PHKeX everything was working ok When I go to save as per usual it prompts me to select a place within my file manager to save and name the save. I do so and hit save and it uploads a PK7 file although it never updates the title on the app itself but instead continues to read as "blank save" when I open up another window in PKHeX and attempt to load in the previously saved file it doesn't load anything. I'm thinking that maybe im not saving this in the correct way. If someone could help me on this it would be awesome!
  6. That doesn't seem to work.. Each time I select the game title it has be exit out of the program to restart it and then once launched again it goes back to SWSH...
  7. So since I am using the SWSH version I will still be able to convert all these pokemon to my USUM?
  8. So I am attempting to create legal pokemon for my USUM game. In the spirit of wanting to create the pokemon by myself I just found it a little difficult so I downloaded another posted living dex so that i could try to see what was wrong what the pokemon that I was creating The version I downlaoded was 20200414 - SAV8SWSH and I noticed that the version that I was using for references was being pulled up with 20200414 - SAV7USUM. Do I need to have this version to use PKHeX in my USUM game, only because I would assume so... Secondly the one error I can't figure out how to get past is "Invalid: Incorrectly Transferred from Previous generation" and I've tried everything.. I have even taken the leagal pokemon from my referenced download (SAV7USUM) and drag-and-dropped it to the new tab that i had open (SAV8SWSH) and this error still appears... (This is shown in the attachment below) I would love some help on this !!
  9. Ok so I've been trying to do some research about this - trying to get in contact with people who can help and I thought reaching out on a communal platform might yield more results. I've been trying to research all day about how to correctly mod my 3DS so that I may use PKHeX and transfer the pokemon created there to my UsUm game. I apologize as I am new do doing things like this so I'm not really up to code with the lingo used around it... I have been trying to complete my living dex and I am now only missing some rare event pokemon that are "uncatchable" in the wild - I was hoping to use this program to create these pokemon and have them included in my dex! The only thing is that with the new app for pokemon home having been released this year I am curious as to whether these pokemon will be able to be transfered to the bank and then into home. I know that I have seen other community discussions regarding this topic but I guess I just don't quite understand the answers fully being that I am so new to this type of thing. So I know that, like a switch, a modded 3DS can be banned when connected to the internet and since you need to connect to the internet. I have seen answers saying that this is possible to do and that I need to gen the pokemon to an exsisting save file. While I understand in general what that means I'm still a little confused. Looking into modding a 3DS I saw that you must download your save files onto an SD card and I know that removing the pokemon cartage from the 3DS that it will not have the saved modded materials on it (i'm not 100% sure this is true) so my question being where do you access the exsisting save file that you need in order to save pokemon from PKHeX that makes it possible for you to transfer these pokemon to the bank? Are there any good tutorials on how to do this properly? I've been looking everywhere but I may not be looking in the right places as after searching all day I only just found this site and it's programs. I know that this may seem like a stupid question and that the answer should be right in front of me but I'm really new to doing stuff like this and I don't want to screw it up so I want to make sure that i learn everything backwards and forwards and unfotunately I think that i've only learned like 1/3 of what I need to inorder to do this properly...I would very much appreciate some help on this...
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